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   Chapter 73 A Dangerous Secretary

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Her heart thumped against her chest, beating incredibly fast.

She lowered her head and said softly.

"There is no wound on the chest, but there are some on the back."

The night outside the window was beautiful, with silver bright moonlight and bright stars.

The light in the room was warm and comfortable orange.

She had an illusion for a moment. At this moment, she and he were just an ordinary couple. They loved each other and were tolerant to each other, supporting each other to walk ahead.

A lifetime might be long, but she clearly understood that she was happy at this moment.

Looking at her shy face, his lust was aroused again.

This woman always didn't know how tempting her shyness would be.

He took a deep breath to calm himself down and forced himself to hold back the lust.

He pretended to be calm and said indifferently.

"Woman, lie prone on the bed. I'll help you apply the medicine. Don't waste any more time."

The romantic and warm atmosphere disappeared in an instant. She pouted and looked at him unhappily.

"Okay! We're in a hurry. By the way, what kind of important person are you taking me to meet?"

He broke free from her hand easily and quickly unbuttoned her shirt, and then forced her to lie prone on the bed.

Her mouth was pressing against the soft pillow and mumbled.

"Mr. Vito, you are not only overbearing and tyrannical, but also cruel and violent. For the patient you're taking care of, it is a tragedy!"

He picked up the cotton swab again and helped her clean the wound on her back. The big and small bruises, in his eyes, made his heart twitch, and it was really painful.

For no reason, he became gentler and more careful, as if he was taking care of a rare treasure.

She stuck out her tongue gently. She knew she was wrong. In fact, he was not violent at all, and he was very gentle. Because when he helped her apply the medicine, she did not feel pain, but a little itchy.

Her whole heart was gradually filled with honey, soft and sweet.

This was a feeling of gratitude and happiness. She seemed to have seen many beautiful colorful bubbles flying all over the sky.

"Wait a minute, woman."

Even his indifferent words sounded warm to her.

Her sight followed her back closely until it completely disappeared in her sight, but she was still reluctant to take back her sight.

What was wrong with her?

How could she have so many inexplicable feelings for him? Besides, she seemed to have forgotten herself.

She suddenly patted her head and murmured.

"Don't be so spineless, okay? He just treats you a little better and gentler. Do you need to be so obsessed with him? Molly, I warn you seriously that he, V

ted again. It turned out that it was really difficult to possess someone.

Because the premise was to get rid of all difficulties.

The girl's eyes were finally fixed on her. She smiled so sweetly, and Molly didn't like to put on airs. What's more, she had no right to put on airs.

She looked calm and smiled faintly, as if there was not much hatred in this battle.

"Mr. Vito, if there's nothing else, I'll leave now."

He just nodded without saying anything.

If we have such a boss, we may be trembling with fear every day. However, someone could still smile so sweetly.

Yet, many of their smiles froze at the moment they turned around and left.

After watching the lovely girl left, Molly couldn't wait to ask the question in her heart.

"Wow! Mr. Vito, you are good! There is a pretty girl beside you. Who is she? Is she your secretary? "

He opened the box and put the shoes in front of her.

It was a pair of silver glazed shoes, shining with bright light in the orange light.

It was really beautiful.

Although this pair of shoes was flat, it gave people a sense of slender high-heeled shoes.

"Yes, she's my secretary. Put it on. We should go now."

A bright light flashed through her light brown eyes.

It was dangerous to have such a secretary by his side.

Although she hadn't clearly felt the secretary's intention towards him, she knew it was dangerous.

She quickly stood up, turned her back to him, and put on her clothes again.

Then, she asked again.

"What's the name of your secretary?"

As soon as she blurted out the words, she had an impulse to bite off her tongue.

Why did she ask his secretary's name for no reason?

When her eyes lit up, she immediately reacted and added.

"I think your secretary looks like one of my classmates."

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