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   Chapter 72 How Could It Be Him

CEO's Beloved: Your Presence Flutters My Heart By Zhu Xiaying Characters: 8816

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After Kern slammed the door and went out, Sophia sat on the edge of the bed, feeling sad. She recalled what had happened tonight, and wondered if she had done something wrong that made Kern angry. She was seriously looking for the reason for their conflict. She thought Kern was just angry and went downstairs to the living room or guest room for a rest.

After a long time, she still couldn't figure out the reason why Kern became so strange tonight. She decided not to think about it anymore and cleaned the broken table lamp in the room.

When Sophia was cleaning, she saw a few drops of red liquid on the ground. It looked like blood, and there were also a few drops of blood on the glass fragments of the lamp.

Kern's hand was injured? That was the only possibility. Regardless of anything else, Sophia stood up and went downstairs to look for Kern. She wanted to bandage up his hand, but she couldn't find Kern everywhere in the living room. Sophia was panicked. She picked up her phone and found that he didn't call her either. She called him in a hurry, but he didn't answer it, and then his phone was turned off.

Sophia became more uneasy. When she found that the car was gone, she remembered that Kern was also angry in domestic before and drove away. As a result, there was a car accident. She was afraid that the same thing would happen again.

But there was no other way. Sophia didn't know where Kern might go, so she had to call Peter for help. Peter had many ways, so he should have a solution.

Not long after, Peter's car arrived at the door. Hearing the sound of the car, Sophia thought it was Kern. She hurried to open the door. But when she saw it was Peter, she was a little disappointed. Seeing the change of her emotion, Peter thought that she really cared about Kern.

"Don't worry, Sophia. Tell me everything in detail and I'll help you." After entering the house, Peter said to Sophia, "Let me see what I can do to help."

Then Sophia told Peter everything. She begged him anxiously, "His hand was injured and he drove out. He didn't answer the phone. I don't know where he can go, but I need to find him as soon as possible. I'm afraid that something might happen to him. Peter, you have so many ways. Please help me find him. "

Seeing that Sophia was so anxious that she was about to cry, Peter's eyes became a little deep and he was thinking about something. After a while, he asked, "Do you know he has any friends or familiar places in W Country?"

After thinking for a while, Sophia answered Peter, "I don't know. Maybe he doesn't have. We have been in W Country for more than a month, and

what Sophia said. Seeing that the scene was a little awkward, he could only say to Sophia, "Sophia, look at Kern. He has drunk a lot and many things are out of his mind. Don't be angry with him. Since he doesn't want to see this gentleman, why don't you let him go home and have a rest first? I'll drive Kern and you back. You'll have a talk tomorrow."

Hearing what Jordan said, Sophia realized that this was the only way. If she asked Peter to drive her and Kern home, Kern would be so angry. She didn't know that he had such a stubborn side before.

"Well, then I'm sorry to bother you. I'm really sorry." Sophia said to Jordan apologetically.

"It doesn't matter. I and Kern have been friends for decades. It's Okay." After saying that, Jordan continued to help Kern into his car, turned around and sat on the driver's seat, waiting for Sophia.

Sophia turned around apologized to Peter, "I'm sorry, Peter. I didn't know it would happen. I'll talk to him tomorrow and see what the problem is. I'll solve his misunderstanding about you."

"It's okay. He loves you so much and cares about you so much that he is in a state of extreme nervousness. It's okay. I don't mind. If I have a wife like you, I will also be in a state of extreme nervousness. Ha ha..." Peter comforted Sophia with a smile.

"And, thank you, for everything that happened tonight. Thank you so much!" Seeing that Peter was so generous, even Kern said that to him, he was not angry. Sophia felt guiltier.

"Sophia, we're friends, right?" Peter smiled. "I'm leaving." Then he got on his car and left.

After seeing Peter's car disappear, Sophia turned around and got on Kern's car. She didn't notice that Jordan was looking at her from the rearview mirror with deep eyes.

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