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   Chapter 74 Ask Peter Out

CEO's Beloved: Your Presence Flutters My Heart By Zhu Xiaying Characters: 10077

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"Jordan, do me a favor." After a long time, Kern suddenly said to Jordan seriously.

"What is it? As long as I can help you, go all out. " Jordan knew the seriousness of the matter, so he agreed in one breath.

Kern looked up at Jordan without saying a word. He just patted Jordan on the shoulder. This was friend. Even if they hadn't seen each other for many years, they would always help others without saying a word when something really happened.

"I want you to make an appointment with Peter for me. Let's make it clear face to face. If I come here to make an appointment, it is inevitable that Sophia will know. I don't want her to get involved in this matter. " Said Kern.

"Okay. No problem. I'll make an appointment. It should be no problem. " Jordan replied.

In the jewelry design department of DS.

Sophia was still busy with her work. The main problem at the early stage had just been solved, and the follow-up work needed to be finished. Although the market in W Country had been affected by this incident and DS had stopped receiving orders for more than a month, it was inevitable for the later customers were doubtful with DS, but the domestic market was still thriving, and there were still many orders. Therefore, the jewelry design department was in urgent need of staffs, and Sophia had to face the problem of shortage of staffs. She also needed to carry out a large-scale talent recruitment.

Although Sophia was very angry with what happened to Kern, she thought he was narrow-minded and didn't take it seriously because he was drunk. She had no idea how many things Kern had done behind her back. However, Kern's attitude towards Peter last night was indeed a little excessive. After all, Peter had helped her a lot, but Kern's attitude was not good. It made it a little difficult for Sophia. She wanted to call Peter to apologize during the noon break, hoping that he wouldn't really be angry.

While she was thinking, her assistant Camille knocked on the door and came in. "Miss Sophia, Aaron said he had something to tell you and was waiting for you in the reception room."

"Peter?" Since Sophia knew Aaron was Peter, she was used to calling him Peter. Because Peter was his name of A Country. It seemed to be friendlier. Although he was a citizen of W Country, his ancestors were also A Country, especially his mother, who was born and raised in A Country.

"Please invite him to my office." Sophia told her assistant, Camille. She was planning to look for Peter. Peter came to her.

"Sophia, I have a good news for you." Sophia didn't see him, but heard his voice. Peter couldn't wait to say to Sophia in the office when he walked to the door. As soon as he finished speaking, Sophia saw him.

"It must be good news." Sophia said, "Can't you tell me on the phone? It bother you to come here. "

"My mother's company went bankrupt. Hahaha..." As soon as Peter finished his words, he burst into laughter. It seemed that it was not a company with a registered capital o

from Peter? Didn't they just meet last night? Feeling that this must have something to do with Kern, Sophia pricked up her ears to listen.

"Here is the thing. Kern wants to invite you to a cup of coffee. Is your time available?" Jordan spoke out his purpose.

"Kern? Have a cup of coffee with me? Then why did you come to me? " Peter repeated the key information, as if he was surprised, but in fact, he repeated it to Sophia beside him.

"Yes, maybe he has something to talk about." Said Jordan.

"Okay, no problem. Please send me the time and place later. I will arrange the time to meet you. " After saying that, Peter hung up the phone.

"Did Kern ask you out? Why? " Asked Sophia.

"How do I know? You don't even know your husband. How can I know?" Peter shrugged his shoulders to show that he was also confused.

"No, it's so strange. He asked you out for dinner, which has been strange since he saw you yesterday. Now he doesn't tell me about it, and even asks you out through Jordan. It's obvious that he doesn't want me to know. It's so strange. I'm worried about him. I'll call him. "

Sophia was about to pick up the phone, but was stopped by Peter. "I also feel strange, so I didn't ask why. Just go and have a look. It's useless to be curious now."

"Sophia, you are so nervous. Are you nervous about me or Kern?" Peter suddenly asked. He seemed to be smiling cheekily, but there was a hint of seriousness in his words.

"I... I'm so worried about both of you. " Sophia was confused by Peter's question. She looked worried and didn't know what Kern was going to do.

"Well, don't worry. I promise you that I will go to have dinner with Kern. I will record the whole process to you and let you know everything, Okay? Or it's useless for you to worry now. Since Kern doesn't want you to know, he won't tell you the truth even if you go home and ask him now. " Peter comforted.

Seeing that what Peter said made sense, Sophia nodded silently and fell into deep thought again.

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