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   Chapter 4 The Personal Maid

Mr. Demon: Mesmerized By Sweet Maid By Jia Zhong Characters: 6832

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"You don't sell your body? What if I'm only interested in your body? " James thought it was interesting to tease this girl, so he couldn't help but get closer to her. He took away the hand that was covering her face and got closer to her.

"No, I'm still a student, and I... i..." Lola was too anxious to say a word. How could this young master be like this? If he really dared to mess around, she would let him become a eunuch.

"Aren't you afraid that I will fire your aunt? In that case, she will lose the opportunity to work, and I promise that no one will hire her in Maple City. " James continued to threaten her. Looking at her panic, he was finally relieved.

"You can't be like this. My aunt can live on this job. Take your revenge on me. Don't implicate others." Lola said anxiously. The current situation made her very embarrassed. She was really worried that he would do something to her.

"As I said, I want you. What do you think? If you don't agree, you and your aunt will get out of the Wei Family right now. And I remember that your aunt signed the contract here. Now the contract is not over, and she needs to pay ten times the liquidated damages. That's an enormous number. Have you decided? " James stared at Lola with his deep eyes. He was going to push her into a corner.

"What ten times of liquidated damages? You are talking nonsense. " Lola was really in a panic. Let alone ten times of liquidated damages, even if they lost this job, they couldn't live on. What should they do? Should she really promise agree to his condition?

"This is the contract signed by the Wei family with every servant. Read it carefully and you will know whether I'm talking nonsense." James took over a contract from Mr. Loyal. It was the labor contract signed by Mrs. Chi, and there were clearly various terms on it.

Now, Lola finally understood why Bai hated young master so much. He was really a devil, but what should she do now? If she didn't compromise, her aunt and cousin would be implicated. She had relied on them to take care of her in the past two years, so she couldn't get them involved.

But if she really agreed, how could she behave in the future?

"If you agree, I will pay you a salary every month in the future, and I promise it will be much higher than this. Have you made up your mind? My patience is limited. I'll give you one minute. If you don't agree, you know the consequences. " James let go of Lola's chin with a smile and sat back on the sofa leisurely.

There was a painful struggle in Lola's heart. James counted, "There are still forty-five seconds left. Three seconds, two seconds, one. "

Before he could finish her sentence, she blurted out, "I agree." She couldn't let Bai drop out of school because of her, nor could she let her aunt lose her job. She had to sacrifice herself.

James smiled complacently, "Mr. Loyal, draw up the contract for her right away."

"Yes, Young Master." Mr. Loyal was really efficient. In just a few minutes, he had brought a contract and put it in front of Lola.

Lola took the pen from Mr. Loyal's hand. The contract said, "Personal maid, for a year." and there were a lot of terms below. Lola was not in the mood to read the content clearly one by one and signed her name on it tremblingly.

Fortunately, there was only one year left. As long as she could endure it, she would sign the contract and give the pen

to Mr. Loyal.

"The contract is valid immediately. Now it's time for me to punish you. Come out with me." James stood up and strode out of the room.

'What? The young master]'s room is upstairs. Isn't he going to... That? Anyway, even if they signed the contract, so what? As long as he dared to touch her, she would definitely try her best to resist.

"Get your bicycle out," he ordered. James ordered indifferently, and then turned around and sat in the shiny black Bentley.

"What are you doing?" Lola looked at him suspiciously.

"Cut the crap. I'll give you three minutes. If you don't come out, your aunt's salary will be deducted." James said impatiently.

"Why do you deduct her salary? This has nothing to do with her. " Lola protested seriously.

"It is in contract. There are still two minutes and thirty-eight seconds left." Looking at the limited edition Vacheron Constantin watch in his hand, James reminded her coldly.

Damn it! Why didn't she read such an abnormal content just now? There was not much time left, and there was still a certain distance from the backyard. Lola turned around and ran quickly to the place where she parked her bicycle.

"Oh, I'm back. Am I late?" Lola asked, pushing her old bicycle, out of breath.

James looked at his watch and said, "Come with me to the downtown to get something. Let's go."

"Hey, wait. Why did you ask me to push a bicycle here when we go downtown?" Seeing that he was leaving, Lola stopped him and asked.

"Because I have to stay in the city for business. You're in charge of taking things back. Didn't you ride very fast? Then I'll give you a chance to ride. I'll ask the driver to drive. As long as you arrive at the city faster than me, your aunt's salary won't be deducted. Come on, girl. " James smiled brightly and then the Bentley left.

"What? Are you insane? " Lola shouted from behind. How could a bicycle run faster than a car?

"Hurry up, or you will be punished more." James stuck his head out from the Bentley and looked at Lola with a smile.

"Bastard!" She cursed, but she didn't stop. She strode, stepped on the ground and exerted all her strength. In the blink of an eye, she chased after the car

"Hurry up. Aren't you fast? Why are you so slow? " Sitting in the Bentley, James looked at Lola, who was riding a bicycle with all her strength. The big sun was baking on her. The air conditioner was on in the car. James shouted leisurely.

'You are a turtle, and your whole family is a turtle. If you have the ability to ride a bicycle and race with a Bentley, you can do it.' shouted Lola in her heart.

She really wanted to curse, but now she had no strength to curse at all. The sweat all over her body made her almost dehydrated. The young master said that she had to ride from the villa to the downtown, otherwise she would be punished, and she had to preserve her strength.

James deliberately told the driver not to drive too fast, and kept near Lola. He wanted her to surpass him, but she would never surpass him. Looking at her angry little face, he felt extremely happy, and in this way, he could also monitor whether she was lazy. This game was really interesting.

"Come on, turtle! Hurry up! Don't you think you are fast? Run faster, young man!" While drinking the cold ice drink in the car refrigerator, James looked at Lola with a smile. The weather was so sunny today!

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