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   Chapter 9 Super Transferred Student

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"Let's see..." In Class One of Grade Two, the teacher was giving a lecture on the platform. When she saw the director coming over, she immediately stopped the class and came to the door.

"Director Zhang, what can I do for you?"

"Teacher Li, this is a new student. The headmaster has arranged him to your class." After finishing her words, Director Zhang said meaningfully, "The headmaster has told me to take good care of him."

"Don't worry. I will handle it." Teacher Li took James to the classroom and clapped her hands. "Attention, there is a new student to our class today. Let him introduce himself."

As soon as James came in, the students all focused their attention on him. This student was so handsome, with a slender body of about one hundred and eighty centimeters tall, and naturally exuded an aristocratic aura.

And they had never seen anyone who could show this taste in their school uniform, which was frustrated and ugly. He was as elegant and noble as a prince.

Especially his cold face, instantly won the hearts of ninety-nine percent of the girls. The only one percent who was not bewitched was Lola. At this time, she looked at the people standing on the platform in shock. Countless crows flew over her head. Why did the bastard young master come here to study? Oh my God! Kill her!

Countless girls' eyes revealed two heart-shaped patterns, because they were afraid of the teacher, they could not make any actions. However, there were still some bold girls blinking their big eyes and trying to act like cute pets, hoping that this prince could stop his eyes on them.

As for the boys, their eyes were unfriendly. Some of them even wondered if this was a sissy?

Seeing that James didn't introduce himself, the teacher thought he was shy, so she encouraged him again, "Now let's welcome our new classmate to introduce himself, okay?"

"Okay, new classmate, please introduce yourself." The students who called out enthusiastically were all girls.

It was not that they were anthomaniac, but that there were only ten boys in the art class which had fifty students in total, and they were all ugly. Finally they met such an excellent classmate, of course they should enjoy it.

James stepped onto the platform, facing numerous girls and jealous boys. He slowly glanced at Lola, who was sitting in the middle row, with an evil smile on his face, and said, "James Ling".

He simply said his name, turned around and walked down to the empty seat in the back.

What he did made all the girls admire him more. They all wanted to open their eyes and stick them on him.

That's it? Teacher Li looked at James' graceful back. He hadn't told her where he had transferred from, or his interests, hobbies and so on. Perhaps he was shy, so she turned around and continued her class.

In the following class, almost no one listened carefully. Almost all the girls were looking back to see the beautiful and enchanting male classmate.

"Lola, that student is so handsome and cool. He is my prince charming. This is my dish. From now on, I decide to chase him." Lola's deskmate, Anna Shen said obsessively.

Lola was speechless. She didn't know what's so good about that bastard young master. In her eyes, Bai was much better than him.

"Are you serious? Look at his cocky face. I think there might be some flaws in his character. " Lola hinted Anna Shen.

"That's impossible. He is cool. And do you think he looks like the Korean star who has been taught to act?" Anna Shen held her hands together, intoxicated.

"Whatever. Just listen to the class. The teacher is watching us," said Lola with a wicked smile.

During the whole class, Lola felt like sitting on pins and needles. She always felt that there was a pair of eyes staring at her from behind, and her back was about to burn a hole.

Except for boys, only two girls didn't like this new student, James Ling. One was Lola, and the other was the head teacher, Miss Li.

Almost all the female students in the class were absent-minded and turned around to peek at James from time to time. Miss Li was very dissatisfied with this.

When the class was over, Lola stood up quickly and was about to leave the class. She was going to find Bai and tell him that the bastard young master had been transferred to their class.

"Please wait for a moment." James' magnetic voice came from behind. Even if Lola didn't look back, she could still hear it, because the evil voice had marked into her mind.

Since they were at school, he might not be able to do anything outrageous. So she just pretended not to hear it and continued to run out of the classroom.

"Lola, James is calling you." A girl stood in front of her and blocked her way. It was Monica Jiang.

Looking at Monica, Lola smiled awkwardly and said, "No, I didn't hear anyone calling me. You must have misheard. I have something else to do. See you later." Then she tried to rush out again.

A hand suddenly pressed on her shoulder, and the "devil sound" came again. He put more strength on her shoulder and said, "Please wait a moment, okay?"

Before Lola could react, she felt a person quickly approaching behind her. A warm breath blew in her ears, and he said in a voice that only two people could hear, "If you don't want others to know that you are my personal maid, don't play dumb with me."

Now, Lola couldn't pretend anymore. She didn't doubt if this guy would really make their relationship known to all if she didn't listen to him.

Lola turned around and smiled awkwardly. "What's up, James?" However, she was wondering what the bastard young master was going to do?

Before James could say anything, Monica, who had stopped her, said automatically, "James, you have to invite all your classmates to lunch."

Invite all the classmates to lunch? He came here in the middle of this class and it was just over. When did he make an appointment with all his classmates?

"But I think we should invite you to lunch. You just came to our class today. We should invite you together, right?" Monica's words were agreed by all the girls.

"That's right. How can we ask James to invite everyone to lunch? That's unfair. We have gathered enough money." A group of female students were gossiping.

Looking at the group of anthomaniac, Lola was speechless. She really wanted to remind them to wipe their saliva. It was almost to the chest. It was just that good-looking bastard young master. Why did they act like that?

"It's my honor to invite so many beautiful and lovely girls to lunch. Please don't deprive me of my rights and interests. I must treat you to this meal." With an evil smile on the corner of James' mouth, all the female students went crazy. It was hard to find a cool, handsome and rich man.

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