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   Chapter 2 Difficult Labor (Part Two)

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Anger burning in his scarlet eyes, Tyler stared viciously at the helpless woman in front of him.

"I believe this child is the result of what happened that night," Tyler added.

Yuliana was covered in sweat. She was feeling a severe pain in her belly, but she had no strength left to cry out. She could now feel blood flowing down her legs.

Her body gradually turned cold, and the pleading eyes below her forehead gradually turned resentful. Why had she never seen the true colors of these two people before?

"Tyler, Brenna, I am not going to let you go even if I die!" Yuliana made a last ditch effort and cried out in a hoarse whisper.

Then, her eyes widened. While she was suffocating, a lifeless baby appeared between her legs. The child's dark and helpless face seemed to be complaining about having no chance to see the world.

What was this place? Yuliana's hand suddenly passed through the wall and she realized that now, she was just a ghost. Her spirit didn't seem to be willing to leave due to her own unwillingness and anger.

She floated with the wind to the rooftop of the hospital.

She could see Brenna and Tyler.

But they weren't alone. There was another man there with his face covered by a mask.

When she saw the two betrayers again, Yuliana's eyes were bloodshot. She glared at them, wishing to tear their bones apart and drink blood.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get close to Brenna and Tyler.

"Is it done?" There was a sinister look on Tyler's handsome face.

Yuliana was a little resentful. She was wondering why she hadn't managed to uncover his mask of hypocrisy even though they had been together for several years.

"Yes. It is done." The masked man nodded and bowed.

"As you expected, he drove here very fast. My truck came out of nowhere in front of him, so he couldn't stop the car and hit it head-on."

The masked man seemed rather proud. He then added, "He died on the spot. No treatment was possible!"

Satisfied, Brenna threw a card at the masked man who deftly caught it.

"Leave G City with this money! Don't ever be seen here again. Otherwise, you know my means!"

"Of course. Rest of the story is rather simple. Hearing that his beloved sister was going through a difficult labor, Marco was burning with anxiety. He didn't have time to consider whether he was over-speeding or not."


When Yuliana heard the name of her brother, she felt like she had been struck by lightning. The next second, she suddenly came to her senses. They hadn't even let Marco go. They might have been covering their bases, or it might have been done purely to hurt her, but they had even bought someone to fake a car accident and killed him.

Endless sadness rose from the bottom of Yuliana's heart. It was Marco who had opposed her marriage with Tyler every step of the way. However, Yuliana was blinded by love at that time, which had deeply hurt Marco, but he had always been with her.

Yuliana wanted to tell Marco in person that she regretted her actions now. If there was a chance to start a new life, she would definitely listen to his suggestions.

At that moment, Yuliana really wanted to kill Brenna and Tyler.

She hated herself for not seeing through them, and her blind faith in love had killed her own brother.

Clenching her fists, she glared at the two who were triumphant.

"Let's go downstairs. My 'mother-in-law' is still waiting for news about her little baby." Tyler laughed sarcastically and gently took Brenna's slim and slender hand.

Rolling her eyes, Brenna smiled viciously, "Do you remember that my sister's mother has acute myocardial infarction?

You know what that means? If she finds out that Yuliana had a difficult labor and that Marco was in a car accident. It mig

ht shock her more than what she can endure. She might just lose her life too!"

"Babe, you are getting smarter and smarter every day." Tyler laughed and they slowly walked down the rooftop, holding Brenna in his arms affectionately.

Yuliana felt suffocated. Was it not enough that they had killed Marco and her? Couldn't they just let go of her mother now?

Yuliana hurried to catch up with Tyler and Brenna. She wanted to see everything, no matter how painful.

At the door of the delivery room, Yuliana saw Tyler and Brenna approaching her mother Jade Bai.

She wanted to call out to her mother and warn her to stay away from the two hypocrites.

Yuliana anxiously shuttled back and forth in front of her mother but she was just a ghost now. Jade Bai's hands clenched in her anxiety. She was sitting on chair in front of the delivery room, not responding to anything at all.

"Mom, Yuliana died due to labor complications," Tyler called out dejectedly, with a cunning look in his eyes.

Jade Bai couldn't believe it. Yuliana was being constantly checked on by the doctors. How could she just go into bad labor and then lose her life?

Obviously, Jade didn't believe it. She looked at Brenna in surprise, as if she wanted her to give a different response.

"Tyler isn't lying." Brenna's eyes stared at the ground in fake sorrow as she passed a paper towel to Jade. "Huh!"

After getting the confirmation from Brenna, Jade fell to the ground in dejection.

"How is that possible? How can it be possible?"

Seeing that Jade was in a total daze, Tyler winked at Brenna with his ferocious eyes.

"Marco heard that my sister had a difficult labor. He tried to rush here and was in a car accident. And... He died on the spot." Brenna understood the pointer. She took the opportunity and slowly moved closer to Jade. The latter was almost blank with despair. Tears welled up in Jade's eyes. Brenna leaned against the Tyler's side, like a helpless little woman. Who would have thought this woman had any viciousness at all? Except for the one who had witnessed it in the delivery room!

As if she had been struck by a bolt from the blue, Jade stared into the distance with lifeless eyes. Her strength seemed to have been drained, and her body was weakly leaning against the guardrail.

Jade couldn't figure out why and how. Everything was just fine in the morning. Her children were sitting together and enjoying the happiness of a family reunion.

She was still packing up children's clothes, planning her grandchild's future with joy.

All of these beautiful things had turned into bubbles, which had faded away in an instant.

With dull eyes and muddled mind, Jade slowly walked towards the stairs aimlessly.

Looking at each other, Tyler and Brenna burst into a silent laughter. Complacent sneers appeared on their face. "The daughter and son of the Ye family are already dead. Next, the old bastard, Hunter. After that, the Hua Feng Company will belong to us completely."

Yuliana had no energy to care about the two psychos now.

She was completely focused on her absent-minded mother.

She followed her subconsciously, trying to comfort the heartbroken woman.

Jade's head was buzzing, and she was holding the cold railing in her hand without any strength.

Failing to take the continuous blows, Jade lost her consciousness. She missed her step, leaned forward slightly and then fell down.

"Mom!" Yuliana's eyes widened and she rushed forward, trying to save her falling mother.

Unfortunately, her soul was getting weaker every second. She could not even catch hold of her mother's hand.

Yuliana fell down quickly and she felt dizzy, as if she had been sucked in an endless whirlpool.

Her helpless soul gradually dissipated into nothingness and was gone!

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