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   Chapter 10 Hot Potato (Part One)

CEO's Beloved: Your Presence Flutters My Heart By Zhu Xiaying Characters: 6137

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John had made up his mind. The plan could kill two birds with one stone. How could he miss such a good chance?

John waved his hand to stop Emily Then he said to Sophia, "Then I'll leave the electronic project bidding to you. Sophia, our company's life is in your hands. You must work hard."

As he spoke, he put his hands on Sophia's shoulder and turned away.

Sophia didn't feel the joy of her father's encouragement. She just felt the pain on her face.

"Dad..." Seeing that John was leaving, Emily wanted to say something more, but Selina had already grabbed her and went upstairs.

Emily was not convinced, but she had to allow Selina to pull her. "Mom, why do you pull me? Why didn't you stop Dad just now? And that bitch took advantage of the chance. "

Selina chuckled, "Are you sure she will succeed?"

Emily was stunned, "What... What do you mean? "

"Didn't Sophia want it? Then give it to her. The electronic project bidding is not that simple. Even your father can't get it. Do you think she who knows nothing can get it? "

Emily was still a little unhappy, "But she can ask the He Family for help? Even if the bidding didn't succeed, the He Family would still help her. What position do we have then? "

"Denny?" Selina sneered disdainfully, "Do you think she is stupid? If the He Family could really help her, why did she have to spend so much effort to take over the hard work? As far as I know, Sophia has been bullied in the He Family. "

"Mom, you mean..." Emily's eyes lit up and looked at Selina happily.

Selina smiled complacently, "You can just wait to see. Why are you competing with her now?"

Emily looked at Selina with admiration, "Mom, you are so brilliant."

The two smiled at each other.

It was noon outside, and it was very hot when Sophia walked out of the Yang Family.

She didn't hide her face from the sun. She raised her head and closed her eyes slightly, but she didn't feel any warmth. There was even a little chill rising from the bottom of her heart, wrapping her up like vines in her heart.

Fortunately, the air she smelled was free, although she didn't know how long this freedom could last.

After standing blankly for a while, Sophia picked up her mobile phone and dialed a number. She had made a bold promise in front of John just now. Since she was fighting for her freedom, she must do her best.

It was Sophia's college classmate, Helen Wang. Helen was working in the company in the industrial zone and knew something about it, so Sophia could ask her and then she would knew something about it.

When they were in college, the two of them had a close relationship. But they had little contact in recent years. When Sophia asked Helen out, so Helen agreed without hesitation.

In a middle grade restaurant, Helen couldn't help giving her a thumbs up when she heard that Sophia took over the competition. She teased, "I respect you."

Seeing the expression on Helen's face, Sophia knew that things were not simple. She asked, "Do you think... Is it possible? "

Helen sl

owly took a sip of wine and said, "It's not that there's no way, but this way..."

Helen sighed and shook her head.

Sophia felt helpless, but then she said firmly, "No matter what kind of difficulty it is, I have to have a try."

Helen curled her lips and wanted to poke Sophia with one finger. "Have you been tricked? Why did you take this hot potato? I advise you to throw it away as soon as possible if you can. It's not an easy job. "

With a bitter smile, Sophia wanted to throw it away, but could she do it?

She looked at Helen and said, "You can tell me how difficult it is? I can't give up without trying, can I? "

Helen rolled her eyes at Sophia. "Why are you still so stubborn after so many years? You won't give up until you fail, will you? "

Sophia also wanted to shrink back from difficulties, but she had no other choice as there was a cliff behind her.

Helen said, "There is a deep inside story about this project. I can't tell you because it involves the confidential information of the company. Do you know Bella? "


It suddenly occurred to Sophia that the woman who appeared with Kern last time was a famous entrepreneur woman in Y City. She was Bella.

Sophia nodded.

Helen continued, "In fact, it's not difficult, but tricky. I'm not talking about the trickiness of the project, but the person named Bella. "

"The relationship between this project and Bella. Is it close? "

Helen looked at the confused look on Sophia's face and said, "How dare you take over the bidding project?"

Without even investigating the relationship between the project and Bella, Sophia dared to go to compete alone. Was she really powerful or just a newborn calf not afraid of tigers?

In fact, Sophia had checked a lot of information about the electronic project bidding of the industrial zone before, and read all the information she could see. She just wanted to improve her own competitive power, but she did not expect that there was an "inside story".

It seemed that she hadn't known herself and her enemy yet.

Helen was completely speechless. "Don't ask about the connection between this project and Bella. There is only one thing. If you want to win this project, you have to deal with Bella first. As long as she is willing to help, you will be sure about it. "

With a frown, Sophia asked, "I can only rely on Bella?"

Sophia couldn't believe it.

But Helen said firmly, "Yes."

Although Sophia was still skeptical, there was no better way to solve the problem now. Anyway, there was a breakthrough.

On the map of Sophia's mobile phone, it showed that she had arrived at the destination. She looked up and found that it was a relatively luxurious community in the city. The community was very safe. It took her a lot of effort to come in.

She found a house according to the address she found. After confirming that it was correct, she plucked up the courage to raise her finger.

Knock. Knock.

There was a sound of footsteps in the room, accompanied by the woman's voice. "Who is it?"

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