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   Chapter 27 Thank You

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Sophia picked up the glass and drank it up. All sorts of feelings welled up in her heart.

She had never thought that she would be able to regain her freedom, even if she had, it wouldn't be soon.

She thought that she would never be oppressed and humiliated by the He Family, and she would never have to swallow insult and humiliation. She couldn't help but shed tears, and her long eyelashes were wet again.

Kern looked at the woman in front of him quietly. Although he knew that Sophia was crying with joy, the fragile between her eyebrows made him unable to control himself again.

Kern put down the glass in his hand, stood up and hugged Sophia. The girl's tears mixed with the sweet and astringent taste of red wine.

After the meal, Kern wanted to let Sophia go home with him. But Sophia insisted on going back to the Yang Family's house. She knew what she had done tonight. Although Denny apologized to her and signed the divorce agreement at that time just to save the He Family's company's delaying tactics. With Denny's character, the follow-up would never be so simple.

Although it was just a bet between him and Kern, it was all because of her. If she didn't go home, her whole family would be overturned.

As soon as she opened the door, her brother, Darren ran over, held her hand and said in a choked voice, "Sister, my good sister, please save me." Confused, Sophia held her brother and asked, "Don't worry. Tell me what happened first."

Emily put her arms around her chest and raised her chin high. She was wearing a sapphire blue strapless dress with embroidered lace.

A pair of black high-heeled shoes with bandages showed her slender and long legs. Emily was a little strange today. She wouldn't wear such a gorgeous dress at home. Even if she had to attend a banquet, she might not be able to afford such a delicate embroidered dress.

Emily walked over unhurriedly and said with disdain, "What else can happen to your good brother? He must have owed a lot of money? "

Withdrawing her gaze from Emily's dress, Sophia turned to her brother, who was covered with tears, and asked, "Is what she said true?"

Darren curled his lips and nodded unconvinced.

Sophia wanted to say something, but Emily put down her hands from her chest and pulled the hem of her dress. "If you don't have the ability to make money, don't spend so much money. You are not like women who can seduce the rich boys with beauty. " After saying that, Emily covered her mouth and laughed shyly. Sophia asked, "Darren, tell me how much money do you owe outside? What the hell is going on? "

Darren, who had been humiliated by Emily, was not in the mood to hear that at all. He asked impatiently, "Do you really care about me or not? If you really care about me, don't divorce my brother-in-law. He said he would help me as long as you agree to be with him. " After hearing that, Sophia's head was buzzing. She knew it was a trick of Denny. He was not willing to be humiliated by Kern again and again because of Kern. Since Sophia was not afraid of him now, in order to save face, he had to start from the people around Sophia. It didn't matter if Sophia didn't agree to come back. Then he would ask the people around Sophia to force Sophia back.

"Is this what Denny asked you to tell me?" Sophia took a deep breath

"Anyway, you can't help me this time. I have given the company's seal to the He Family. Even if you don't do it for me, you won't leave the company alone, will you? " Darren stopped crying and said firmly.

It never occurred to Sophia that Denny could do such a shameless thing. She paused and said, "I know. I'll figure it out."

Then she went straight to her room without looking back.

Sophia just woke up. The first thing that came to her mind was to find a way to solve the problem of the company's seal.

She couldn't find the second person except for Kern, so she could also know about the project.

After washing up, she picked up all the documents she would need and rushed out of the door. At this time, Kern should be still sleeping. It was not appropriate to go to his house directly. On the one hand, others would think that she was doing a "business", on the other hand, she was not so familiar with Kern that she could directly visit him without saying advance.

Although Kern was indeed very good to Sophia, Sophia couldn't believe that Kern was good to her after knowing the identity of Kern. Would such a shining man, who made all women flinch, fall in love with a woman who was neither beautiful nor perfect in figure? Sophia had no idea. So Sophia had to take a taxi to the industrial park to wait for Kern.

As soon as she got out of the car, she walked towards the office building. On both sides of the road, magnolia gave off a burst of fragrance. It was not so hot early today. Occasionally, a breeze gently

brushed Sophia's long hair. Suddenly, a gust of strong wind came along with the exhaust gas. A Ferrari had driven ten meters away and turned back. It was Bella.

"Oh, it's you." Bella raised her eyebrows and said jokingly

The smoke was so strong that Sophia was still in a daze. When she came to her senses, Bella opened her mouth again, "What's wrong? After helping you solve several crises, do you think you can be be with Kern? "

Sophia frowned, "Please pay attention to your words, Miss Bella. I don't mean to flatter Mr. Kern."

"Even if you have, I advise you to give up as soon as possible. The reason why Kern helped you was that you traded your body for it. Don't put yourself too high. He and you... " Bella grinned coldly. "It's just a game. " After saying that, Bella stepped hard on the gas. Three seconds later, Sophia couldn't see the shadow of Bella anymore, leaving her alone standing there with the exhaust gas.

What Bella said made Sophia even more uncertain. She didn't even know how to face Kern next.

Just then, the phone in Sophia's pocket rang.

"Hello." Said Sophia weakly.

"What are you doing? It took you so long to answer it. " It was Kern.

"Oh, I'm on my way to the industrial park. I have something to discuss with you. " As Sophia spoke, she walked forward.

Kern smiled at the other end of the phone, "What a coincidence. I happen to have something to tell you. Don't move. I'll pick you up right now. "

The sun had risen unconsciously. Several rays of sunshine passed through the leaves of magnolia and shone directly on Sophia's face. She went out in a hurry in the morning without any makeup. In the sunlight, the fine hair on her face could be seen clearly.

"Beep!" Several muffled horns broke the silence at noon

It was Kern. He got off the car, walked to the passenger seat, opened the door and said to Sophia, "Please.". With a polite smile, Sophia got into the car.

Looking at the silent Sophia sitting next to him, Kern asked curiously, "What's wrong? Don't you have something to discuss with me?" For some reason, after meeting with Bella in the morning, Sophia was like a leaking balloon. She was in a trance and couldn't lift her spirit.

"Ah, I went out in a hurry this morning and forgot to have breakfast, so I was a little absent-minded. Here is the thing... " Before Sophia could finish her words, Kern knocked her head hard and asked, "What's so important that you don't even have breakfast?"

Sophia touched her head and looked at the clear face beside her with contempt.

"Find a place to eat first. Sit down and talk slowly." Kern said slowly.

Looking at this beautiful face, Sophia recalled the dignity and gentleness when he helped her. "So many times? Are they all fake?" Sophia thought.

After getting off the car, today, Kern took Sophia to an open-air Hotel on the top floor, which was decorated in French style. The hollowed out tables and chairs with bronze paint and well-trained waiters made Sophia feel better. After having several meals with Sophia, Kern had a general idea of her taste, so without asking for her opinion, he ordered a meal alone and ordered a bottle of white wine. "Tell me, what brings you here today?" Said Kern.

Taking out all the information of the company from the folder, Sophia told Kern what happened that night.

"You don't have to worry about the company's affairs. The official seal alone can't threaten your father's position, nor can it change the company's property rights. You can take legal action to get the seal back. " Shaking the wine in his glass, Kern continued, "I helped you get justice and set you free that day. Don't you want to thank me?"

Hearing the two words "thank you", Sophia felt so nervous.

"Thank you?! How do you want me to thank you again? " Sophia said angrily.

Kern snickered, "You can thank me whatever you want."

Sophia cut a piece of steak and put it into her mouth. She could do whatever she wanted to do? It sounded as if she had the right to choose. Every time she was forcefully suppressed and taken away by Kern. Then she put another piece of steak into her mouth.

Looking at her pouted mouth, Kern knew that she was angry, but he still thought it was a little cute. Kern drank one glass after another. Sophia also drank up the wine in his glass.

Although the white wine was not as bitter as the red wine, it had a strong impact. As soon as she took a sip, the sweet grape flavor filled her mouth, making her unable to taste much alcohol. After three glasses, Sophia began to feel dizzy. At this time, Kern's handsome face became more charming in the eyes of Sophia. With one hand supporting her face, Sophia squinted at Kern who was sitting opposite to her.

Under the effect of alcohol, Sophia was carried into the hotel.

Kern looked at the petite and cute woman in his arms.

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