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   Chapter 71 I Believe In Peter

CEO's Beloved: Your Presence Flutters My Heart By Zhu Xiaying Characters: 10279

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"Kern, what are you doing? !" Suddenly, there was a voice of Sophia from behind. It was incredible and angry.

As soon as Sophia entered the room, she saw Kern packing her luggage. When did she promise him to go back? Why didn't he respect her opinion at all? He was still so domineering! Sophia was very angry. She felt that Kern didn't treat her as his wife, but his own personal belongings.

"I've told you that I won't go back until the matter is settled." Sophia walked over and took out her clothes. Then she put away her suitcase again.

"For the last time, will you go back with me?" Kern felt that his patience had reached the extreme. Yes, he really liked the way that Sophia worked. She was capable and smart, but now he hated this job, because the work made Sophia become stubborn and disobedient.

"I'll tell you for the last time. I'll go back after the company's affairs are settled. Why did you... "

"Bang! ! !" Before Sophia could finish her words, Kern waved the table lamp on the bedside table to the ground with one hand. The light bulb and glass cover broke into pieces on the ground, making a crisp sound, and interrupted her words.

Kern was anxious and angry. Why didn't Sophia understand his situation? He used to praise her for being smart and shrewd, but now that Peter appeared, she couldn't think of anything.

Kern, who had always been self-discipline and self-control, had never been so emotional. It was true that only Sophia could make him behave like this. His hand was bleeding because of several pieces of broken glass. He was much sober now and felt that he shouldn't be so arbitrary. He should discuss with Sophia and secretly hide his injured hand behind his back.

Looking at the broken table lamp on the ground, Sophia was indeed shocked. It was the first time that she had seen Kern so angry, but was it necessary for such a thing? Even if she could transfer the business to the domestic market, it would take some time. Why did he have to let her go back in such a hurry? Tears were welling up in Sophia's eyes. She was about to burst into tears because of incomprehension and grievance.

Seeing that Sophia was biting her lips and holding back her tears, Kern's heart softened. He knew that he was not right to lose temper. When he was about to apologize and comfort Sophia, she said something before him.

"Why can't you understand me? DS brand is the fruit of five years' painstaking efforts of me and Dolly. Even if I can give up, I still have hundreds of employees waiting for me. I have to be responsible for them. You can leave as you like. " Tears streamed down Sophia's face as she spoke.

"Do you know how much things Dolly and I have experienced in the past five years and how much hardship we have suffered from? Only in this way could DS achieve what it was today. In the past five years, whenever we encountered difficulties and were on the verge of collapsing, it was Peter who helped us and spared no effort to help us. Then DS has come to this. Have you ever considered my feelings? "

Peter! Peter!

so so." Jordan raised his glass, clinked it with Kern's and drank it alone. "What about you? I heard that you are married? Why didn't you inform me? Aren't we best friends? "

Jordan changed the topic to Kern. It was not that he hadn't thought of going back for so many years, but that a lot of problems really appeared. He would rather stay in W Country far away from them than go back.

"Don't mention it. I haven't had my honeymoon yet. Something is wrong." At the mention of this question, Kern was in a bad mood and told Jordan everything that had happened in W Country in the past month. He also said that he suspected Peter very much, but there was no progress in the investigation, so he told Jordan his worries.

"Peter? I also feel a little strange about your words. " Perhaps men knew men better. Hearing Kern]'s description, Jordan also felt that Peter had an ulterior motive.

"How about I help you with the investigation? After all, I've been in W Country for so many years, and there are many traps and channels of gossip. I'll find someone to investigate for you tomorrow." Jordan suggested. He really didn't want to see his friend who he hadn't seen for years to be so depressed.

"But when will you take your wife to see me? I'm curious about the woman who can take you down, Kern. " Jordan continued, shifting the topic to other aspects.

"See you another day." He didn't know which day. He just had a quarrel with Sophia. It didn't matter whether he could go back tonight. After all, Sophia hadn't called back yet. He took out his phone from time to time and found that it was almost out of power.

But when he met Jordan today, he told Jordan everything. Besides, Jordan promised to help investigate Peter, which made Kern feel more confident. He talked about the past with Jordan while drinking. He was so happy that he almost got drunk. His mobile phone in his bag rang several times, but he didn't hear it until it was powered off automatically.

Kern didn't know that Sophia was going crazy to look for him now.

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