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   Chapter 16 Fight Back

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Brenna's mouth moved and her head was in a daze.

Brenna was accusing Yuliana of her mistakes and crying out his helplessness. Why was Yuliana changing the concept unconsciously?

Brenna raised her head by accident and met Joanna's dark eyes.

All of a sudden, Brenna felt a little flustered. She said that out of anger against Yuliana, but she didn't mean to blame Joanna. Even if she did, Brenna didn't dare to say it out directly.

Hatred appeared in Brenna's eyes. How could Yuliana be so annoying?

"Grandma..." Realizing her weakness, Brenna immediately restrained her arrogance and looked at Joanna pitifully. "I was scalded by my sister's soybean milk just now, so I said something I shouldn't have said. Grandma, I didn't mean it. In my heart, you are the only family in the world. "

As Brenna spoke, she wailed, looking pitiful.

"I was scalded by my sister's soybean milk." it was all Yuliana's fault.

If Yuliana hadn't splashed the soybean milk, Brenna wouldn't have said something wrong.

In this way, it changed the concept and made people stop blaming Yuliana for falling down before.

Yuliana lowered her head and said nothing. She clenched her fists helplessly, as if she was at the mercy of others.

Looking at Yuliana's face, Joanna asked subconsciously, "What's wrong with your hand?"

Being pointed at, Yuliana was at a loss. She took a step back and hid her hands behind her back. She said in a panic, "I'm fine..."

Joanna became more and more confused. She grabbed Yuliana's arm and caught Yuliana's hand in front of her.

Unable to dodge, Yuliana spread out her white and tender hands in front of Joanna.

Yuliana's hands were scalded by the heat of the soybean milk.

It was shocking to see Yuliana's white and tender hand.

"What's going on?" Joanna was surprised to see this.

Joanna seemed to think of something and looked at Brenna.

There was only a red mark on Brenna's face, but it was not very serious.

Joanna thought for a while and understood. Perhaps it was because Yuliana was worried about her that she turned the direction forcefully, and because she couldn't stand steadily, she fell to Brenna. Yuliana didn't want to hurt Brenna, so she poured most of the soybean milk on her hand. That's why Yuliana's hands were scalded.

But Brenna was fine.

Joanna was surprised. She didn't expect Yuliana to be so considerate. She would rather get hurt than protect Brenna.

Joanna looked at Brenna coldly.

"All right." Joanna seemed a little tired, but her voice was dignified. "Stop arguing. This is the hospital."

All of a sudden, Brenna widened her eyes and looked at Joanna in disbelief. Normally, Joanna was on Brenna's side. What happened today? Brenna felt wronged. Was it because Yuliana got up early and bought Joanna's favorite soybean milk and deep fried dough sticks.

Although Brenna was unwilling to give up, she didn't dare to say anything. After all, she had to rely on Joanna in the Ye clan in the future.

With her big eyes staring at Yuliana, Brenna made no secret of her hatred.

Joanna frowned even more, but she didn't say anything. After all, Joanna insisted on bringing Brenna to Ye clan. If Joanna said something now, it would be a slap in her face.

"Mom." Although Jade was timid, she had seen some clues from others' expressions since she was a child.

From beginning to end, Jade had been in charge of the Zhang clan and the Wang clan. Seeing that the atmosphere was eased, she knew that it was a

ll right, so she didn't say anything more.

Jade hurriedly handed a cup of soybean milk to Joanna and said, "You've been tired all night. Have some food."

Yuliana had already handed the last cup of soybean milk to Brenna.

Joanna took the soy milk from Jade's hand and praised Yuliana.

Of course, the praise in Joanna's eyes couldn't escape from the eyes of Brenna. Therefore, the coldness on Brenna's face made her more disgusted with Yuliana.

"It's easy to take care of your sister's fracture. When I went out this morning, dad asked me to bring you some bone soup. I thought you like the bone soup of the international hotel very much, so I ordered one. I'll bring it to you tonight. "

Holding the soybean milk in her hand, Yuliana smiled like a flower, trying to please Brenna.

Only then did Brenna feel better. As the daughter of Ye clan, if you want to live a good life, you have to fawn on me, an outsider who lives under other people's roof.

Instead of feeling bored, Brenna took the soybean milk and drank a few mouthfuls.

"Eh?" Yuliana's eyes were like crescent moons, and she smiled brightly. Her beautiful face stared at her pure eyes and asked suspiciously, "Sister, you just said you had a stomachache. Are you feeling better now?"

Brenna's hands trembled and she almost broke a silver tooth.

Brenna had planned to say something, but didn't expect that Yuliana would mention it again.

However, looking at the innocent look of Yuliana, Brenna couldn't find a way to vent her anger.

Besides, Joanna was looking at Brenna and didn't say anything for Brenna. It seemed that she was waiting for Brenna to say something.

"It hurt a lot just now, but now it doesn't hurt anymore." Her face was pale and her hands holding the soybean milk were trembling. If others looked like she was trying to hide her physical discomfort.

Yuliana sneered in her heart, but she breathed a sigh of relief and said, "sister, you scared me to death."

"The doctor also said that my sister needs to rest in the hospital for three weeks. Don't be nervous about these things, in case of hurting her muscles and bones again."

Yuliana showed a concerned expression on her face. In Joanna's eyes, she looked like a good sister.

Seeing that Joanna's expression softened a little, Brenna became more and more angry. She wished she could tear apart Yuliana's innocent young face right away.

Unfortunately, Brenna couldn't do that now. Brenna could only wait silently for the best opportunity.

Yuliana could tell the hatred in Brenna's eyes. It didn't matter.

In her previous life, Yuliana always tolerated and treated Brenna well.

However, due to Brenna's greed, Yuliana was killed two times.

But now, Yuliana just made a move, and Brenna couldn't stand it?

Yuliana sneered in her heart, but these methods were not as good as 1/10000 of Brenna's. They were just the tip of the iceberg, far from enough to solve my hatred for you.

Yuliana sat for a while and saw that Brenna was on pins and needles, restless.

After chatting with Joanna for a while, Yuliana told her to go to the international hotel first, tell them to bring the soup to Brenna in the evening.

Hearing that Yuliana seemed to mention the International Hotel unintentionally, Brenna's heart trembled again. She always felt that Yuliana seemed to be different, but she couldn't tell what was wrong.

However, the scar in the bottom of Brenna's heart about the international hotel was much deeper.

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