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   Chapter 29 Lola Fainted

Mr. Demon: Mesmerized By Sweet Maid By Jia Zhong Characters: 6855

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After dinner, James took Lola out of the restaurant. The driver opened the door for him as soon as he saw him.

James pointed at the bicycle parking next to the car, which looked so shabby in front of the shining Benz. "Now we go back, just like the rule when we come. You can't go back to the villa later than me."

Lola looked at James with resentment. She was almost unable to walk now. This bastard young master was going to torture her like this. Didn't he even have the common sense that one couldn't do strenuous exercise after dinner?

She desperately wanted to refuse, but after getting along with him these days, she knew that once that happened, the bastard young master might say something terrible. It was better to ride back by herself than to be humiliated by him. The worst result was that she could be slower.

Lola slowly sat on her bicycle. She was so tired that she even had difficulty in bending down. She could only try to straighten her body, looking like a zombie.

Sitting in the Benz, James was overjoyed to see the upright Lola. This Four Eyed Turtle was so funny. He had never seen a woman with such a good appetite. The food she ate just now was almost twice as much as that he ate. No wonder she was so full.

The Benz was running fast ahead, while Lola was riding slowly behind. James frowned and motioned the driver to stop the car. When Lola approached, he looked at her coldly and said, "You agree with the name 'Four Eyed Turtle'. You are even slower than a turtle."

However, Lola didn't reply. As if nothing had happened, she raised her eyebrows and looked at him up and down with disdain.

Look at her expression! "Four Eyed Turtle, stop. Didn't you hear me talking to you?" he said through gritted teeth.

With a squeak, Lola pressed the brake and looked at the troublemaker impatiently. "What on earth do you want to do?"

James crossed his arms over his chest and looked down at Lola, "Why didn't you answer my question?"

"Have you ever seen a turtle who can speak?" said James, rolling her eyes at James. I'm just cooperating with you. "

The driver in the Benz couldn't help but burst into laughter. This little girl was really talented. Perhaps no one in the villa dared to talk to young master like this except her.

James was rendered speechless. He nodded, "Well, since you are a turtle, what about your shell?"

Lola rolled her eyes at him and said, "On your head." Then she kicked hard with here foot, and the bicycle quickly passed by James.

His head? Realizing that she was cursing him, James shouted at her back, "Don't you want to know who made the paper in the lady's room that day?"

With a squeak, Lola stopped the bike instantly. How dare this bastard mention it? It was him who did it, okay? That damn thing scared her to have nightmares for several nights.

Lola turned around and looked at James angrily, "As a thief yourself, you want to catch the thief?"

James curled his lips and said with disdain, "I have never done something that I don't dare to admit. If I say that I didn't do it, then I didn't. The truth will come out tomorrow. As for the criminal..."

James didn't say the person's name on purpose. He turned around, sat in the Benz and ordered, "Drive."

Looking at the Benz leaving, Lola was so angry that she gritted her teeth. She hated people who only said half of the words but didn't say it, which made her


"Hey, wait for me. What do you mean? Who did it? " Instead of being lazy, she rode a bicycle and chased after him.

James rolled down the window, poked his head out and said to Lola, "Do you want to know the answer? Then you have to work hard. When you catch up with me, I will tell you the answer. "

'Son of a bitch! This guy's bad nature is so hateful. 'Lola couldn't resist the desire to know the truth and tried her best to chase after him. However, her full stomach couldn't bear such a violent movement, and a burst of piercing pain came out from it.

"HMM... It hurts. " She couldn't hold on any longer and stopped all of a sudden. The sharp pain from her stomach made her unable to bear. She got out of the bike and squatted on the ground, with bean-sized sweat falling down along her forehead.

James was sitting in the car in high spirits and enjoying watching Lola riding forward through the rearview mirror. Suddenly, he saw her stop and seem to have squatted down.

'What trick is the Four Eyed Turtle playing? Do you think you can escape in this way?' No way. He quickly ordered the driver to reverse the car and stopped in front of Lola. He shouted outside through the window, "Hey, Four Eyed Turtle, are you pretending to be dead? Get up now, or you will never know who scared you in the ladies' room all your life. "

However, at this time, Lola was too painful to stand up. Her face turned pale because of pain. Now, even if there was a wolf chasing after her, let alone James, she could not run away, let alone threaten her.

"Young master, it seems she doesn't feel well." The driver reminded James. Lola was a relative of Mrs.Chi. She had stayed in the Wei family for almost two years and everyone liked her very much.

James looked at her carefully and also noticed that there was something wrong with her. He opened the door, got out and stood in front of her. He said condescendingly, "Four Eyed Turtle, what's wrong with you?"

Although Lola's stomach hurt so much, she was still stubborn and unwilling to talk to him. If this guy hadn't deliberately played tricks on her, how could it be so painful? He was the chief culprit.

"You're so stubborn. I'll give you another chance. If you don't tell me, I'll leave now." said young master. Don't blame me for not reminding you. Although you are not very beautiful, you are still a young girl. If you stay here alone in the middle of the night, no one will care about you if something happens. " James threatened Lola deliberately.

However, he had underestimated her stubbornness. Her face was deathly pale with pain, but she still didn't want to talk to him. She even tried her best to turn around and aim her buttocks at James.

"Ungrateful. If you go back to the villa after I come back tonight, all your and your aunt's salary for this year will be deducted." After saying this coldly, James turned around and went back to the car quickly. He ordered the driver, "Go."

Damn the four eyed turtle. Let's see how long you can be stubborn. James sat in the car angrily. He knew that Leila cared about her aunt very much, and she would catch up later.

"Young master, Lola fainted!" The driver was worried that a little girl would be left on the road in the middle of the night. He had been observing her in the rearview mirror all the time. When he suddenly saw her fall to the ground, he quickly told James.

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