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   Chapter 71 Hard Work

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James stretched himself after he looked at the documents the whole morning, which made him a little tired. He rubbed between his eyebrows and felt a little hungry. Then he picked up the clothes on the back of the chair and walked out. He sat in the car and drove towards Yi Pin Restaurant as usual.

In Yi Pin Restaurant, Lola and Bai stood in front of the manager uneasily. "Excuse me, do you need a waiter here? We two want to have a try. "

The lobby manager looked at them with some criticism. "Are you a couple?"

"No, we are just cousins. We come here together to find a job." Bai answered cautiously. His experience of looking for a job these days told him that most of the stores didn't like to use c couple workers.

"Well, all the guests to our Yi Pin Restaurant are celebrities. If we can't take good care of them, our business will be ruined. You..." The lobby manager had been working in the society for many years. He could tell at a glance that these two were still students. Generally, they didn't like to recruit student workers, because they could only come to work at night.

"Manager, please go and have a look. The guest in Orchid Room scolded Mr. Zhang and made him cry." A waiter ran over in a hurry.

Then they heard the sound of porcelain breaking. "Damn it! I'm not here to see your face. Call your boss here. If you don't give me a satisfactory explanation for this matter today, your restaurant will be in a mess. "

The manager frowned. Judging from the voice, he knew that it was Boss Li, a frequent visitor here. Boss Li was a typical upstart. He was always arrogant, and the waiters and manager of the restaurant had been scolded by him a lot. But he was a regular customer here, so he couldn't offend the guests when he opened the door to do business, not to mention that he was a friend of his boss.

The manager frowned and looked at Lola and Bai. Suddenly, something occurred to him. He said to the two, "You go to change your work clothes right away. Come with me to serve the guest in the Orchid room. If you can serve the guest well, you two will pass the trial and can stay here to work directly. "

"Okay." Bai and Lola had been refused countless times in the past half month. Now they finally had a chance to keep their job no matter how hard it was.

Immediately, the two of them followed the waitress to change their clothes. The waitress looked at them with concern and said to the manager, "Manager, do you think the two of them can do it?"

The manager glared at her and said, "No? If they can't, then get out of here. Anyone can work here now? You may go if you think they can't. "

"No, No. they'd better go." The waiter was frightened and stood back immediately. He looked worriedly at the direction where Lola and Bai disappeared.

The two of them quickly changed their clothes. The waiter beside the

a hurry, "No, Lola can't go in. Manager, we can't do this job. Sorry, we are leaving now." Then he took Lola's hand and was about to leave.

"Stop! You don't want to go? Do you think our Yi Pin Restaurant is a place for you to play house? If you don't entertain the guest well today, you will pay for the dish. Do you know how much the dish you spilled? Eight thousand and eight hundred. Either go in or pay for it. " The manager stopped them without hesitation.

All the waiters here had been scolded by Boss Li, including him, so he could only try to see if the new comer could go in and deal with them.

"How could it be so expensive? It's just a piece of ordinary dish. It's at most worth of ten Yuan. You are blackmailing. " Bai said angrily.

"Ordinary dish? Take a good look. It's braised sea cucumbers. They were flown from Mexico this morning. " The manager snorted and put the menu in front of Bai. He took out a menu and pointed at it. "Have a look."

Both of them were stunned when they saw the price and appearance of the dish on the table. It was the one that Bai had just served. Now the two of them were really a little silly. A dish cost eight thousand and eight hundred. How could the two of them keep company?

The knowledgeable manager realized at a glance that they couldn't afford to pay for the dishes. He said slowly, "If you can go in and comfort Boss Li and others, you don't have to pay for the dishes. And you can also stay here to work. You two should think it over. "

So far, there was no other way. Lola stepped forward and said, "Okay, I'll go."

"No, let me go." He was a boy. It didn't matter even if he was beaten. The people inside were so fierce. What if Lola was scared?

The manager shook his head and said, "You just came out. They will be unhappy when they see you, let alone when you are delivering food. Boss Li is not easy to deal with. Let her try. "

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