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   Chapter 74 M

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Good heavens! Please forgive her ignorance!

But she was just curious! She wondered what kind of name that woman had?

"Coco. Woman, are you checking the household register? "

Coco? She was jealous. How could she be so lucky? She was sweet and lovely, and even her name was so cute and pleasant to hear.

Molly frowned and admitted generously.

"Yes! I'm just checking the household register. I'm interested in your secretary, Coco. "

He shrugged his shoulders and said disapprovingly.

"From this weekend, you are also my secretary. If you are really interested in her, you can get to know her well."

Right! She still owed him one million. From this weekend, she would make herself ugly to be his secretary. In the OY Group, there must be a lot of beautiful women. At that time, she must be the ugliest one.

After putting on her clothes, she turned round, patted on Vito's shoulder and said in horror.

"Mr. Vito, how many secretaries do you have? Don't call me a lesbian. I'm interested in her because... "

Do you think only by knowing yourself and your enemy, you'll never be defeated?

She was smart enough to say the last sentence with her heart, not with her mouth.

"For what? Don't talk about she is like your classmate as excuse? Coco is my only personal secretary. "Woman, in fact, I doubt if you are a lesbian? Otherwise, why would you drool when you see a beautiful woman? Instead, you look calm when you see handsome men. "

Uh! Really? She was seriously reflecting on herself. It seemed that it was true? When she saw the Nora in the morning, she really drooled. And just now, when she saw the Coco, she also drooled!

What a shame. But she still firmly believed that she was a normal person and not a homosexual!

Thinking of the two women living together, she felt a little disgusted.

She blinked her brown eyes and said.

"Let me remind you again that I'm not a lesbian. I like men, not women. The reason why I drooled when I saw beautiful women was just a kind of appreciation. Besides, the reason why I was calm when I saw handsome men is that none of them is handsome enough to make me drool. "

After a pause, she continued said with an arrogant look on her face.

"I just don't want to tell you the reason. I want you to guess it by yourself, so that you can have a taste of it, Mr. Vito. What's the feeling of being tantalized?"

Coco? Personal secretary? This one would be enough for her.

She got out of bed and put on her glazed shoes.

Wow! It felt so comfortable. She was

en she was about to walk to the car, Vito got out of the car and opened the door of the front passenger seat for her.

The bright moonlight made his figure slender.

She didn't get in the car immediately. She raised her head with difficulty. She tried to find his blue eyes and looked into each other.

She opened her rosy lips slightly and said in a hoarse voice,

"I didn't expect Mr. Vito to be so stubborn. It's just a kiss? It was normal to feel intoxicating. There is no need to describe it as a dream. Don't curse yourself for having a fever. "

She continued with a sneer.

"Sometimes, the more you force yourself not to think about many things, the more you think about them. Mr. Vito, please relax. Don't deceive yourself, okay? "

After saying that, she got into the car decisively. She remembered clearly that he would take her to see an important person right away.

The two sat in the car. He held the steering wheel tightly and sneered.

"Yes, it's just a kiss. It's nothing. That's why I let you think of it as a dream. And I, of course, kissed you because I had a fever."

She understood what he meant. Wasn't it saying that she didn't deserve his hot kiss? But why did he deceive himself? He kissed her because he had a fever.

Vito is clearly sober, isn't he?

She stared at him with contempt.

"Vito, you're not a man. You don't dare to admit what you've done. It's a fact that you kissed me. Why do you deceive yourself? There is a song that goes like this. It's all the moon to blame. The night is so beautiful and gentle that in an instant I just want to be with you to get old... "

She hummed in a low voice and gradually indulged herself in it.

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