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   Chapter 6 I Don't Care About Your Passing By

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I see.

Yuliana's explanation made the bottom of Tyler's heart clear. She thought to herself, 'I've heard from Brenna that Yuliana is a stubborn conservative faction. Now I see it as expected.

All of a sudden, Tyler was full of confidence. He told himself that since Yuliana had such a character, the better she behaved. She didn't worry that Yuliana wouldn't be convinced.

"I'll take you to the hospital!" With a smug smile on Tyler's face, he was about to pick up Yuliana.

"No way!" Yuliana raised her slim hand again to stop Tyler.

"I have an important party to attend. I can't go to the hospital."

In her previous life, Yuliana also said the same thing. In this way, Tyler directly drove Yuliana to the hospital, leaving no chance for Yuliana to think. Sure enough, Tyler frowned and looked domineering. "Which one is more important, the banquet or the feet? If you leave any sequela like this, you will be lame. "

Yuliana would have believed it if she hadn't seen the complacency in Tyler's eyes.

"But this is the villa district, and there are very few people. It's impossible to take a taxi." Yuliana tried her best to suppress her resentment and put on a soft expression. Looking at Tyler pitifully, she said, "You can't hold on for long even if you hold me like this."

Yuliana paused and seemed to have made up her mind. She took out the key from her bag and said, "How about you go to the underground garage and drive my car here?"

Overjoyed, Tyler raised his hand and was about to take the key.

"But..." Yuliana withdrew her hand and put away the car key again. She looked at Tyler suspiciously and asked, "There has always been few people here. Why are you here?"

Tyler was taken aback. He didn't expect that Yuliana would ask him this question at this critical moment.

"I'm just passing by. I happened to see you fall, so I came here to have a look. "

When she passed by, Yuliana sneered. There was no place for her to pass by, no matter it was Tyler's home or the place where the banquet was held or the Hua Feng Company.

Besides, this was a high-end villa district in the countryside. No bus or taxi had ever passed by here.

How did Tyler get here without a car?

Yuliana thought how stupid she was in her previous life to believe Tyler's such a clumsy excuse.

"Thank you." Yuliana put the car key in his hand shyly and looked at Tyler affectionately. "I'll wait for Tyler here."

With a cunning look in Tyler

's eyes, he took the key, looking at the garage and walked straight over.

With the key in Tyler's hand, Tyler planned that as long as he could win Yuliana's heart this time, he wouldn't have to worry about getting close to the senior executives of the Hua Feng Company and having no chance to stand out.

The more Tyler thought about it, the more complacent he became. Tyler walked briskly and whistled cheerfully.

In the garage of Ye family, there was a seemingly luxurious elevator.

"No wonder Tyler is rich. Even his garage is more luxurious than ordinary people's."

It took Tyler a long time to come to his senses and found that there was no stairs around. It seemed that he could only take the elevator.

Tyler pressed the button of the elevator casually, thinking about the arrangement of Ye clan and drawing a beautiful blueprint in his heart.

The lights in the elevator suddenly flashed, and the bright space suddenly became dark.

What's going on? Startled, Tyler took out his phone and was about to call Brenna.

No Signal!

Tyler sent a circle of confusion.

At this time, the elevator whimpered. Before Tyler had time to react, the elevator had fallen quickly. The next second, Tyler blacked out and passed out, At the gate of the villa.

Looking at Tyler's receding figure, Yuliana sneered.

Yuliana had already tampered with the elevator. As long as Tyler entered the elevator, she would be trapped in it and couldn't get out until the second morning. Besides, there was no network signal in the elevator, so even if Tyler wanted to ask for help from the outside, Tyler couldn't do that. In this way, it was impossible for him to contact her and send her any news about [叶玉洁].

The next second, [叶玉洁] unhurriedly took out her phone and dialed a taxi with her white hand.

Yuliana quickly took out the high heels bought by Jade and put them on, throwing the broken red high heels aside casually.

Everything went back to normal. The taxi came very soon. Yuliana got in the car gracefully and told the driver the address.

In the Kokusai Hotel.

Wearing a black evening dress and shining silver high-heeled shoes, Yuliana matched the clothes with a milky white handbag in her hand.

Yuliana was full of elegance and imposing manner.

There was no one around the hotel. Yuliana sneered. It seemed that the dinner party had begun.

But now everything was under Yuliana's control. This time was just right for Yuliana.

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