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   Chapter 27 A Fierce Dragon Crossing The River

Mr. Demon: Mesmerized By Sweet Maid By Jia Zhong Characters: 6313

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Thick smoke billowed and the flames soared into the sky. A loud bang came from the kitchen of the Wei family's villa. "Oh my God, there is a fire. Hurry up! Put out the fire!" Mrs. Chi shouted in a panic. At the same time, she grabbed the stunned Lola and rushed out.

Before Lola could figure out what had happened, she just threw the fish into the pot. Then the pot turned over, hot oil splashed into the gas, and then the fire suddenly lit up.

When Lola was pulled out by Mrs. Chi, she saw the fried egg she had just made and took it out.

"What happened?" James, who was watching TV leisurely in the front hall, suddenly heard an earth shattering sound from the kitchen. He stood up and rushed there.

"Young master, you can't go there. It's dangerous." The Butler, Mr. Loyal, stopped James in time and ordered the servants to rush in with fire extinguishers.

After a while, the smell of fire extinguisher came from the kitchen and the fire was finally put out.

When James came to the kitchen again, it was full of dust. Not far from the kitchen door stood Lola and Mrs. Chi, and the two of them were both in a mess.

James was so angry that his forehead turned black. He glared at Lola and asked, "Can you explain to me what happened?"

"Well, that was just an accident. In fact, it's not my fault. It's the fish. Maybe it didn't want to be eaten, so it destroyed the kitchen..." Lola lowered her head and didn't dare to look at him.

"Hahaha..." James laughed awkwardly. "The fish destroyed the kitchen because it didn't want to be eaten? Are you out of your mind? Do you think I'm a fool? " He almost shouted out the last sentence.

Lola was frightened and shrank her neck. She whispered in her heart, 'You are a fool, and a big fool who seduces women everywhere.'

"What's in your hand?" James noticed from the beginning that Lola was holding a plate full of black things.

Lola immediately picked up the fried egg as if it was a treasure and said obsequiously, "I cooked it. I gave it a very domineering name, The Fierce Dragon Crossing the River."

"The Fierce Dragon Crossing The River?" The voice almost came out from James' teeth. He looked at James and asked, "What the hell is this?"

"Fried eggs." Mrs. Chi said straightforwardly. Young master was in a fit of anger now, so she could only say less.

"Humph, is this what you call The Fierce Dragon Crossing the River?" James had an impulse to put the fried egg on Lola's head to see if she dared to talk nonsense.

"Well, the eggs are yellow, and so is the dragon. Isn't it like the dragon crossing the river when you pour it into the oil in the pan?" With a wry smile, she explained and gestured of a fish to swim in the water.

She couldn't piss off the bastard young master, or her aunt's and her salary would not be enough to pay for such a luxurious kitchen.

"Ha ha ha, you are quite talented. Should I praise you for your talent since you can give such a powerful name to such a rubbish?" James was so angry that he didn't know what to say.

"Well, I'm fine, ha ha." She could only keep smiling.

"Well, you can eat this dish of dragon cros

sing the river for me." James looked at Lola angrily. He didn't believe that she could eat.

"Young master, please forgive Lola. She really can't eat this kind of food. She is too young to understand. Besides, she has never been to the kitchen before. Please forgive her." Although Mrs. Chi was afraid that James would be angry, she was still worried about Lola's health, so she plucked up courage and plead for mercy.

"As long as you beg me, you can refuse to eat." James didn't reply. He turned to look at Lola. As long as she was willing to beg for mercy, he would let her go.

'Son of a bitch! Why is he so stingy? Anyway, he has a lot of money at home, and I don't care about it. I can't ask for mercy. '

Lola picked up the fried egg. To be honest, she couldn't eat it herself. Finally, she closed her eyes and swallowed it directly. She raised her head and was about to eat it.

"Lola." Mrs. Chi shouted anxiously. If she ate it, she would get sick.

"Well, I'll let you go this time. Now go and get your shabby bike and go with me." As James said, he turned around and walked out. In fact, he didn't really plan to let Lola eat it. He just wanted to frighten her. He didn't expect that the Four Eyed Turtle was so stubborn, but it was fun.

Two hours had passed since his usual dinner time. He was already hungry, so he couldn't wait for cooking in the kitchen. He had to go to the restaurant to solve the problem of people's livelihood, but he decided to take Lola with him.

'What the hell is going on with the bastard young master?'

"Hurry up, Lola. Young master will be angry again." Mrs. Chi urged her.

When Lola rode a bicycle and stood in front of the villa, young master was already sitting in his shining Benz. He looked at Lola and said, "Now I order you to follow my car. If you lose it, your salary will be deducted. Do you understand?"

"Got it." 'You idiot! Why do I have to ride a bicycle to chase after your Benz while you sit comfortably in it?'

"Good. Now, let's go." As soon as James gave the order, the car flew away like an arrow.

So fast? Lola didn't dare to neglect him. She immediately strode on the bike and followed him.

In front of the first grade restaurant in Maple City, the Mercedes stopped slowly. James got out of the car elegantly and looked at Lola who was following behind him from a distance. "Four Eyed Turtle, why are you so slow?"

It was not easy for Lola to stop the bike in front of him. She was so tired that she couldn't catch her breath. She didn't even have the strength to retort. This bastard young master knew how to torture her.

"As a girl from the countryside, you don't know much about the world. Today I will make an exception to take you to see the great world outside, and by the way, let you know what delicious dishes are." James looked down at Lola as if he was waiting for her to kowtow and thank him.

The young master asked her to come all the way just for a meal? Was he too rich? Just for a meal?

But this time, Lola didn't scold him in her heart. She had long been hungry. After parking the bike, she followed James into the restaurant.

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