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   Chapter 14 Hunter refused to delegate power

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In the living room of Ye family.

"Brother, do you really want him to leave by himself? It's at least 8 kilometers from our home to the downtown. " Yuliana's beautiful eyes twinkled. She didn't expect that she would see through the window that Tyler really began to walk.

Yuliana sneered. Tyler quite had the strength of character.

A trace of disdain appeared on Marco's face. Marco had seen a lot of such kind of people. In the Hua Feng Company, every male employee who knew that Brenna was Hunter's niece tried his best.

"It's late now. Go back to your room and have a rest!" Marco looked at Yuliana with intimidating eyes, "If such a person appears at the door of our house again, you should greet him directly!"

Yuliana felt warm in her heart. In her previous life, Marco always looked unquestionable in order to protect his family. However, Yuliana didn't know what to do. She felt that Marco was putting on airs on purpose.

Seeing Marco's domineering attitude again, Yuliana finally realized that her rebirth was not a dream.

With a sweet smile, Yuliana stuck out her tongue at Marco and went back to her room to rest.

Behind her, Marco looked at her with a little inquiry. Marco always felt that something had changed in Yuliana today, but he couldn't tell what it was. After a long time, Marco still couldn't figure it out. Marco chuckled, "no matter how things change, it's Yuliana. Why should I be nervous?"

Thinking that he would be busy on the second day, Marco strode back to his room to sort out the documents for the second day.

In Yuliana's room, Yuliana opened the computer and browsed the official website of the Hua Feng Company.

Yuliana remembered that the deadline for the recruitment of the Hua Feng Company was a few days after the banquet.

In her previous life, Yuliana believed in Hunter's nonsense. She felt that women didn't need to work too hard. The most important thing for a woman was to do a good job in raising her husband and children. Yuliana obeyed Hunter's arrangement and got a vacant post in Hua Feng Company through Hunter's relationship. It was indeed a position that she couldn't be idle. After working for a few years, Yuliana hadn't done any official work, or even had no contact with the company's affairs.

At that time, Yuliana only cared about teaching her husband and son, so she didn't think too much.

Yuliana remembered that when she was taken to the Hua Feng Group by Hunter, the staff of the company had been well prepared, so Yuliana "met" Tyler in Hua Feng Company that day.

Yuliana, who had been granted "kind help" by Tyler, was grateful. She felt that this was the fate arranged by God.

Therefore, Yuliana loves Tyler more and fell into his trap.

Looking at the recruitment advertisement on the website of Hua Feng Company, Yuliana sneered to the computer. She would never give Hunter and Tyler any chance in this life. When Yuliana was at school, her grades were not bad, so Yuliana decided to secretly send a resume to Hua Feng Company as an ordinary graduate and start from the most ordinary staff.

When she was with Marco just now, Yuliana asked some questions. She guessed that Marco wouldn't take part in the interview.

In this way, Yuliana could rest assured and wouldn't cause too much trouble because of Marco.

What's more, Brenna was hospitalized with a broken bone, so she couldn't take care of Yuliana's whereabouts.

Yuliana felt so sorry for her rebirth that she didn't need such a good opportunity.

A sinister smile appeared on Yuliana'

s face. Yuliana didn't turn off the computer until she clicked "send" and the email box showed "succeeded".

The next morning, Yuliana got up early. Marco and Hunter were having breakfast.

Marco was surprised to see Yuliana first. "I thought I came back late yesterday and asked you to sleep more. Why do you get up now?"

Hunter raised his eyes and continued to eat, as if he didn't see Yuliana.

"Brother, have you forgotten? Didn't they promise to bring food to Joanna and mom yesterday? Besides, Marin was not used to eating in the canteen. I thought I was the only one who was fine, so I got up early. " [叶玉洁] poked her head out and asked, "brother, are you finished? Wait for me for a moment. I'll be ready soon. "

Marco was amused, "Actually, I can drive there by the way."

"I have a meeting today. I'm afraid I can't get through it." With a cold face, Hunter pushed away the bowl in front of him and said solemnly, "Just now, Marco told me that Yuliana had a fracture. In that case, you cook some bone soup for her and send it to her."

Yuliana's hands holding the towel paused, and then she smiled as if nothing had happened, "Okay. I'll call the hotel later and send it to my cousin in the evening. "

"Doesn't she like the bone soup of an international hotel the most?"

Hearing Yuliana mention the "International Hotel", Hunter was stiff all over. He had planned to scold Yuliana, but now he had no interest at all.

"You arrange it." Hunter didn't want to say one more word in case that he recall the farce yesterday.

Hunter stood up and left with a snort.

Behind her, Yuliana's eyes flashed a trace of resentment. Bone soup? Hunter might have forgotten that Yuliana had never cooked since she was a child, but she was taught by Tyler to cook well. Now Yuliana thought about it. The reason why they could naturally ask Yuliana to do the housework was that they disdained Yuliana. Brenna who they always wanted had never done housework before.

Sometimes, even if Brenna took the initiative to clean up the bowls, she would make Hunter feel sorry for her and think that Brenna shouldn't have done it.

"Hey, girl. I'll get you a bowl of soybean milk. Come and have dinner after washing your hands. "

Marco's eyes were full of pity. "I'm going to sort out the documents I'm going to bring today. I'll drive you to the hospital."

Yuliana came to her senses and found that Yuliana didn't feel any pain when her fingernails pinched into her palm. Yuliana washed her hands secretly and smiled, "Okay."

Yuliana was quick, and so was Marco. The two of them had already packed up and disappeared from Hunter.

Yuliana sneered. Hunter only had one son, Marco. Why didn't he give up slowly? He was still in power, and he still wanted to leave a chance for others.

"Brother, let's go." The next moment, Yuliana put on a lovely look. She held Marco's arm with a sweet smile and said seemingly unintentionally, "Dad is really busy every day. Her brother didn't know how to share some of the burden, which made her father work even harder since he was more than 50 years old. People who don't know us might think that we are arrogant and incompetent. We are really wronged. "

Marco's bright eyes darkened. Since Marco entered the company, Hunter had been unwilling to relax and be in power. Although Marco was now a CEO, he had no real power and had no access to the core of the company.

Marco had been estranged from each other because of this, but now he felt even more aggrieved when Yuliana spoke it out bluntly.

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