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   Chapter 10 Cousin, Where Is Your Swiss Army Knife

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Brenna' poor life?

Hearing Joanna's ruthless words, Yuliana almost laughed out loud.

Since Joanna brought Brenna to the Ye clan, Brenna had a better life than Yuliana. She even gave Brenna the newly listed limited edition new products first if there were not enough.

If this was fate, Yuliana would rather be a "miserable" person.

"Grandma!" Marco had always been gentle and cultivated, and he was extremely tolerant. At this time, he also felt that Joanna's attitude was too mean.

Although Brenna was hurt, it had nothing to do with others.

Besides, Yuliana had suffered as much injustice as Brenna. Joanna was too partial to her.

"Who is the family of Brenna?" When Marco was about to argue with Joanna, the nurse's voice suddenly stopped Marco.

When Jade was about to say something, Joanna ran to the nurse and shouted, "I..."

"Brenna is my granddaughter!"

"How is my granddaughter? Will there be any sequela? "

"Can your hospital be cured?"

With a note in her hand, the nurse glanced at Joanna suspiciously. "This is the best hospital in the city. If we can't cure her, I'm afraid she will have no hope to live."

Joanna was stopped by the nurse and lost her words. She was waiting for the nurse to speak.

"Nothing serious. You will recover after resting for a while. " The nurse handed the diagnosis list to Joanna and said, "She has woken up. You can go in and have a look."

As soon as the nurse finished her words and took a look at Joanna and added, "This is the emergency room. Don't scream if there is nothing wrong!"

Joanna was frustrated. She watched the nurse leave and mumbled, "I care about my granddaughter. What's wrong?" Joanna cared about Brenna so much that she pushed the door open and rushed in regardless of the nurse's attitude.

A sneer flashed through Yuliana's eyes. "Has Brenna finally decided to wake up?"

"Sister, Joanna is also concerned about her. Don't be so serious with what Joanna just said." Seeing that Yuliana stood in front of the door and refused to go in, Marco thought Yuliana was sad because of what Joanna had just said.

Yuliana smiled and said gently, "I know."

Yuliana didn't have time to worry about such a trifle in the future.

Seeing that Jade was following behind Joanna, Yuliana raised her eyes and smiled, "brother, let's see how my cousin is doing."

Yuliana knew that she couldn't give Brenna chance to be alone with Joanna. Otherwise, she didn't know how Brenna reversed the black and white and make mischief.

"What happened?" Before Yuliana entered the room, she heard Joanna's angry voice.

Brenna was lying on the bed with a pale face and white bandage on her arm. It seemed that Brenna had just been treated in the hospital.

When Brenna saw Yuliana enter the ward, she immediately burst into tears and said in a pitiful low voice, "I don't know what happened. At the banquet, the heel of the high-heeled shoes suddenly broke. I didn't prepare for it and fell down. "

"I think it's probably because the quality of the shoes is not good." Brenna looked at the Jade carefully, the voice was more and more deep, it seemed to have all kinds of grievances

Joanna immediately raised her head

and looked at Jade, "didn't you tell me that this high-heeled shoes were designed by an international senior designer and only two pairs were made every year?"

"So you are bullying me because I don't understand these. You are lying to me!"

At this moment, Joanna was furious, "your brother has only one child, Brenna. Can't you just let her go?"

"I didn't expect you to be so vicious that you even set up your niece. It seems that we can't stay in this house any longer. Since you dislike us so much, I will take Brenna away from ye family when she recovers. I won't get in your way anymore! "

"But my poor granddaughter has been living under someone's roof since she was a child, and she has been bullied..."

Joanna covered her mouth and sobbed.

Jade was overwhelmed by tears. She stared at Joanna blankly and lost her mind for a moment.

With a slight smile, Yuliana squatted down and picked up Brenna's high-heeled shoes under the bed.

"This kind of high-heeled shoes is well-known in the world, because the shoes are integrated with the heels, which can avoid the danger of heels breaking. Eh? " Puzzled, Yuliana stood up and handed the heel to Joanna. "Grandma, look, the heel has such a regular cut. It seems to be cut by something."

Although Joanna was a little older, her eyes were very good. When she looked at them, she indeed found something wrong.

Without being noticed, Yuliana picked up another high heels and looked around. Then she quickly walked to the table and grabbed a fruit knife. Before the others could react, they saw Yuliana cut the knife hard on the heels of her shoes.

Yuliana smiled and handed the high heels to Joanna again.

Joanna was stunned and there was no trace on her high heels.

"The quality of this shoes is the best in the world. Ordinary knives can't leave any traces." Yuliana said as she handed the fruit knife to Joanna. If grandma didn't believe her, she could have a try by herself.

"By the way," Yuliana suddenly looked at Brenna and asked seemingly unintentionally, "I remember that my father went abroad to negotiate business and brought a Swiss Army knife to my cousin. I don't know where she is now. She doesn't even want to show us. "

The ordinary knife could not leave any trace on the shoes, but the Swiss Army knife was different.

Back then, for various reasons, Hunter only brought back a Swiss Army knife. When Joanna saw that Brenna was unwilling to let go of it, she asked Yuliana and Marco to give it to Brenna.

Since Brenna got the Swiss Army knife, she had been keeping it all the time. No one knew where she put it.

"Brenna." Joanna asked coldly, "What happened?"

Although Joanna favored Brenna, she was not a person who didn't know the truth. Yuliana's words made Joanna suspicious. She felt that it must have something to do with Brenna.

The Bai clan used to be a noble clan, otherwise, Jade wouldn't have married into the Ye clan. But later, her grandfather's myocardial infarction suddenly blocked and died, and Brenna's parents later died in a car accident. Joanna had no choice but to take Brenna to live in the Ye clan with her daughter.

Joanna had seen a lot of tricks in rich families.

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