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   Chapter 8 Stealing Young Master's Breakfast

Mr. Demon: Mesmerized By Sweet Maid By Jia Zhong Characters: 7256

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Lola walked out of the room in a daze. Under the tireless efforts of her aunt, she finally got out of bed. Because she had exercised too much yesterday, her two legs were trembling.

She yawned and stood in front of James's door with breakfast in her hands. "Young master, young master, please get up."

Lola shouted at the door, but there was still no sound coming from inside. Was the bastard young master still asleep?

While thinking, Lola pushed the door open and walked in. The thick curtain covered the room completely. With the light at the door, she walked in and put the breakfast on the table. Then she opened the curtain, and the room was filled with light.

After that, she went back to the bedroom and opened the same thick curtain. The dazzling sunlight shone on his face. He muttered and covered his head with the quilt to continue sleeping.

Lola cast a scornful glance at him. 'He is so lazy that he enjoys sleep while the sun shines brightly on his buttocks.' She stood in front of the bed and tried to keep a smile. "Young master, it's time to get up."

However, it didn't seem to work. It took her more than forty minutes to ride a bicycle to go to school. It was almost time for school, so she didn't want to be late. She went up and gently patted on his arm exposed under the quilt. "Young master, get up quickly."

Still, there was no response. Lola stared at the body wrapped under the sheets on the bed, speechless. Was he a pig? Why didn't he wake up?

Suddenly, an idea occurred to her. The contract only said that she needed to wake him up, but it did not say that she must succeed. Anyway, she had already called him. It was his business not to get up.

Thinking of this, Lola turned around and left the room. She looked at the breakfast in front of her, which was baked bacon and fragrant milk.

Her stomach growled. If she didn't eat these breakfast, it would be cold. How could young master eat cold breakfast? So, it was better for her to eat it.

Sitting at the table, Lola picked up the bacon bread and wolfed down the milk. She finished the breakfast quickly, and then left the room with a swish of her mouth.

She finally arrived at the backyard. There were two bicycles in a row, which belonged to her and Bai. At this time, Bai was waiting for her here.

"Lola, why are you so late?"

"I went to call that bastard..." In a hurry, Lola spilled the beans. She turned around quickly and stuck out her tongue when she saw no one around. "Wake that bastard young master up, so it's too late. Let's go." Then she walked towards her bicycle.

"Lola, what's wrong with your leg?" Bai frowned and stared at her swollen leg. She couldn't have gained so much weight overnight.

"It was that bastard young master who asked me to ride a bicycle and race with a car yesterday. My legs were so tired and swollen." Lola pouted and said angrily.

"That bastard! You can't ride a bicycle anymore. Come up and I'll take you to school." Bai frowned and hated James more.

"But it's a long way from here to school. It's already very tired to ride alone. If you take me with you, you'll be very tired." Although she was willing to do so, she still couldn't bear it.

"It doesn't matter. How heavy are you, a little girl? Come on, no problem." Bai smiled carelessly, got into the car and waved at Lola. "Come on."

With a bright smile on her face, she said, "Then I'm coming." As soon as she finished her words, she sat on the back seat of the bicycle. The two of them ran towards the school in the morning sun.

"Bai, you don't know how hateful that bastard young mast

er is. Yesterday he..."

"I have long said that he is very annoying. But you have provoked him. Try not to talk to him in the future. If you have any grievance, tell me."

"Well, I know you are the best to me."


"I only flatter you..."

In the villa, James couldn't open his eyes because of the dazzling sunlight through the window. He raised one hand to block the sunlight and picked up the watch on the cabinet. It was already past nine o'clock.

He closed his eyes again. He had just come back from abroad and hadn't recovered from the jet lag yet. He was recalling what he had to do yesterday and today, which had been his habit for a long time.

By the way, he found a new maid yesterday. Why didn't she wake him up? James lifted the quilt and walked to the outer room. "Mr. Loyal, who did this?" It could be said that he almost yelled when he asked.

"Young master, what can I do for you?" Hearing the shout, Mr. Loyal pushed the door open and came in. He was dumbfounded when he saw the plate James was staring at. There was an empty milk cup, half of the bread without bacon, and egg yolk gouged out. There were clear teeth marks on it.

"Well... How could this be? " Mr. Loyal, who had always been calm, couldn't help but stutter. He had asked Lola to bring breakfast to young master this morning. By the way, it must be that girl who did it.

"Go and find out which school that turtle is in. I want to go there to study." James said with his teeth gritted. He must teach that idiot a lesson.

After a short pause, Mr. Loyal realized that young master was referring to Lola. He said worriedly, "Young master, but Mr. Wei wants you to go to the Rain Drops Middle School." It was a noble school, and Mr. Wei was one of the board members there.

"I have told you not to mention that man in front of me. If you listen to him, you can go to work for him. The people here can only listen to me." James looked at him with threat in his eyes. He hated disobedient servants the most.

"Okay, I'll arrange it right away." Mr. Loyal stepped back and left.

'Silly girl, you didn't wake me up and even ate my breakfast. I'll teach you a lesson.' The game has just begun, and James' eyes glimmered with excitement.

Half an hour later, a black Bentley slowly entered the gate of the high school in Maple City. The doorman couldn't help but look out and open the door.

It was rare to see such a luxurious car here. Was it an inspection by a superior official?

The car stopped slowly. Mr. Loyal quickly got out of the car and ran to James. He opened the door and put one of his hands on the roof of the car. "Young master, this way please. I have informed the school. We can go straight to the principal's office."

"Okay." James got out of the car, followed by Mr. Loyal. It was class time in the school, and the large playground was quiet. The two walked in one after another.

In the headmaster's office, the headmaster stood up with a flattering smile and greeted the second young master of the Wei Yuan Group. Just now, the Wei Yuan Group had sent someone to sponsor ten million for the construction of the new teaching building, which was a great news.

"Is this Mr. Wei? I'm Headmaster Zhang. " The headmaster greeted warmly.

James didn't even look at his hand and said coldly, "My surname is Ling, and my name is James Ling."

"Um... Well, James Ling, I'll arrange for the director to take you to Class One of Grade Two. " The headmaster couldn't help smiling awkwardly. The young master of the Wei Family was actually surnamed Ling. Who could have guessed that?

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