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   Chapter 4 Rebirth (Part Two)

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There was no spare or remake. Most of people had no chance to even touch this master's works.

However, in order to please Joanna, Jade had tried every means to find two pairs of exactly the same design of shoes.

One was given to Yuliana, and the other was for her cousin, Brenna.

Yuliana looked up at Jade. She felt pity for her mother, a lot.

Jade, who was always eager to get credit in front of Joanna, didn't know that today's so-called promotion banquet was just a cover.

Hunter, Yuliana's father, was the director of the Hua Feng Company at that time. In her previous life, he had used this promotion banquet to announce that he was officially taking in Brenna as his child.

Yuliana had been deeply touched by the man's "kindness". But thinking about it now, she felt like she had been really naive at that time.

Hunter already had a son and a daughter, but he still had to go ahead and adopt another woman's daughter. Outwardly, he was really sad to know that both of Brenna's parents had died. In truth, the gesture was a hint to others that his children were incompetent.

And he had no hope for them.

In any case, after the adoption, Jade and her daughter had always had a more difficult time in the Ye family.

Yuliana sneered. Since God had given her a chance to be reborn, she was not going to live such a cowardly life once again. This time, things were going to be different.

Didn't he want to adopt Brenna?

'Well, Dad, go ahead with your dreams!'

"How do you feel?" There was a gentle smile on her mother's charming face, but Yuliana felt sad.

The high-heeled shoes which were still in Jade's hand shone brightly in the sunlight, which made Yuliana's eyes tighten again.

Then she remembered. Brenna had broken her high-heeled shoes secretly and made her twist her ankle when she went downstairs. In a panic, Yuliana had called Marco. However, he had already been called to the hotel by Brenna to deal with the emergency happening during the preparation of the banquet.

When Yuliana was helpless, Tyler came to help her out.

After checking her sprain, Tyler, who seemed rather gentle, naturally had to do something about it. He took it as an opportunity and sent her to the hospital. She had tried to refuse but he had been firm and adamant.

At that time, Yuliana was deeply touched by Tyler's considerate, rather overbearing but tender character. But it had all been just a ruse!

Now she realized that it was Brenna's plan all along.

Yuliana failed to attend the party because that pair of high heels.

And after seeing the way he had helped her, she had let Tyler in and the man had won Yuliana's heart.

But the truth was, Brenna had used Tyler to stall Yuliana from attending the banquet.

It really was the "perfect plan".

"Yuliana?" When there was no response from Yuliana after a long time, Jade looked at her daughter up and down worriedly and asked, "What's wrong? Do you still feel hurt?"

Yuliana came to her senses and looked into Jade's worried eyes.

She felt a pang of guilt when she saw her mother. If she hadn't truste

d Tyler, Jade wouldn't have ended up dead!

Yuliana swore to herself that she would never let anyone close to her get hurt again, ever! She had gotten a second chance and she was going to take it!

"This pair of shoes seem very beautiful and I really like them." Yuliana restrained her hatred from her previous life and held Jade's arm like a spoiled child. "Is my brother still there?"

Seeing that Yuliana had recovered back to her usual self, Jade was a little relieved. Just as she was about to answer with a smile, she heard a hearty laughter from the door.

"I'm still standing in front of the door. How dare I come in if my sister doesn't allow me?"

Marco's soft and teasing tone made Yuliana blush. She raised her head and whispered softly, "Mom, I want to talk to my brother."

Yuliana and Marco had always been on very good terms. Seeing that her daughter finally felt better now, Jade nodded with a smile, bent over and picked up another beautiful shoe box and walked out of the room.

Yuliana's eyes seemed sharp. She knew that the shoes in the shoe box were the high heels that Jade was going to give Brenna.

"Yuliana?" Marco gracefully strode into the room. His eyes were shining like starlight, and the corners of his mouth were raised into a gentle smile. His eyebrows were similar to Yuliana's, showing a bit of tenderness and beauty that ran in the family. He was looking at his sister gently.

Yuliana's heart skipped a beat. She almost burst into tears as she recalled the fake car accident that Marco had been in just because he was worried about her.

Everything had been because of Tyler and Brenna. Yuliana swore to herself that she would get them all back for everything'd done!

"Marco." Suppressing her grief, Yuliana held one of Marco's arms with a smile and acted like a spoiled child. "Can you swap the shoes Mom has gotten for me and my cousin?"

"Why? I heard Mom say that you two have gotten the same shoes. Why do you want to change?" Marco asked curiously.

They were exactly the same. The only difference was that Yuliana's shoes had been tampered with by Brenna, but he didn't know that. Yuliana did.

"Because these ones are not comfortable to wear." Pointing at the shoelaces, Yuliana snorted with dissatisfaction. "The shoes rub my heels a little." She couldn't tell the truth, after all. "I don't usually wear high heels, so I'm afraid I won't be able to handle them."

Marco was suddenly enlightened.

Yuliana usually wore sneakers, it made sense that she didn't get used to walk in high heels.

He felt sorry for his sister, but he continued, "Mom must have already sent the shoes there. I can't change them either..."

Brenna was always sensitive. If she knew that, she would definitely feel that Marco didn't want her to stay in the Ye family.

"It doesn't matter." Yuliana blinked her innocent eyes as shyly and lovingly as a little girl. "How about this? I'll go to Brenna first and ask her to help me choose my clothes for the banquet. When she's with me, you can go to her room to switch our shoes. I promise no one will ever know!"

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