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   Chapter 28 Banquet

Mr. Demon: Mesmerized By Sweet Maid By Jia Zhong Characters: 6855

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Yi Pin Restaurant was different from other grand restaurants. It looked antique. There were famous paintings and calligraphy on the wall. The retro interior design gave people a feeling of returning to the ancient times.

When a waiter saw James come in, he recognized that he was the young master of the Wei family, who often came here. He quickly came over and greeted, "Young master, welcome to our restaurant. What would you like to eat today?"

"En, bring me the menu." James followed the waiter to the lotus room where he usually dined and sat down. He looked at the menu and quickly pointed at it, "This, this, and..."

Standing behind him, Lola peeked at the menu and stuck out her tongue in horror. The dishes cost hundreds of Yuan, and some even thousands of Yuan. He was just a greedy capitalist.

James glanced at Lola with the corners of his eyes, and said coldly, "If you scold me in your heart, your salary will be deducted."

Lola was startled. How did he know she was scolding him?

Standing behind James, Lola was so tired from riding a bicycle that her legs were trembling. Besides, she hadn't had dinner yet, so she felt exhausted. There were so many chairs in the room that she could sit down and have a rest.

James looked at Lola, who was sitting in the distance. This guy was quite generous. Regardless of the presence of the young master, she sat down blatantly. When he was about to ask her to stand up, he saw that Lola didn't look good, so finally he didn't say it out. He just let her go this time.

Yi Pin Restaurant deserved to be called a grand restaurant. The dishes were served very quickly. Soon, the waiter brought the dishes ordered by James. He pointed at the table and said, "Put all the dishes on this side."

The waiter looked confusedly at the two people sitting opposite to each other at a large table. It was obvious that young master didn't want to give the little girl any food, but he still obediently placed all the dishes on the table in front of James.

After the waiter went out, James picked up the chopsticks and tasted one by one. He picked up a piece of steamed perch and put it into his mouth. It tasted really good. Maybe he should consider inviting the cooks here to cook for him in the villa in the future.

Looking at the satisfied look on his face across the table, Lola swallowed her saliva several times. 'Damn it! You must have eaten it on purpose in front of a hungry man. What a cruel thing it is!'

Seeing that James was busy eating, perhaps he didn't notice her at all, Lola secretly took the chopsticks aside and wanted to pick up the dishes in front of her, but the table was too big for her to do so.

Lola slowly stood up and slowly stretched out her chopsticks towards the Pork Braised in Brown Sauce. Finally, her chopsticks reached the pork that she longed for, and the next step was to put it into her mouth.

As the food was slowly rising, a pair of chopsticks suddenly appeared in the air and slapped down the meat that Lola had tried hard to pick up.

"What are you doing?" Seeing that the flesh in her mouth flew away, she shouted angrily.

James took a sip of water slowly and said, "I didn't allow you to eat, so you can only watch."

"Since you don't want me to eat, why did you ask me to follow you all the way here? You are murdering me."

James was amused by her words. "What did I do to murder you? Tell m

e. "

"You eat in front of a hungry man, but don't let him eat. This is murder." Said Lola with indignation.

James shook his hand in front of him and said, "No, it's not that I don't allow you to eat, but that it's not the time for you to eat. But since you are so hungry, I will show mercy to you. Take these two dishes to eat first. "

Then, he pushed the dish of steamed fish and braised pork in front of her and said, "here you are. Let's eat."

There was no time for Lola to pay attention to James' expression. At this time, there were only the two dishes in her eyes. God knew that she was so hungry that she felt dizzy.

She had a slight hypoglycemia since she was a child, and she had to eat when it came to time for meals, otherwise she would feel dizzy. At this moment, seeing the delicious food in front of her, she immediately began to eat happily.

Seeing her eating happily, James thought to himself, 'You are eating my saliva, aren't you?' That was why he brought Lola here today. After all, she said those words in the kitchen before.

As soon as he finished eating one dish after another, he pushed it in front of Lola. She had never eaten such delicious food in her life. When she was a child, her family was not very rich, and she rarely had a chance to eat in a restaurant.

Seeing her eating happily, James also felt that the food in front of him seemed to be very delicious, and he ate more than usual. "Is it delicious?"

"Yummy." Lola nodded without hesitation.

"Haven't you eaten yet?" There was a mocking smile on James' face. It was funny to see the Four Eyed Turtle as if it had never seen the world.

Lola finally realized the irony in his words. She looked up at James with disdain and said, "So what? When I make money in the future, I will eat every day. At least I make money on my own ability, unlike someone who squanders money by relying on their family. "

James didn't get angry, "My money only proves that I'm lucky. Some people are envious of me, but they can't envy me. Who said that food is just something to fill the stomach? These dishes are much better than your Dragon Crossing River and Yesterday Once More, aren't they? "

Although Lola knew what he said was true, she was stubborn in her heart and didn't want to agree with him. She raised her eyebrows and said, "So what? I just don't like it when you order so many dishes. You are extravagant while I'm being fugal. "

Four eyed turtle with sharp teeth. She had a lavish meal, but she still had to hold on. James glanced at Lola disdainfully and said, "Well, since you are frugal, eat all these dishes. Let me see what is quality."

"I'm not afraid of you." Lola was so hungry that she leaned against her chest and back. She estimated that she could eat a cow now, and it would be a pity that she didn't eat all the dishes on the table. Just now, she secretly calculated that the dishes were worth more than ten thousand. What a typical wastrel.

In the end, she didn't eat up all the dishes. She touched her round belly and couldn't eat any more.

James looked at her provocatively, "Who said that she would eat them all? You have to keep your word. "

"I'm sorry. I'm a girl. Your words don't work on me."

"No wonder Confucius said that villains and women are difficult to raise."

"You can be considered a villain before you are eighteen years old. I'm a woman. We are equal."

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