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   Chapter 5 Everyone Can Act

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Yuliana knew how much Marco loved her.

As Yuliana expected, Marco agreed to Yuliana's request to change shoes without hesitation.

Looking at Marco's receding figure, Yuliana's bright eyes were full of viciousness.

Yuliana remembered clearly that in her previous life, Brenna had never left her room. In the middle of her life, she went to Yuliana's room to mock at her clothes and left.

Before coming to laugh at her, Brenna had tampered with Yuliana's high-heeled shoes.

Now it was a good chance for Sherry to change the shoes of the two during this period of time, wasn't it.

Yuliana looked at the grey white flower dress hanging in the wardrobe. This dress was bought by her Joanna. It was the first time that Yuliana received a gift from her Joanna. She was flattered and wished to put on this dress to announce to the world immediately.

Now she realized that Joanna, who had always regarded Yuliana as her enemy, didn't have such a good intention.

The reason why Joanna could buy this long dress was probably encouraged by Brenna.

"May I come in?" Just as Yuliana was thinking, the timid voice of Brenna came from the door.

Sarcasm appeared on Yuliana's delicate face. In her previous life, she was deceived by the poor appearance of Brenna. Yuliana thought about it now. How could Brenna be the leader of the design department if she was not capable? Some of them relied on the relationship with Hunter, and some of them had to be recognized by others.

The next second, the viciousness in Yuliana's eyes disappeared quickly, replaced by a coward expression as before, and she whispered, "The door is not closed..."

The door opened, and Brenna felt as if she had entered an empty space.

When Brenna saw the clothes in Yuliana's hand, a trace of obvious disdain appeared in her eyes.

Or, Yuliana could take that look as irony.

"Are you going to wear this dress to the party?"

Brenna was not as delicate and pitiful as she was in front of Joanna.

With one hand holding the clothes in Yuliana's hand, Brenna said in disgust, "this kind of clothes can be seen everywhere in the street. It's not expensive. You can buy it with dozens of dollars. "

"Sister, your clothes are really unique."

It was indeed "unique". Looking coldly at the complacent eyes of Lian Hua, [叶玉洁]'s heart was full of disgust.

But it was not the right time to get angry. [叶玉洁] suppressed her anger, raised her hand and pulled the dress from Lian Hua's hand, pretending to be shy. Her eyes were full of happiness, and she smiled, "yes."

"Grandma gave it to me. Grandma never gave me anything. Cousin Marin, does grandma begin to like me? "

Blinking her pure eyes, Yuliana looked at Brenna innocently, as if she was expecting Brenna to give her the answer she wanted.

Brenna sniffed, full of contempt for Yuliana.

It was obvious that Joanna didn't like Yuliana, but Yuliana was in a hurry to please Joanna. Now an outdated dress could make Yuliana so happy. Brenna really despised Yuliana.

With a kind and harmless look on Brenna's face, she smiled at Yuliana and said, "You're right. Joanna praised you for being more sensible yesterday."

"Today you are going to attend the party in the clothes that Joanna sent you. Joanna will be very happy to see you. Maybe she will like you more in the future."

Perhaps she was laughed at. From now on, the legend of Yuliana would be spread in the wealthy clans.

Yuliana sneered in her heart, her delicate face unchanged.

Blinking her starry eyes, Yuliana pretended to be surprised and asked, "Really?"

Looking at Yuliana's happy face, Brenna refrained herself from bursting into laughter and nodded at Yuliana seriously.

Seeing that Brenna nodded, Yuliana breathed a sigh of relief and said obediently, "I know Joanna best. You are right. "

The reason why Brenna came here was to make sure what clothes Yuliana was going to wear to the banquet.

Brenna didn't expect that this fool would really wear the old dress that her Joanna "gave" to her. It seemed that Yuliana was not a trouble at all.

After thinking for a while, Brenna was not in the mood to continue talking to Yuliana, so she found an excuse to leave.

Looking at the time, Yuliana felt that Marco had most likely changed his shoes. In front of her, Brenna was a hypocrite. Yuliana was really worried that if she took one more look at her, she would tear her face apart.

"Take care, sister." Yuliana suppressed her resentment and smiled at Brenna.

The door was closed by Brenna. Yuliana's bright eyes turned into endless resentment. With a sneer, Yuliana casually threw the dress in her hand aside.

My dear sister, I'm going to let you down this time.

The next second, the door was knocked lightly. The bloodthirsty atmosphere at the corners of Yuliana's mouth was even stronger. This was a secret signal between Yuliana and Marco. Yuliana knew that Marco had changed

his shoes successfully.

What Yuliana needed to do next was to wait.

At six o'clock in the evening, Yuliana looked at her watch with an evil smile on her delicate face. The banquet was set at 9 o'clock in the evening.

In her previous life, both Jade and Marco] were sent away by Brenna for various reasons. Now, there was only Yuliana at home.

Yuliana swayed her waist and quickly took a black dress from the wardrobe from Marco.

It was said that this dress was the only one. Yuliana thought that it was time for the dust laden dress to come in handy.

The black dress in the mirror revealed Yuliana's fair skin. In red high-heeled shoes, Yuliana looked fabulous.

Yuliana felt ironic. How stupid she was in her previous life that she ignored Marco's love for her and believed that Brenna pretended to be pitiful and hypocritical.

The temperature all over her body gradually cooled down. With a cold temperament, Yuliana picked up a bag with one hand and walked out of the house.

As the night wind blew, a layer of mist appeared on Yuliana's elegant face. The surrounding environment seemed to be peaceful. Yuliana knew that Tyler was hidden in a corner, waiting for the heels of Yuliana's high heels to fall, and a "hero to save the beauty" appeared in time.

Thinking of the decisiveness granted by Tyler in her previous life, which killed her one corpse and two lives, Yuliana's delicate eyes were full of resentment.

Yuliana lifted her foot and walked towards the steps in front of the door.

All of a sudden, Yuliana let out a cry of surprise. Before she finished speaking, she saw a light figure of Yuliana falling down the steps.

Yuliana was in a mess. Sitting on the ground, she looked lonely and helpless in the darkness.

In secret, Yuliana's eyes flashed with viciousness.

Yuliana knew that the next second, Tyler would appear.

"Beauty, do you need any help?" A man's voice fell from the sky.

Hearing the expected voice, Yuliana lowered her eyes, with a cold flash in her eyes.

The gentler Tyler's voice was, the more disgusting Yuliana felt.

At this moment, Yuliana wanted to tear up the hypocritical face in front of her and let Tyler get out of here as soon as possible.

But it was not the time to break up.

Yuliana forced herself to calm down.

The next second, Yuliana raised her pure and delicate face and looked pitifully at .Tyler

Yuliana moved her lips and was about to say something, but she didn't seem to know Tyler. She glanced at Tyler and swallowed her words.

Looking at Yuliana's flushed cheeks because of shyness, Tyler couldn't help but feel moved. He had promised to her that she was a charming lady from a famous family. No wonder she would be hated by Brenna.

She must have been enchanted by me. Tyler gave her a smile and was very confident in her appearance. She thought that Yuliana must have a crush on her, so she blushed.

The more Tyler believed in Yuliana, the more he felt that she was easy to deal with.

"What's wrong with you?" As Tyler spoke, he held Yuliana's arm, trying to get closer so that Yuliana could feel his infinite charm.

Yuliana was touched by Tyler and got goose bumps and felt sick.

Subconsciously, Yuliana wanted to push away Tyler.

Yuliana tried her best to hold back her discomfort and seemed to avoid the touch of Tyler. She picked up the broken high-heeled shoes from the ground and handed them to Tyler.

Tears welled up in Yuliana's charming eyes, which looked pitiful. "The heel of her shoes is broken."

Yuliana thought that Brenna hadn't had time to show the high-heeled shoes that Jade gave to Tyler, so she changed into a pair of red high-heeled shoes that she had never worn before. Even if Tyler believed that Tyler had time to talk to Brenna, she couldn't tell which pair of shoes it was.

Looking at the heels in Yuliana's hands, Tyler was overjoyed. It seemed that Brenna's plan had succeeded.

Tyler pretended to be nervous, "Is your foot okay?"

Yuliana sneered. Tyler was also like that in her previous life. The first question she asked was not about shoes, but whether someone was fine.

It was also because of Tyler that Yuliana trusted this ambitious scum.

"Let me see!" Noticing that Yuliana was in a daze, Tyler grabbed the hem of Yuliana's dress and was about to check Yuliana's injury.


Yuliana's face changed slightly. She quickly stopped the action of Tyler and covered her feet again.

Yuliana was just pretending. Her ankle was not really hurt.

Tyler was suspicious. He would be doubtful if it was seen by him

It was easy for Yuliana to fall short of success.

Sure enough, out of the corner of Yuliana's eye, she saw that Tyler frowned and looked suspicious.

"It's improper for a man to touch a woman. How can a woman's feet be seen by a man casually? " Yuliana summoned up her courage and pretended to be shy and didn't dare to look up.

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