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   Chapter 9 Sophia Could Be Bullied By Anyone (Part Two)

CEO's Beloved: Your Presence Flutters My Heart By Zhu Xiaying Characters: 6153

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But Sophia also wanted to ask if there was a father who "sold" his daughter to someone else just for his own company? Didn't John take a fancy to the money of the He Family to help him get through the difficulties? Then he was going to sacrifice her happiness?

Emily was already dialing the phone number of the He Family. John said nervously, "I just hope that the He Family won't blame us. The company needs the support of the he clan to bid for the electronic project of the industrial zone, which is a major turning point related to whether the company can survive or not."

Sophia sneered. How could he be righteous when he took advantage of her, but when she resisted, then it was not right? Being used as a chess piece by her own father, Sophia thought," Sophia, you really have a wonderful life."

The phone had been connected. They waited nervously in front of the phone. It turned out that money could make people so humble.

When the phone was about to be connected, a pair of white, slender and beautiful fingers suddenly appeared in their eyes. The fingers directly hung up the phone.

All of them were stunned. When John raised his head and saw it was Sophia, he was furious. Before he could think too much, he had already slapped her hard.

"Don't you know that our family's company is on the verge of bankruptcy? Without the help of the He Family, it would be over. If it weren't you, we wouldn't have taken so much trouble. How dare you hang up the phone? Tell me your real intention. "

Standing behind John, Selina and her daughter grinned happily.

It took John almost all of his strength to slap her. Sophia staggered a few steps before she could stand firm. There was a buzzing sound in her ears. After a long time, she heard what her father said. Half of her face was numb and swollen, and the pain was burning. There was a taste of blood in her mouth.

It could be seen how much her father, John, hated her. Tears welled up in Sophia's eyes, but she tried her best to hold them back.

Sophia raised her head stubbornly, and the expression on her face became very strange, as if the person standing in front of her was just a stranger.

"I hung up just because I thought of a better way."

Selina almost laughed out, "A better way? Do you have a way to pay off the money that the company owes? Or is there a way to win the electronic project bidding in the industrial zone? "

Selina didn't believe that Sophia was so capable. She was just making people laugh.

However, Sophia looked at them firmly and said, "Yes, I can win the electronic project bidding of the industrial zone."

"What?" Emily seemed to have heard a big joke, "Just you?"

John also frowned and looked at her. "It's related to the life and death of the company. Don't mess around."

Sophia took a deep breath in her heart. In fact, she was not sure, but she had had enough of being manipulated as a chess piece, so even if she failed, she would have a try.

"If I can't, I'm willing to go back to the He Family. No matter what method I use, I mus

t ask the He Family to help the company get through the difficulties." Sophia's eyes were full of determination. She gritted her teeth, almost bleeding.

John's attitude was a little softened. It sounded like a business that only earned money but not lost. He lowered his head and thought for a while. "If you take it..."

"Dad!" Hearing that John's tone was a little softened, Emily immediately interrupted, "Why do you choose a hard way?"

She was the only daughter in this family, and she was the only daughter that her father trusted and valued. What kind of thing Sophia didn't deserve to fight for the electronic project bidding.

Seeing that John turned to look at her, Emily said, "It can success as long as sister go back to the He Family. Why do you have to take so much effort? What's more, sister didn't know about the business world. It would be fine if she succeeded. If she didn't succeed, and the He Family wouldn't help us, what should we do? How can the company be turned around by then? "

Emily's words made John hesitate again.

Emily raised her eyebrows proudly to Sophia, and her eyes were full of provocation.

Emily's words hit the nail on the head. Even if John agreed Sophia to bid in the end, if she succeeded, it would only be a coincidence. After all, she didn't know about the business world! Besides, John was anxious. He didn't care about anything else. He just wanted to firmly depend on the He Family.

After wiping the blood from the corner of her mouth, Sophia suddenly sneered.

They all turned to look at her.

Emily hated Sophia's indifferent and dismissive expression. It was her who was in trouble. Emily said angrily, "What are you laughing at?"

Sophia took a deep breath in her heart. This was her own war. If she couldn't get the right to bid for the electronic project, she would be sent back to the He Family and continued to be tortured and insulted. She didn't want to live such a life anymore.

However, Sophia didn't look at Emily. She just stared at her father and said, "Father, you should know that there is no friendship in the business world. Now that the He Family has helped us, they will definitely let me pay back more in the future. But things will be different if it is our own competition for. At that time, the company can come back to life with our strength. The market of electronic project is huge, and the future of the company is immeasurable. Even if we don't succeed, we can ask the He Family for help. After all, I'm his wife, and the He Family won't leave me alone. "

When Sophia said this, she actually felt a little guilty. She didn't know whether the He Family would care about her or not. Denny and his mother wanted to kick her out of the He Family, but she couldn't care so much.

John looked at Sophia in surprise. He didn't expect Sophia, who was usually obedient, to be useful at the critical moment.

He nodded, "That makes sense. If the company's predicament is solved, it will have a long-term development."

"Dad, are you kidding?" Emily said anxiously.

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