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   Chapter 7 Let Him Go To Hell

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"How dare I scold young master? You think too much. " With an embarrassed smile, she had already cursed James and his ancestors.

James also looked at her with a smile, "It's good that you can understand. Now put away your things..." He approached her face slowly. Staring into her eyes, he suddenly shouted, "Get out of my room."

"Oh my God!" Unprepared, Lola rolled down from the sofa and fell to the ground.

"A tortoise is a tortoise. Its brain runs as slowly as its body." James stood up, turned around and walked into the bedroom. When he saw some fragments on the ground, he stopped and turned to look at Lola. "Take back the thing I gave you and stick it well. If I find that you throw it away..."

"Deduct your salary." Lola nodded.

James nodded with satisfaction. "You are not stupid yet."

Looking at his back, she thought, 'You are so stupid. All of your families are stupid.' Lola rubbed her buttock which was almost broken into two pieces. This bastard.

After packing up, she left James's room. The butler was waiting for her at the door. Seeing her come out and put a document in her hand, he said, "This is your contract, in two copies, and the other is kept in my place. Remember to memorize it carefully after you go back. It's a list of the work you should do and the rules of punishment. "

"Okay." Lola took the contract and went downstairs in low spirits. It was already ten o'clock when she returned to her room. Bai hadn't gone back to rest and was waiting for her with her grandmother.

When the two of them saw her come back with a box and a contract in her hands, they immediately asked anxiously, "What happened between you and young master? And what's in your hand? "

At the mention of this, Lola was furious. But after a whole day's torture, she didn't even have the strength to curse. She put the things on the table, fell on the bed and murmured, "I'll explain it tomorrow, okay?"

The two persons looked at each other, and then looked at the things that Lola brought back on the table. Bai took the document and read it carefully. It was almost the same as the labor contract signed by his grandmother, but it was obviously much harsher than Mrs. Chi's contract.

"Son of a bitch! I'll go look for him. Why did he treat Lola like this?" Bai was so angry that he stood up and was about to go out to look for James.

"Stop. I don't allow you to go. You can't offend young master" Mrs. Chi stood in front of him and didn't let him do anything stupid.

"Grandma, this is just an arbitrary contract. How could he do this? Just because he is the young master? " Bai asked unwillingly.

"Yes, just because he is young master, we eat here and live here. Young master is our master. I don't allow you to see him. On the contrary, you have to try your best to please young master. As long as you make young master happy, you can go to work in Wei Yuan Group after graduation. " Said Mrs. Chi firmly.

"Why? Grandma, I've told you that I don't need to work in the Wei Yuan Group. I can still work hard to achieve success. Please trust me, okay?" Bai said helplessly. He had said these words many times in the past few years, but his grandmother still didn't agree with him.

"There is no reason. Wei Yuan Group is a big company and it will have a bright future there. Anyway, I won't allow you to mess around." Mrs. Chi didn't give in.

"I don't care. Anyway, I will never enter Wei Yuan Group in the future. And I will argue with that guy now." Bai didn't want to discu

ss this meaningless matter with his grandmother anymore. He would choose his own life.

"Ouch, my chest..." Mrs. Chi bent down and fell to the ground, covering her chest with her hands.

As soon as Bai turned around, his face turned pale with fear. He rushed back to help his grandmother and asked anxiously, "Grandma, what's wrong with you? Did you get sick again? "

Mrs. Chi didn't say anything. She just covered her chest and said, "Ouch, my holy Heaven. My son, why did you leave so early? I can't take care of your son. I'd rather go with you directly. "

Bai sighed. He knew that his grandmother was deliberately frightening him. She had done this many times since he was a child, but every time he obeyed, because he was really worried that it would irritate his grandmother.

"Grandma, stop pretending. I won't go, okay?" Bai helped her up.

However, Mrs. Chi didn't listen to him at all. She still sat on the ground and refused to get up. She said stubbornly, "No, you have to promise me that you will get along well with young master in the future, so that young master will believe you and think highly of you. Otherwise, let me die."

Bai rolled his eyes at his grandmother who was sitting on the ground and acting shamelessly. He knew that she was just threatening him, but he could only listen to her. After all, his grandmother was the most important person to him.

"Well, I promise you. The floor is cold. If you don't get up later, you will really catch a cold."

Seeing that his grandson agreed, Mrs. Chi asked him to help her up and said to him in a serious tone, "In fact, young master is not a bad man. He is just a little extreme because of what he has experienced before. As long as we get along well with each other, he is a good person."

Bai didn't say a word about it. Since his grandmother insisted on asking him to please James, it was no big deal to deal with him on the surface, but in his heart, he looked down upon this profligate young master.

Unable to get even with James, Bai picked up the broken box brought back by Lola on the table. He guessed that it must be Lola who took it back to fix it. Then he took a look at the sleeping Lola and said to his grandmother, "it's late. You should go to bed now. I'll take it back to fix it."

"Don't make it too late. You should focus on your study in your senior year of high school." Ms. Chi exhorted worriedly.

"I see." With a box in his hand, Bai considerately turned off the lights in the room for his grandmother before he went back to his room.

The moon was bright and the stars were sparse. The whole servants' room behind the villa was dark, and only the light in one room was still on. It took Bai half a night to finally fix the box. He stretched and turned off the light before falling asleep.

The sky was a little white. As soon as the dawn of summer morning came, Ms. Chi got up and was about to start working. At the same time, she woke up Lola, "Lola, get up quickly. Go and wake up young master for breakfast."

"Well, I'll sleep a little longer." Lola murmured, turning over and continuing to sleep. She was really tired yesterday.

"No, you have to go to school today, and the contract says that it's your job to wake young master up. Get up quickly, or young master will lose his temper again." Mrs. Chi tried her best to pull Lola up again. She must wake her up.

"Young master... Let him go to hell. " In her dream, she stepped on that bastard young master's face with her shoe soles.

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