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   Chapter 75 Did You Ever Have A Girlfriend

My Evil Husband: Love Comes After Marriage By Nuan Qiu Characters: 9015

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The car started to speed on the road. He didn't interrupt her singing like a gentleman. In fact, she could sing very well.

Was it because the light was too soft and warm, or the night was too beautiful outside the window, or the fragrance of jasmine in the air, that he couldn't help kissing her passionately?

At the intersection of the traffic lights, her singing slowly stopped.

She stuck out her tongue and looked embarrassed. What was wrong with her? She even sang a song happily.

An indifferent voice whispered in her ears.

"You can sing very well. It's not because the moon is gentle, but because you are gentle. Women's tenderness is so horrible. I should admit that I am a man who can't resist temptation. So next time, if you seduce me like this, I think I will give you another passionate kiss. "

After she heard what he said, the rage in her chest rose directly. She clenched her pink fist and threw it on his shoulder.

Boo... Hoo... As a result, her fist was bounced back and hurt.

She was so upset that she must vent her anger.

She said emotionally with her hands on her hips.

"Yes, I did it on purpose. I just want to know if I am charming to you. Humph, I didn't expect you to be such a man. With a flick of my finger, you've fallen into the trap. Men are all lower part animals, and they're all beasts. They're liked to lie more than women. None of them is good. "

He really wanted to clap for her.

The traffic light turned green, and he started the car again, but he replied to her indifferently.

"It's better than a beast."

Okay! She was on the verge of breaking down. She was so unlucky to meet such a man. She couldn't be angry, and she would get old if she was angry. After all, youth was her greatest capital now.

She rolled down the window and took a deep breath. She had to make herself breathe smoothly, or else she would be pissed off to death.

She had to be calm and rational, so that she could defeat him.

When she calmed down, she became sober.

That was why people said that EQ was more important than IQ.

She bent over and turned her head slightly. There was no wave in her light brown eyes. The smile on her face was as beautiful as flowers.

She opened her rosy lips, which made her look a little sexier.

"Mr. Vito, may I ask you a small question?"

In fact, he could see all her subtle movements from the rearview mirror.

He continued to drive carefully and attentively. He was the kind of person who could do many things at the same time.

His brief answer easily ignited the anger in her heart again.

"Don't be too gentle. Just ask me if you have any questions."

She was caressing her little he

nking of their encounter, she couldn't help but curve her rosy lips.

However, as soon as she took a step forward, she bumped into Vito who was walking towards her.

"It hurts..."

She rubbed her aching head and guessed it would swell again.

With a helpless look on his face, he pulled her hand off with his big palm.

He carefully checked her head and found a small swell.

He frowned and said with a dark face.

"Woman, a three year old child can walk better than you. How dare you say that your eyes are not on your buttocks? I'll ask Letitia to help you apply the medicine later."

Without waiting for her reply, he took her hand and walked into the beauty salon.

His action, his vigor, and his posture were really cool.

She heard her heart thumping against her chest. It turned out that he cared about her.

She shut her mouth. By the way, this man was too strong! It was just a gentle bump on his chest! It seemed that she really had a little swell.

She couldn't help peeking at him. She couldn't help but feel elated.

This man could give her a sense of security! It seemed that he was a person worth trusting for the rest of her life.

Unfortunately, she was not that lucky. She could forgive herself for being an anthomaniac occasionally.

However, it was also a kind of happiness to be led by him hand in hand.

She thought what she could do now was to cherish it. She thought she was happy.

What if she really fell in love with him?

What if she risked her life to love him?

What if when the truth was solved and she turned hatred into love?

Then, would he and she grow old together?

When she was lost in thought, he held her hand and walked, so she didn't carefully look at the road.

Suddenly, he stopped and pulled her into his arms.

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