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   Chapter 75 Bai Cheated

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With a tray in her hand, Lola stood at the doorway of the Lotus room, cheering herself up. 'Lola, it doesn't matter. Don't be afraid. He won't do anything to you.' The worst result was to be embarrassed. As long as she said something nice to him, James would not be so heartless.

Lola knocked on the door gently, opened it and walked in. "Young master, the dishes are ready." As she spoke, she placed a dish in front of James.

"Didn't I say that I don't need you to come in and serve me?" James said coldly.

All of a sudden, Lola stopped, but she still put the dish in front of him. Then she bit her lower lip and stood behind with her head down, without saying a word. She knew that James might hate her very much, but he saved her yesterday, so she believed that he would not do anything to her. As long as she did not speak, everything would be fine.

James frowned. He didn't like this kind of Lola. Although she was bullied by him before, he could always see the unyielding light in her eyes. But now she was so submissive, which made James inexplicably angry.

"Go out. How many times do I have to tell you? I don't need you to serve me here. Go and find someone else to come in. " James said angrily, and the dishes in front of him became tasteless.

"Young master..." She couldn't afford to lose this job.

"Don't you understand what I said? Get out. " James interrupted her rudely and pointed at the door, insisting on asking her to leave.

Biting her lower lip, Lola still stood there, her heart filled with great grievance. Why did he suddenly hate her so much? Young master used not to treat her like this. And since he hated her, why did he rush in and save her yesterday?

"Okay, you won't leave, right? I'll go." James stood up and was about to leave. What were they doing? The more he wanted to forget her, the more she would appear in front of him.

"No." Seeing that James was about to leave, Lola grabbed his clothes in a hurry and begged, "Please don't leave. It will make me lose this job."

Hearing her words, James frowned more tightly. Although he terminated the contract with her, they used to live in the same way before, didn't they? Mrs. Chi had a high salary in the Wei family, which was enough to support them.

All of a sudden, James was confused why Lola and Bai were waiters in the restaurant. Weren't they still at school? With his back to Lola, the corners of his mouth moved slightly. He wanted to ask why they were here.

But James didn't ask. He had nothing to do with them, didn't he? Since he had decided to let go of her, he shouldn't be involved now. He pulled out the clothes grabbed by Lola and said, "No matter what happened, you have nothing to do with me." Then he strode out without hesitation.

Watching him leave ruthlessly, Lola's big eyes were filled with deep disappointment, but she could only let him leave her sight.

When the manager saw James come out, he immediately ran to him and asked, "

At noon, Lola came to the door of Bai's class and waited for him to have lunch together, but there was no sign of him in the class. Confused, she grabbed one of her classmates and asked, "Hello, is Bai here?"

The man recognized her and said, "Bail was called to the office by the teacher. I heard that he cheated in the exam and the school is going to deal with him."

"What? It's impossible. How could he cheat? You must have made a mistake. " She knew Bai best. It was impossible for him to cheat.

The classmate also shrugged. "It's useless for us to believe him. The key is that the school should believe him. But he did well in his study. I guess the school just gave him a warning. He won't be punished. Don't worry. "

Lola knew what he said made sense. Both the school and the teacher preferred students with good grades. But when she thought of Bai cheating, she felt uncomfortable. She believed that Bai must have been wronged.

Since Lola didn't see Bai, she lost her appetite. She simply went back to the classroom to have a rest, and unconsciously fell asleep on the desk. During this period of time, she had classes in the daytime and had to work at night, so her dark circles were out under her eyes.

In her dream, Lola saw that Bai was expelled from school. She was so scared that she woke up from her dream. Most of the students around returned to the classroom. It was not the class time yet. Lola wiped her face to cheer herself up and prepared to continue the class.

At this time, the words of her classmate next to her attracted the attention of Lola. "He was expelled just because he cheated in a monthly examination. It's really too much. Besides, isn't that senior ranked top all the time? I really can't imagine that he will cheat. "

"That's right. With his grades, he doesn't need to cheat at all. He would the test easily. Why did he take the risk?"

"Maybe he got such good grades before because he cheated. Now he is finally caught."

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