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   Chapter 73 The True Identity Of Peter

CEO's Beloved: Your Presence Flutters My Heart By Zhu Xiaying Characters: 9687

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After sending Kern back, Jordan left with a serious look. He didn't even hear that Sophia asked him to stay. There were some things that he had to go home and investigate immediately before he could feel at ease.

On the second day, early in the morning, when Sophia got up early, she saw that Kern was still sleeping. She went downstairs to prepare the hangover soup and breakfast, and then went to the company to solve the current problem.

Kern didn't wake up until near noon. When he woke up, he had a splitting headache. Seeing that Sophia was no longer by his side, he began to think about what happened yesterday. From the conversation between Peter and Peter in Charlie Restaurant, to the quarrel between him and Sophia at home. Sophia protected Peter, and then he got drunk in the bar, but she picked him up with Peter, which meant after he left angrily, she had been with Peter all the time.

Thinking of this, Kern was angry and hateful. Wasn't his emotion obvious? It was hard to tell whether Sophia knew it or not.

Kern was angry alone. After getting up from the bed, he didn't see Sophia upstairs. He thought that she must have gone to the company. Now everything was more important than him, including Peter and work.

When Kern went downstairs, he saw a hearty breakfast on the dining table in the hall. When he got closer, there was a bowl of hangover soup on the table, and a note written by Sophia, "Honey, there is an emergency in the company. I'll go to the company first. Remember to drink soup and have breakfast when you wake up. I'll be back later."

After drinking some soup, Kern sobered up and felt that there was something wrong with him. He wanted to communicate with Sophia after she came back.

All of a sudden, Kern thought of Jordan. They had a good chat yesterday, but he was also very drunk, so he didn't say goodbye to Jordan properly. He didn't know what happened yesterday when they parted. Then Kern picked up his phone and called Jordan.

"Oh, you finally called me. I wanted to call you, but I was afraid that you were still drunk." Jordan said anxiously before Kern could speak.

"What's wrong? It seems that you are waiting for my call. " Kern asked.

"Or what? Are you free now? Come out and have a talk. There was something wrong with Peter yesterday. " Jordan said in a serious tone.

"Okay, I'm here for you." As soon as Kern heard about the matter about Peter, he immediately agreed with Jordan. Jordan just promised him to investigate last night. Did he get the result so soon? It seemed that Jordan lived well in W Country.

After finishing the hangover soup and breakfast, Kern changed his clothes and went out to look for Jordan.

"Jordan, you found it out so soon?" Kern asked as soon as he saw Jordan.

"You were drunk last night. It was Sophia and a man who came to pick you up. I recognized the man at the first sight. T

ia is a legend in domestic. The news of your marriage is still on the Internet, and the media has already portrayed you as a model couple. " Said Jordan.

"Then why didn't he do something to Sophia directly? It's unnecessary for him to keep the wire for such a long time. The longer the wire is, the greater the probability of failure. He certainly knows this. Besides, he is so good to Sophia that she trusts him so much? " Kern still didn't understand what was going on. His mind was in a mess, and many things were unclear. What's more, he was even more confused for the safety of Sophia. His mind was in a mess now. All he could think about was how to send Sophia back to the country, so as to ensure her safety, and then he could fight against Peter without any worries.

"I think he has been constantly provoking you and Sophia. He wants to test the importance of Sophia to you, and he wants to test your degree of tolerance and trust to him now. Only in this way can he be confident in his next plan. I'm afraid that he will take big actions next." Jordan couldn't help worrying. After all, it took Peter a long time to set up such a trap, which led Kern to W Country, and gained such a deep trust from Sophia. If Peter didn't take any big action, it would be hard to believe.

Kern face became serious. Reminded by Jordan, he realized that he had thought things too simply.

"Are you going to tell this to Sophia?" Jordan suggested.

"No." Kern waved his hand and said, "Now she trusts Peter very much. If I say that Peter has ulterior motives, I'm afraid that she will still think that I deliberately slander Peter. She will speak for Peter as before. It deepens the misunderstanding between us. And once she knows, with her simple character, she will definitely expose herself in front of Peter. I'm afraid that she will be more dangerous at that time."

Hearing what Kern said, Jordan stopped talking about it.

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