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   Chapter 10 A Scum

Mr. Demon: Mesmerized By Sweet Maid By Jia Zhong Characters: 6998

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Looking at the girls who were crazy for the sake of James, Lola thought to herself, 'When you know the truth, you'll probably break your hearts. This guy is indeed the unique. He is unique not because he is handsome and rich, but because he is a scum!'

"What's the name of this lovely girl? Can you tell me?" James seemed to be addicted to the game and showed great enthusiasm to Lola, which immediately attracted the attention of the girls around him. They all looked at Lola, wishing to burn dozens of holes in her body.

Lola felt goosebumps all over her body. She gritted her teeth and looked at James, who was smiling evilly in front of her. Obviously, he did it on purpose. He wanted her to be the target of public criticism.

Anna Shen hurried to stand next to Lola, held her shoulder with one hand, and said with twinkling eyes, "James, her name is Lola. We all call her Lola."

"Lola, this name is so lovely. It matches you very much. Can I also call you Lola in the future?" James said in a seemingly intimate manner, and his eyes were constantly winking at Lola, which made her flesh creep.

All the female students were hostile to Lola because of the intimate address of James. Even Anna, who was always her best friend, put down her hand on her shoulder, with obvious dissatisfaction in her eyes.

Noticing the unfriendly gazes from the crowd, Lola felt a little disgusted with James and said awkwardly, "Well, we are not that close yet. You'd better call me 'Classmate Lola'."

James lowered his eyes and said with a lonely look, "Lola seems to hate me very much."

The disappointment and loneliness in his eyes broke the hearts of all the girls. All the girls pointed their fingers at Lola. "How can you bully our new classmate?"

"James invited you to lunch out of kindness. How could you treat him like this? You've gone too far."

"You should apologize to James."

In an instant, Lola became an unpardonable villain in the eyes of everyone again. She looked at everything in disbelief. Just now, they looked as if they were going to eat her up? She took the risk of being retaliated by the bastard young master and refused his intimate calling. Why did it become her fault again?

Looking at Lola who was attacked by the crowd, James smiled and thought, 'You deserve it. You didn't wake me up and even ate breakfast in secret. This is your punishment.'

Noticing a flash of slyness in James' eyes, Lola realized that he was revenging on her.

Looking at the students who were attacking Lola for him, James said gratefully, "Forget it. I don't think Lola did it on purpose. Maybe she really hates me. Don't make things difficult for her."

This sentence immediately pushed Lola to the peak of immoral again. Almost all the female students looked at her with righteous indignation. If she did not apologize, she would be an enemy of everyone.

"Lola, don't you think it's too much? You have hurt James, so you must apologize."

"Yes, she has to apologize, or we will ignore her from now on."

Anna, who was standing aside, was also confused by the scene in front of her. She pulled the corner of Lola's clothes and whispered in her ear, "Lola, why don't you apologize?"

Lola felt wronged. It had nothing to do with her at all. It was all caused by that bastard young master, but now they asked her to apologize. Why?

Even a mud man had some human natures, and Lola also had a temper. The more they asked her to apologize, the less she would

want to compromise.

"Why should I apologize? I'm not that familiar with him. " She turned around and rushed out of the classroom.

Tears were welling up in her eyes. They were bullying her. She had lived a good life and everything went on as planned. Why did the bastard young master come and mess up her life? She felt wronged, she was unwilling, and she was angry.

In the following class, Lola didn't go back to her class. She didn't want to see the rolling eyes of her classmates and the evil smile on the face of the bastard young master.

Sitting at the back of the classroom, James looked at the empty seat in the middle and smiled again. The game was getting more and more interesting. If he had known that there would be such an interesting girl when he came back home, he wouldn't have resisted it so much.

He liked challenging things the most. If Lola listened to him as other girls did, it would be meaningless. Thinking of her unyielding eyes just now, he felt that his heart was full of fighting spirit. He must seize this fortress.

Sitting on the hillside behind the school, Lola picked up a grass stick and pulled the grass on the ground, thinking about how to get rid of the bastard young master.

When the lunch break bell rang, Lola stood up quickly. She was going to have lunch with Bai. At this time, only he could comfort her wounded heart.

Looking at the red eyed Lola, Bai asked anxiously, "Lola, why are you crying? Who bullied you?"

Glancing at the curious gazes from time to time, she shook her head and said, "I'm fine. Let's go to have lunch." In the past two years, she often had lunch with Bai. But recently, she seldom came to bother him because he was busy with his schoolwork.

Seeing that it was not convenient to talk here, Bai nodded and said, "Let's go to have lunch first."

In the canteen, as usual, Bai went to fetch food, while Lola took the seat. A burst of laughter came from the distance. Looking up, it was James and all the girls in her class.

At this time, Bai came over with two dishes of rice in his hands, one in front of Lola, and sat down opposite her. He muttered with dissatisfaction, "I don't know who took away the ribs and meat dishes, and there are only vegetables left. Let's have some."

"Who else can it be? Bastard young master." Looking at James' table full of meat dishes, Lola poked the rice grains in the plate angrily. Rich people were rich. Wherever they went, they couldn't change their nature of being a spendthrift. It was really a waste that he couldn't eat so much but took them all.

Following Lola's gaze, Bai frowned and wondered why James was here. And he was wearing the school uniform. Did he come here to study?

Then he looked at the girls sitting at his table. They were all from Lola's class. He immediately understood why she cried. It must be that bastard young master who bullied her again. Damn it.

In the distance, as if sensing something, James raised his head and saw the hostility in Bai's eyes. He pretended to be indifferent and said, "Isn't that Lola over there? Why is she eating here? I thought she didn't eat in the canteen. "

A female classmate immediately looked in the direction of James' eyes and said, "No wonder Lola doesn't eat with us. It turns out that she wants to have dinner with her prince charming. He is gentle, handsome and considerate, and he is a good student. I'm almost intoxicated with him."

"Prince charming?" James' eyes lit up.

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