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   Chapter 30 Melissa Rao

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The door with gold edge was opened, and the diamond light in the ceiling emitted a golden light, making the marble floor shining. Everyone in the living room was surrounded by light.

Sophia still immersed in the splendid scene. Kern whispered in her ear, "Today is my grandfather's birthday. Behave well."

Kern's words were like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, exploding Sophia's whole body.

"What...what? Your...Your grandfather's birthday? " Sophia widened her eyes in horror.

"Don't open your eyes wide. I won't eat you." Kern smiled.

At this time, Sophia was shocked. His grandpa's birthday?! Sophia thought, "Why didn't you tell me earlier? Let me be prepared! I didn't bring any gifts. How can I behave well?

Seeing through Sophia's mind, Kern held her hand and said, "Don't be afraid. I'm here with you."

Every time she met something, as long as Kern was by her side. Sophia didn't know why she felt so relieved.

Around the hall, there was a pure white table with golden lace. There were all kinds of desserts and wine displayed on the table.

There was a small stage on the upper right corner of the hall, and the floor was twenty centimeters high. A band was playing a happy symphony on the stage.

An old man was sitting right above the hall. Although he was about ten meters away from Sophia, she could still feel his powerful aura. Although he was in his seventies, his body still looked so strong. He sat straight with his hands on his legs. He looked down at every guest in the living room.

Kern held her hand and walked up the hall. Sophia knew that he was going to introduce her to his grandfather.

She was so nervous that her palms kept sweating. At this time, Kern held her hands more tightly.

"Grandpa, wish you a happy life." Kern let go of Sophia's hand and took a red gift box from the servant next to him. "This is the ginseng deer pill that I and Sophia prepared for you. Hope you will like it."

After saying that, he winked at Sophia. Sophia also walked up to the old man and said with a smile, "Grandpa, wish your health and long life!"

Kit Ye ordered the servant to take the gift and held Kern's hand, "You have done a good job in the business in the past year. You should continue to work hard. "

Kern nodded, "Yes, I will keep it in mind."

During the whole process, Kit didn't look at Sophia for a moment, as if she was invisible.

With a wave of Kit's hand, Kern took Sophia away.

Kern walked to the left side of the hall and picked up a blueberry cake from the table, intending to put it into Sophia's mouth. A sharp scream came from the side, "Wow, isn't this Kern! I haven't seen you for half a year. You look more handsome now. "

After the introduction, Sophia knew that this magnificent woman was Kern's aunt. Her eldest son was also a descendant of the Ye Family. Because she gave birth to a man and a woman for the Ye Family, her status was quite high in the Ye Family. As Kern was the best candidate for the heir of the Ye Family who was her son's strongest opponent, every time she met Kern, she would seize the opportunity to ridicule him.

"Hello, Aunt. Long time no see." Kern replied politely.

When the woman was about to say something, she looked at Sophia who was standing aside.

"Isn't she the young lady of the He Family? Why is she with you now? You changed your target so quickly. After seducing Mr. Denny, you are now seducing our Kern? You are so ambitious. " Her voice was sometimes high and sometimes low, and the guests around looked at Sophia one after another.

"Please pay attention to your words, Auntie. Sophia has divorced the He Family." Kern explained for Sophia.

However, she didn't give up and said, "Kern, I didn't expect you to have such a unique taste. You like divorced women."

Sophia wanted to retort and prove her innocence. A gentle voice came from behind, "Kern."

Kern turned around and smiled, "Dad."

Kern's Auntie rolled her eyes and left.

Kern's father was in a suit and leather shoes were shiny. He was holding a glass of red wine and his hair was well combed. A pair of metal framed glasses was placed on the high bridge of his nose. He looked gentle.

He was not in a hurry to greet Kern, but put his hand in front of Sophia with a smile.

After being stunned for two seconds, Sophia reached out her hand to shake with him and said with a smile, "Hello, Uncle."

Kern's father also smiled politely. Then he turned to Kern and asked, "How's the company going recently?"

"Not bad. All the work is going on in an orderly way. What about you? How are you doing at school? " Kern greeted.

Kern's father took a sip of wine and said, "Not bad. Teaching, watering flowers and play with birds every day." After saying that, he drank the wine in his glass and said, "Well, you guys play. I have something to talk to your grandfather. "

Sophia was curious why she didn't see Kern's mother? Suddenly, a piece of cake was stuffed into her mouth.

Sophia was shocked. When she came to her senses, she secretly wiped the cream on Kern's nose and said, "Ha-ha."

Another piece of cake was bought by Kern. Sophia wanted to fight back, but she saw the woman who had left a large amount of cash

to Kern in the hotel before.

Noticing that there was something wrong with Sophia, Kern followed her eyes.

At this time, the woman was walking towards them.

"Long time no see, cousin." Then she raised the glass in her hand.

Kern also picked up the wine on the table and clinked glasses with her.

Male cousin? Was she Kern's sister? Not the sugar daddy? Countless relationships between Kern and this woman flashed through Sophia's mind, but Sophia never thought that the woman would be Kern's cousin.

Oh God! Sophia thought Kern was a toy boy who only spent women's money. It seemed that she had completely misunderstood him.

"This is my cousin, Lola." Kern looked at Sophia and said.

Sophia also picked up a glass of wine and said, "Hello, I'm Sophia."

Lola Luo grinned, "Hello, your dress is very cute."

Sophia said thank you with a red face.

The woman in front of Sophia was not as cold as she was when Sophia first saw her in a hotel. The woman was wearing a black strapless dress today, The well tailored dress set off her perfect figure. Sophia couldn't help but take a few more glances at Lola's fair back.

At this time, Kern's phone rang. He said, "You girls talk." Then he left the hall.

Perhaps it was because Lola was drunk that her face flushed.

She took Sophia's hand and said, "Let me tell you. My cousin had a girlfriend before. That woman occupied his whole youth. But later, she died inexplicably. Kern was sad for a long time, and then he seemed to gradually forget about it. "

Hearing that, Sophia was stunned.

Then Lola said vaguely, "I don't care who you are. It doesn't matter if you have divorced or not. Anyway, as long as Kern is happy, everything will be fine! "

As soon as Lola finished speaking, she was about to fall on Sophia. In a hurry, Sophia's petite body couldn't hold on to Lola.

At this moment, a pair of white and slender hands stretched out from the side. "Let me do it. Thank you."

Coincidentally, after the phone call, Kern was walking towards Sophia.

"Melissa? !" The voice of Kern came from behind.

Sophia was confused.

The elegant and beautiful woman next to Sophia said, "Kern, I saw Lola here and was about to look for her. I didn't expect her to be drunk. I was about to thank this lady for helping her."

Ignoring Lola, who was lying in the arms of Sophia, Kern walked straight to the woman called Melissa Rao and said, "You're not dead. You're still alive. That's great."

It was not until then that Sophia realized that the woman mentioned by Lola who occupied the whole youth of Kern was her, Melissa.

Seeing the ecstasy on Kern's face, Sophia understood. It turned out that there was always a woman in his heart, even if he tried to forget and try to fall in love with another person. But Sophia found that as soon as the woman appeared, he would immediately return to her side.

Instead of answering Kern's question directly, Melissa helped Lola up and said, "Carry her into the bedroom first."

Since Kern finished the phone call and found Melissa standing beside Sophia, his eyes had never left Melissa.

The elegant aura emitted from that woman was something that an ordinary woman like Sophia would never have. Sophia also understood why Kern was so sad for Melissa's death.

Kern carried Lola on his back, and Melissa supported him. They walked towards the bedroom together. Kern completely forgot the existence of Sophia.

Sophia's heart sank to the bottom. She picked up a glass of wine and was about to drink it up.

Suddenly, a servant appeared beside her. "Miss Sophia, Mr. Kit wants to see you."

Putting down the glass, Sophia looked at Kit who was sitting in the hall. He was staring at her.

"Please have a seat, Miss Sophia." Kit stretched out his hand.

Pulling her skirt, Sophia sat down and replied politely, "Thank you."

"You have seen that woman just now. She is Adrian, the first girlfriend of Kern-Melissa. She is the love of Kern. No one can compare with her position in Kern's heart. " He took a sip of tea and said.

"Whatever you want, I can make it up to you. Please do a favor for Kern and Melissa. "

Sophia was stunned again. She had been stimulated too much today. She couldn't recover at once.

When she and Kern said "Happy Birthday" to Kit together, he had never looked at Sophia.

Now for the happiness of his grandson, he didn't hesitate to talk to Sophia in such a polite tone. It could be seen how much he loved Kern.

Instead of looking at Kit, Sophia looked around and said, "Okay, Mr. Kit, I see."

Then Sophia stood up and left the Ye Family.

The yard of the Ye Family was big and complicated. Without anyone leading the way, she walked for half an hour before she walked out of the yard.

She took off her high heels and hailed a taxi.

She sat in the back seat and rolled up the window.

She suddenly felt that her life was dramatic, and there were always ups and downs. It always brought her a little hope and then a basin of cold water extinguished it.

She liked Kern, but she couldn't get what she couldn't get. She didn't know what to do next.

The wind blew fiercely on her face and hair, and her tears also floated with the wind.

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