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   Chapter 75 Warning Peter

CEO's Beloved: Your Presence Flutters My Heart By Zhu Xiaying Characters: 10240

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Kern had planned to hide it from Sophia, but he didn't expect that Sophia heard what he said to Peter on the phone.

Kern didn't ask Jordan to accompany him, so he went to the appointment alone. The place he ordered was still Charlie Restaurant. He also didn't want to drag Jordan into the mire. If the other party really wanted to blame him for that kind of thing, then just blame himself. Don't let too many people get involved in the war.

In Charlie Restaurant.

Kern had been waiting for nearly half an hour, but Peter still didn't show up. He guessed that Peter might be deliberately challenging his patience. Kern was fed up with such a passive situation. He had always been in control of the situation since he was a child. Now he was in such a situation, which made him a little restless. It was easy for him to be impatient when it came to Sophia.

After a while, Peter walked out of the elevator slowly with a disdainful look on his face, a trace of hatred in his eyes, a slight smile at the corners of his mouth, and an arrogant look. Kern raised his head a little and looked directly into Peter's eyes without dodging. He didn't do anything wrong, and there was no need to feel guilty.

"Mr. Kern, can't you tell me by yourself? Why did you need to inform me through others? Did Mr. Kern do something shady? " Peter pulled up a chair. Then he sat down, squinted at Kern and said sarcastically.

Kern understood what Peter meant. Without saying anything, Kern just picked up the coffee on the table and took another sip. He was waiting for Peter to bring up the matter of Lily. He couldn't say it first, or he would have intention to escape it, which meant that he admitted it.

"Mr. Kern, our time is very precious. If you have anything, please tell me directly. If there is nothing particularly important, I may not accompany you. I have promised to have dinner with Sophia and will pick her up later." Said Peter. He deliberately said that he wanted to piss off Kern by having dinner with Sophia.

Indeed, Kern had just received a message from Sophia, saying that she couldn't have dinner with him tonight and had an appointment with a client. Was Peter that client? Why couldn't she tell him directly? Kern was angry that Sophia had concealed something from him, and his eyes darkened.

In fact, it was true that Sophia was going to have dinner with Peter, but it was all because of Kern. If he hadn't asked Jordan to call and ask Peter out, the cooperation details between Sophia and Peter would have been discussed and even the contract would have been signed. As a result, they could only talk about these things in the evening. Therefore, the two of them, Sophia and Peter, made an appointment to have dinner together and talk about work, so as to improve the efficiency and save time.

"Mr. Kern, I know you are dissatisfied with my relationship with Sophia." After Kern's face darkened, Peter continued to infuriate him. "Although you and Sophia knew each other early, think about the past five years. Where have you been? I have

nd pulled Peter's collar with his hands. He was extremely angry. "Peter, I warn you for the last time. Otherwise, I will make you regret your decision today."

Peter stood straight and sneered, allowing Kern to pull his collar. "Let's make a bet? Let's see if I regret first or you suffer first? I'm afraid you dare to bet it. "

"Peter, you!" Kern was furious and was about to punch Peter, but as soon as his fist was raised in the air, a figure rushed up and protected Peter with her body. When Kern saw the figure clearly, he forcefully stopped his fist in the air.

It was Sophia!

"Kern! You are crazy? What did Peter do to you? " As expected, the first thing that Sophia did was to protect Peter. Kern restrained his emotions and didn't let his fist hit her.

Knowing from Peter that they had an appointment at Charlie Restaurant, Sophia was always worried and uneasy. She wanted to come over to have a look. However, just as she came in, she saw Kern grabbing Peter's collar with anger and raising his fists high. However, Peter looked aggrieved and could hardly breathe. His face was a little green because of suffocation.

"Kern! Let go of Peter. He's almost out of breath. " Sophia shouted anxiously.

Looking at the anxious look on Sophia's face, Kern immediately understood what Peter was up to. Peter should have told Sophia that he had an appointment with Kern a long time ago, and knew that she would come, so Peter had been infuriating Kern just now, asking Kern to make a move and make Sophia misunderstand Kern.

But even though Kern knew that it was all because of Peter's deliberateness, he was still very angry that Sophia protected Peter so much, and now she was still helping Peter, and even rushed up to help Peter block her fist. Did she know that if his fist was confiscated just now, at least a rib of her body would be broken?

Thinking of the desperate look on Sophia's face when she was fighting for Peter just now, Kern's face darkened. He said nothing and left directly without any explanation.

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