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   Chapter 5 An Over Confident Woman (Part Two)

CEO's Beloved: Your Presence Flutters My Heart By Zhu Xiaying Characters: 5794

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After leaving the villa of Marcus', Sophia followed Kern and kept walking.

She looked down at his hand on her wrist, feeling a little complicated. After hesitating for a while, she opened her mouth and said, "Well... Thank you for what happened today. "

If he had just stood by, she was not sure if she would have been torn apart by Marcus.

Hearing this, Kern stopped and looked at her with deep eyes. He thought for a while and asked, "How much do you owe him?"

Sophia was slightly stunned. Biting her lower lip slightly, she said, "Ten. Ten million. "

Kern nodded slowly. After thinking for a while, he suddenly took out a pen from his body, wrote something on the paper and handed it to her.

It was not until Sophia got close to him that she saw clearly that the check he handed her was a one million dollar check with the signature below it still wet.

"Kern... Well, what do you mean? " It was the first time she knew his name.

Kern put the check into her hand, withdrew his gaze and continued to walk forward. He said indifferently, "Didn't he say that he would sue you before the interest is paid?"

"But I can't take your money!" What's more, the two of them had nothing to do with each other. One million was not a small amount. Why did he help her for no reason?

After what had just happened, Sophia had an instinctive vigilance against anyone.

Looking at the vigilance and fear in her eyes, Kern snorted and said indifferently, "I also took your money in the hotel, and you can take it as a return to you."

"But you only took a few thousand. The one million... Is it too much? " Sophia's expression became more and more strange.

But his answer made her speechless. "I don't have any changes with me."

"……" Looking at the one million check in her hand, Sophia was in a dilemma.

On the one hand, she really needed the money to cope with the emergency, but on the other hand...

She looked at Kern again, gently bit her lips, as if she had made up her mind. She took out a pen and a piece of paper from her bag, and wrote on it, "It's not easy for you to do that job. I can't take such a large amount of money for free. I will pay you back. After I pay off my debt, I will find a way to return it to you. This is IOU! Put it away. "

Then Sophia gave the IOU to him.

Kern lowered his eyes and looked at the delicate handwriting on the note. Her signature was marked at the bottom right corner.

"Sophia..." He snorted and said in a low and pleasant voice, with a faint smile on his thin lips.

It was a simple and ordinary name. Sophia had heard others call her name countless times since she was a child. But this time, only when she heard the name called by him, the faint temptation and attraction made her heart beat faster inexplicably!

For the first time, she thought her name was so beautiful!

The next second, she was fri

ghtened by her own thoughts No wonder it was the legendary male prostitute. The way to bewitch women was really unusual! It seemed that it was not a problem for him to have a rich life by relying on this for the rest of his life!

Sophia coughed unnaturally and avoided his aggressive sight. She put her hands into her pockets to make herself look calm and said casually, "Then... I have something else to do, so I'll go back first. I'll treat you to a meal next time! "

Kern folded the IOU in an orderly way and put it into the pocket of his shirt. Then he replied seemingly unintentionally, "you don't need to treat me a meal. Just take care of my business."

Sophia was stunned, "What?"

Kern glanced at her and said in an ambiguous tone, "Didn't you say that I was a male prostitute?"

It took Sophia a while to realize what he meant.

Taking care of his business? Did it mean...

Sophia couldn't help but think of what happened in the bar last time. Her face instantly became hot and her eyes were flustered. "Then let's talk about it later... I... In fact, I don't have that kind of hobby... "

"I know, you are the first time." Kern chuckled, not knowing if he was laughing at her.

With a red face, Sophia was in no mood to say goodbye and wanted to run away.

At this time, another voice suddenly came from behind, breaking the atmosphere between the two.

"Why haven't you left yet?"

Almost at the same time, both Sophia and Kern turned around and looked at Bella who was striding towards them.

Sophia didn't know if it was her illusion. When Kern looked at Bella, he was completely different from before. His breath was a little cold, and even his eyes were as cold as ice, which made him particularly alienated.

Wasn't Bella his sugar Mommy? Shouldn't he please Bella?

Maybe... Bella liked this cold type?

Putting aside the messy thoughts in her mind, Sophia slowly nodded to Bella and said, "Hello, Miss Bella. Thank you for helping me out in the room just now."

Walking close to the two of them, Bella took a look at Sophia and then at Kern. She became more jealous and angry. "You don't need to thank me. I said those words just to see you pitiful charity. I have no time to care about the bottom of the society like you. You should have a clear estimation of yourself. People like you shouldn't come to this kind of place. Don't touch anything you can't get! "

Obviously, Bella was referring to Kern.

As soon as Sophia left the villa of Marcus, Bella saw the two people talking and laughing from a distance. The atmosphere was very good, and it was obvious that Sophia wanted to seduce him. Bella had never been so intimate with Kern before. How could Sophia, a poor wild girl, be so overconfident?!

Squinting slightly at Bella, Sophia said, "You're wrong, Miss Bella. Right. I don't have money, but I don't bother you, right?"

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