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   Chapter 74 Being Rejected

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"No, we can't leave now." Lola refused and said, "The manager said that as long as we can fight against the guests at that table, we can stay. We need this job."

Bai looked at Lola and nodded. The two of them walked towards the dining room again.

The manager looked at the two people. He didn't want to keep them at first. After all, it was because of them that he offended Boss Li. But then he thought that these two people seemed to have something to do with Mr. Ling. That was the young master of Wei Yuan Group. Although Boss Li was rich and powerful, it was a piece of cake compared with Wei Yuan Group.

As young master, it was impossible for him to care about such a trifle without a good relationship. Moreover, he had seen the two people call out the first name of Mr. Ling before. If he fired these two people, and irritated Mr. Ling, he would suffer. He quickly said, "Well, you two can stay. But you don't have to go to work today. You two go back and sort it out. You can go to work tomorrow night. "

"Really? That's great! " Lola jumped with joy. She turned to Bai and said happily, "Bai, we're admitted. Go back and tell Aunt the good news."

"Okay." "We can't go back yet. Grandma will be worried if we go back like this. Let's go to the hospital first," said Bai, rubbing the short hair on Lola's head lovingly.

"En." Lola went to the hospital with Bai happily.

The two of them simply bandaged the wound. When they returned to their residence in the evening, they saw that Mrs. Chi had already put the dishes on the table. Seeing the two of them come back, she asked worriedly, "Where have you been all day? Why did you come back so late? Let's eat. " As soon as she finished her words, she hurried to bring food for the two of them.

"Aunt, today, my brother and I both found a job and worked as waiters in Yi Pin Restaurant. The manager promised us that he could help us after school and work the whole day on weekends. And the salary is the same as that of normal employees. The first month is the probation period, and each person has a salary of two thousand. If we perform well, they can raise it to three thousand next month. " Lola said happily.

However, she was too happy to remember the bruise on her face. When she raised her head, she was seen by Mrs. Chi.

Seeing the wound on her face, Mrs. Chi exclaimed, "Lola, how did you get the wound on your face?"

Lola was shocked. Oh, no! She was so happy that she forgot to lower her head. What if her aunt found it?

At the same time, Mrs. Chi also saw a large bruise on Bai's face. She didn't notice it because of the dim light in the room just now. But when she looked carefully, she found it.

"Bai, why are there so many wounds on your face? Where on earth have you two gone? Why did you get hurt? " Mrs. Chi was so worried that she put her hand on Bai's shoulder.

"Ouch!" All of a sudden, Bai winced in pain. His shoulder was beaten swollen in the daytime, and now it was u


At the moment when Lola appeared, James was a little restless, although he didn't look at her. However, there was a tile in front of him, which could reflect every move of Lola.

After all these days, he felt that he had gradually forgotten her. But yesterday when he saw her being bullied, he could not bear the anger in his heart rushing up. James was also very upset about this. He didn't like the feeling of being manipulated, as long as he didn't see her, he wouldn't be like this.

Looking at James' back, Lola felt a little embarrassed. Today was her first time to serve the guests. Their salary was the basic salary plus commission. In other words, only by serving more tables could she make more money. But today, she was driven away by James for the first time. How could she continue to work here in the future? The manager had said that anyone who was complained about or couldn't serve the guests would be fired.

"Young master, I..." Lola said anxiously.

"Get out." James asked her to leave. He had calmed down and didn't want to change his mind because of Lola. So the best way was to be out of sight and out of mind.

Biting her lower lip, Lola didn't say anything more. She turned around and walked out silently. She also had her self-esteem. She couldn't continue to be shameless after being despised like this. But she didn't understand why he suddenly became like this.

The manager also sensed that there was something wrong between the two people, so he didn't say anything more and followed her out. The manager stopped her at the door and asked, "What's going on? Isn't Mr. Ling nice to you? How did it happen? I warn you that the reason why you two can work here is for the sake of Mr. Ling. I shouldn't have kept you here. You can go in when the dishes are served. If you are driven out again, you don't have to go to work tomorrow. "

Seeing the manager leaving while murmuring, Lola pursed her lips and continued to walk towards the kitchen.

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