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   Chapter 7 I Must Make You Regret

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Even so, Sophia still didn't dare to say "no". She couldn't imagine if she went against his will, would he madly force her family and company to go bankrupt.

"What? Shouldn't you be good at pleasing men in bed? You have money to keep a gigolo outside, but you don't have money to pay off your brother's debt? " Seeing the hesitation on Sophia's face, Denny couldn't help laughing, "Do you think you still have other choices now?"

"I..." Sophia clenched her hands and took a few deep breaths, struggling with herself countless times in her mind.

When the two of them were in a stalemate, suddenly another voice came from the side and accurately fell into the ears of the two.

"I didn't expect that Mr. Denny from the He Group is such an animal that relies on his lower body to think..."

The deep and magnetic voice was full of mockery and disdain.

The two looked back almost at the same time.

On the green stone steps, the tall and black figure of the man stood in front of the light. His handsome and unrestrained face was even more stunning in the sunlight. Every outline and line of his seemed to be the product of the God's elaborate carving.

"K... Kern, why are you here? " Looking at him in astonishment, Sophia stammered.

The people invited to the birthday party of Grandma He were all famous figures. How could he appear in such a place?

Maybe... Was he with his sugar Mommy?

As far as Sophia could remember, the sugar Mommy of Kern were all rich and powerful ladies. It seemed that he was really special.

Hearing her call out the name of Kern, Denny's face turned angry.

Although Denny didn't know who this brat was, wasn't the man in front of him who hooked up with Sophia in the photo Darren gave him that day?!

Kern's sarcastic words were heard clearly by Denny just now. His face turned red with anger and ferocity. He bypassed Sophia aggressively and went straight to Kern.

"Hey, man, are you going to make trouble? I think you have chosen the wrong place! This is the He Family territory. It's not your turn to scream! "

After saying that, Denny raised his fist and wanted to teach this arrogant guy a lesson.

"Denny!" Sophia shouted nervously. If grandma knew it, it would be hard to explain it!

A quick punch was supposed to directly on Kern's face, but when Denny's fist was only a few inches away from Kern, a trace of disdain flashed through Kern's deep eyes.

Before Denny could react, he was caught by Kern's backhand and his whole arm was trapped behind him in a twisted posture. The huge pressure made him kneel down and cry out of pain.

"Bastard! I will kill you! "

Perhaps it was because of the loud noise here that Alice Zheng, the cousin of Denny, rushed over after screaming. She was shocked by what she saw and poured champagne out of her hand. "Let go of my cousin!"

The light golden liquid instantly splashed all over Kern's body, and the well-tailored suit was dripping with water.

Kern's figure was a little stiff, and there was a deep black mist on his face. He glanced at Alice with his cold and sharp eyes, as if an invisible storm was brewing in his eyes. In a short time, even the air was frozen.

Not far away, Sophia had already been stunned by the scene in front of her and forgot to react.

Denny who was cursing and swearing couldn't help but stop talking at the moment. He had been used to go through many things, but he couldn't help but be shocked by this momentum. He didn't know the guy who came out of nowhere, but the guy's every movement was full of danger, as if he would be torn into pieces at any time when he was involved in the snowstorm

Who the hell was this guy?

In the tense atmosphere, fearing that the matter would escalate, Sophia rushed to the side of Kern, took a look at the champagne on his body, and said hesitantly, "Kern... You... Your clothes are dirty. Let's get out of here first. Let's go? Let's go... "

Sophia's tone sounded like she was begging him. The more people gathered around, the more afraid that their grandmother would see this scene. All she wanted now was to stay away from Denny as far as possible!

Kern lowered his head and glanced at her. The hostility on his face hadn't dissipated for a long time. Finally, he snorted and threw Denny out.

Sophia held his arm and the two squeezed through the crowd.

Behind her came the scolding of Denny, "Sophia! I will make you regret! "

After leaving the He Mansion, Sophia finally breathed a sigh of relief. Her tense nerves relaxed. The cold sweat on her body was blown by the wind, and she couldn't help shivering.

She looked back at the man beside her. Looking at his wet clothes, she could not help but feel a little guilty. It was so cold now. He might catch a cold if he went on like this. After all, he became like this because he stand up for her. She couldn't ignore him.

"Well... I'll buy you a new set of clothes after we go to the city. It's not easy for you to make money. I'll pay for it! "

Hearing this, Kern couldn't hel

p but look at her up and down and replied with some amusement, "You are the first person to say that."

Stunned for a while, Sophia asked in confusion, "Isn't it? I know your sugar Mommy are beautiful ladies from some noble families, but you will not be able to bear it after a long time. Moreover, you can't work in this industry for a lifetime. You make money with your life, so you should save money. I won't let you suffer any loss! "

"It's okay. I'm in good health." Kern answered indifferently and glanced at her with an unreadable expression. "If you doubt it, you can have a try yourself."

"No, no, no... No need... " Sophia waved her hand in panic. This guy always would like to tell dirty jokes. Although she knew it was his "professional habit", she still couldn't adapt to it.

The two of them took the special car that Grandma He had set up for the guests back to the city. Sophia forcibly pulled Kern to the shopping mall, trying to compensate him with new clothes.

Most of the shops on the first, second and third floor sold cheap goods. The goods here were sold to ordinary people, and the prices were within a reasonable range.

Sophia had been to this shopping mall several times. The products there were affordable in price and reliable in quality. For ordinary people like her who were common, it was the best choice to buy things here.

Kern followed her all the way and saw her holding all kinds of clothes to show him. She frowned seriously and asked if he liked them.

Kern felt both helpless and funny. It was the first time in his life that he had accompanied a girl to go shopping.

"By the way," Sophia, who picked up another black suit, suddenly sneaked up to him, raised her hand to cover her mouth and carefully asked, "Have you noticed that there have been many people following us since we came in?"

Kern raised his eyebrows slightly and looked in the direction of her gaze. As expected, he saw a group of women at the door of the shop taking pictures fiercely. When he looked at them, they became more intense.

"What? Don't you like them to follow you? " Kern looked away slowly and asked indifferently.

"No... But I'm not used to it... " Sophia threw up her hands helplessly. In fact, she could understand those girls. If she were the one who met a handsome man when shopping, she would also take photos!

However, she was worried that if the news that she was with Kern was recorded again and let Denny see it, it would make him even more unable to let her go.

Kern seemed to have seen through her mind. He suddenly grabbed the clothes in her hand, put them back on the counter, and pulled her to turn around and walk out. "Follow me."

"But I haven't bought any clothes yet!" Seeing the determined look on his face, Sophia had to shut her mouth and followed him out.

Walking out of the shop, the two of them bypassed the old and young women who were scrambling for things. Sophia had thought that he would take her out of the mall, but they turned a corner halfway and went straight to a higher floor.

The top floor of the shopping mall opened all kinds of high-end luxury shops, and the prices were very expensive. Ordinary people would be shocked at a glance. People who were used to being poor like Sophia had never thought of entering such a place.

After being brought to the sixth floor by Kern, Sophia had been carefully following him.

There were indeed few people here. Occasionally, they could see several noble women chatting and laughing, and the servants behind them were carrying countless bags in their hands.

But the waitress was very nice to them.

Just as the two of them stepped into a clothing store, a receptionist with a smiling face introduced the goods to the two of them.

Looking at the smile on her face, Sophia glanced at her wallet guiltily and became more and more nervous.

However, it seemed that Kern didn't notice the fear on her face at all. He picked up a black overcoat and walked into the dressing room.

While Kern was changing his clothes, the saleslady turned to look at Sophia and took her around the shop, recommending the latest clothes of their store endlessly.

"This is the latest overcoat launched in Milan last week. It arrived yesterday and is handmade. There is only one overcoat in China at present. If you like it, we can ask someone to change it to the most suitable size!"

While nodding her head, Sophia glanced at the price -- twenty-eight thousand.

"Hahaha... I'll look at others! " She felt that she was just like a person who had no money to buy but pretended to look down upon these things.

"If you don't like overcoat, this long dress is also a good choice. It is designed by a famous designer in Italy who is very popular internationally!"

"It's cold now, so it's not suitable to wear dress..."

"How about this sweater? The floral prints are also very suitable for you... "


When Sophia was about to refuse, a deep voice suddenly sounded from behind.

"Then buy all of them."

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