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   Chapter 11 You Can't Escape from What You Deserve

Mr. Demon: Mesmerized By Sweet Maid By Jia Zhong Characters: 6814

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Seeing the meaningful look in James's eyes, Bai didn't avoid but walked up to him. Although his grandmother had always asked him to please young master, in his heart, he looked down upon this arrogant and stubborn man, and disdained to do those flattering things.

James's eyes met with Bai's in the air, and a mysterious smile appeared on his face. Then he withdrew his gaze and continued to eat with his classmates as if nothing had happened.

"James, what kind of girl do you like?" A girl boldly asked on behalf of all the other girls present.

James pretended to think about it seriously and glanced at Lola with an unreadable expression. "Of course she is obedient, sensible and cute."

Almost all the girls at the table saw the way James looked at Lola, and they had different thoughts. But most of them suspected that James had a crush on Leila. But on second thought, because of the attitude of Lola to him before, he should know that she was not sensible enough.

Besides, when he saw that Lola was talking and laughing with another man, he probably wouldn't like her anymore. Then everyone would have a chance.

In the afternoon, Lola didn't skip classes again, because Bai told her that as long as she didn't care about James, she could just pretend that he was not there. Otherwise, her study would be easily delayed because of him, and she would lose the meaning of coming all the way to Maple City to study.

Following what Bai said, Lola tried to ignore the impact of James. As expected, the class in the afternoon was much better and her attention was also focused.

During the break, Anna secretly asked, "Lola, we all think that James has a crush on you. What do you think?"

Anna's words sent a chill down Lola's spine. She wanted to say that they were all captivated by James. He wouldn't like her at all. He was just playing a trick on her, but she couldn't say these words.

"You think too much. I don't have any feelings for him. Don't misunderstand me. Please tell all the classmates who have feelings for him not to take me as an imaginary enemy." Lola quickly disassociated herself from him.

Anna breathed a sigh of relief, nodded and murmured to herself, "That's right. Your prince charming is so excellent, of course he won't fall in love with you anymore. If only I could have such a prince charming. But James is also excellent. I really don't know which one to choose between them. "

"You misunderstood us. Bai is my distant cousin. Don't talk nonsense." She didn't know how many times she had said that, but Anna didn't listen to her and always thought Bai was her boyfriend.

Lola couldn't understand why Anna and other girls could tell that James was excellent after having only two classes and one meal with him? She shook her head and had no time to pay attention to her anthomaniac. She opened the book and continued to read.

"Lola, you won't compete with others for James, will you?" Anna asked worriedly.

Lola raised three fingers and said, "I swear solemnly that I have no feelings for him, and we will never be together. Now you should believe me, right?"

Anna was very satisfied with Lola's answer. She patted her shoulder happily and said, "Of course, we are best friends. You won't lie to anyone, right?"

Finally, the school was over. Lola packed her schoolbag as fast as she could. She wanted to leave the classroom befor

e the bastard young master made trouble for her.

Unfortunately, things didn't go as she wished. As soon as Lola cleaned up, James stood steadily beside her. He bent over and whispered in her ear, "When I go back, I want to see you waiting for me at home." Then he left.

This guy was deliberately making trouble for her, wasn't he? She hadn't been tortured enough yesterday, and she had to go back before him today. What he took was a Mercedes Benz, okay? Why not let he himself ride a bicycle to compete with a Mercedes Benz?

Although she was threatened by the bastard young master, she was ready to be punished, because she didn't come here by herself today. She couldn't let Bai join the race for her. It was too tired.

With this plan, Lola was not in a hurry. Anyway, she would be punished. She'd better stay outside for a while, at least to buy time.

When Lola arrived at the backyard of the school, Bai was already waiting for her. Seeing her come out, he strode on a bicycle and said, "Lola, come on in."

"Cousin Bai, let's take a walk, okay? I want to eat ice cream from that shop on the street. " Lola licked her lips and looked greedy.

"Okay, let's go to have some ice cream." Bai swiftly turned around the bike and the two walked towards the ice shop. The setting sun shone on them, lengthening their figures.

"Bai, you don't know how hateful that guy is..."

"Then you can tell your classmate that you don't like him."

"Well, I've told Anna to tell all the girls who have a crush on that guy."

"That's right. Lola is so smart."

Outside the main gate of the school, James was sitting in the car, frowning tightly. The turtle hadn't come out yet. Was she deliberately provoking him? Didn't she hear that he wanted her to go back before he came back? Damn it.

"Young master, there is no one in the school now." The driver reminded him cautiously.

"Go back." After looking at the school again, James said in a low voice, trying to figure out how he would punish her when he went back.

The last ray of light in the sky disappeared. Lola and Bai went back to the villa with the light from street lamps. Seeing the magnificent villa in the distance, Bai asked worriedly, "We came back so late. Will that guy torture you again?" After what happened yesterday, Bai was a little worried.

Lola was not so pessimistic. Anyway, she had offended that bastard young master, and she didn't need to do it more than once. Let's see what he could do to her.

"Don't worry. I'm fine." With a reassuring look, she walked into the villa.

As soon as she opened the back door, she saw Mrs. Chi waiting there anxiously. When she saw Lola, she quickly walked over and asked, "Lola, where have you been? Hurry up. young master is waiting for you. "

"Okay." Lola accepted her fate and walked towards the front yard. What was supposed to come would always come, and she couldn't avoid it. Moreover, she didn't want to hide at all.

Bai wanted to follow her, but he was pulled back by his grandmother. She gave him a stern look and said, "Go back to read your book."

James sat on the sofa, with his arms crossed over his chest and his feet on the table. It was seven o'clock, but the turtle hadn't come back yet. It seemed that he had to punish her more severely.

With the sound of Lola's footsteps, James grinned wickedly. The Little Turtle was finally back.

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