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   Chapter 73 James Saved Her

Mr. Demon: Mesmerized By Sweet Maid By Jia Zhong Characters: 9545

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James was about to walk towards the Lotus room when he suddenly heard someone calling young master and Lola's name. He frowned and wondered if he had misheard. Before James could react, a figure rushed over and grabbed his arm tightly. "Young master, James, please go and save Lola as soon as possible."

James frowned. The man in front of him had bruises and blood stains on his face. His clothes were torn into pieces. He looked carefully at him and found that it was Bai.

"Why are you here?" James frowned and looked at him. He hadn't been back to the villa for more than 10 days in a row, and had dropped out of school. So he had no chance to see them again. But why was he here? And the clothes he wore seemed to be the waiter's uniform of the restaurant.

"Let's not talk about this now. Lola was in a dilemma because of that guest. Go and save her as soon as possible." His voice was choked with sobs. He had never felt so incompetent. Before today, he thought he had the ability to protect Lola, but the fact told him that he was as humble as an ant in front of those people.

"Lola?" Hearing the name again, James hesitated for a moment. He didn't want to think about that girl anymore, so she shouldn't have anything to do with him, but another voice in his heart desperately wanted him to care.

"James, young master, can you go and save Lola? Now only you can save her. Otherwise, I don't know what those people will do to Lola. " Bai said anxiously.

The manager's eyes lit up at the sight of James. He knew that the young master was the son of the Wei Yuan Group. If he was willing to help, Boss Li would definitely give him face. As a manager, he should be responsible for what happened in the restaurant.

"Yes, Mr. Ling. Young master, please help us. Otherwise, I don't know what Boss Li and his men will do to that girl. They are all very... " Before the manager finished his words.

A scream came from the dining room, "Ah, go away. Don't come over. I, I'm going to call the police. "

Bai and James trembled at the same time. They all knew that the scream was from Lola. James pushed the manager away and strode towards the restaurant.

With a bang, he kicked the closed door. Standing at the door, he shouted, "Stop!"

There were five or six men surrounding Lola in the room. All of a sudden, they heard a shout at the door. They turned around and saw a young man standing there. All of a sudden, a man curled his lips and sneered, "A boy came here just now to be a hero to save the beauty, and now there is another one. Nowadays, there are really many people who want to be a hero."

Then he looked at James again and said, "Boy, don't be so stupid. You can't get involved in this matter. Now I'll give you a chance to get out of here, or I'll beat you to the ground to find out whether you believe me or not. "


s time, so they should at least express their gratitude.

Bai was conflicted. The bastard young master he once despised most became the one who saved him now, which made him feel as if he had been slapped in the face. He didn't know what kind of face and mentality he should face him with in the future.

Lola stood there awkwardly. Although no one said anything, she could guess that the reason why James dropped out of school was probably because he was angry with her. She wondered if the bastard young master was still angry at her now.

Seeing James coming out, the two of them lowered their heads in silence.

James ignored them and went straight to the sports car parked at the door.

"James." Lola and Bai shouted at the same time.

James stopped but didn't look back, waiting for what they would say next.

"Thank you for saving Lola." Bai said with difficulty. He was embarrassed to say thanks to his rival in love. But he knew that they would have been miserable if it weren't for James.

"Thank you for saving me, too." Lola was really grateful to James. When she was blocked in the corner by several people just now, she was surrounded by boundless fear, which made her still have a lingering fear when she thought of that scene. If it weren't for James, she wouldn't have known what would happen to her.

"En." James answered briefly, opened the door and got in without looking at Bai and Lola. He stepped on the gas and the car disappeared in front of them in an instant.

Looking at James's receding figure, Lola asked worriedly, "He seems to be still angry, but why? Just because I said he shouldn't have thrown away my flowers that day? "

Hearing what she said, Bai didn't say anything. He knew it wasn't because of this. It was because James liked her. He gently comforted her, "Well, don't think about him anymore. I will have a chance to thank him another day."

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