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   Chapter 72 Seduction

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The nurse came in with bandage and medicine. Because of her beauty, Molly smelled danger as soon as she came in.

That was all because Vito, the CEO of OY Group was standing beside her.

Supported by Greg, Sherry left the ward judiciously. Thinking that she would see Justin soon, her heart beat faster inexplicably.

The nurse began to clean the wound for Molly. The strength was normal, and she could bear the small pain.

When she bent down intentionally or unintentionally, the range was very large.

Unfortunately, Vito remained unmoved.

He didn't even look at her. His charming blue eyes were just staring at Molly's wound.

"Does it hurt?"

He asked indifferently.

However, his words warmed her heart, making her feel elated.

"It doesn't hurt if the nurse does it gently."

Her words were not coquettish. She was just calmly telling the truth.

He nodded slightly and finally took a look at the nurse. Then he turned his eyes back to Molly.

"You deserve the pain. Why did you use your eyes while walking?"

Squinting slightly, she twisted her face. She was wounded as she fell down, and it was pathetic enough, but she was scolded by him like this. What did she do in her previous life? Why would she have to suffer so much in this life?

She pouted, pointed at her own eye with her index finger and said through gritted teeth.

"Are you blind! Can't you see my big eyes?"

The nurse, who was applying medicine, felt that she was on the verge of breaking down. The rich and handsome prince that she wanted to hook was flirting with another woman in front of her.

God was unfair. The nurse thought that the woman lying on the bed was not as beautiful or hot as her. She was at best younger than her.

She felt that although she was a little older, she was more elegant and had a good taste.

Why? Why was not she who was flirting with Vito?

It was not easy for her to meet him at such a close distance. She told herself in her heart that she must leave a deep impression on him.

She looked at Molly with sharp and fierce eyes.

She turned her anger into strength and continued to clean the wound with a cotton swab in her hand.


Because of the pain, Molly cried out naturally.

She was also a woman. Of course she knew why the nurse was so violent to her.

It's a blessing to be envied, but when it turned into jealousy and hatred, we have to protect ourselves and fight back. Otherwise, we will suffer more losses.

"Miss, please keep your original strength. Otherwise, don't blame me for complaining you in accordance with the procedures of your hospital for vengeance through work. "

She said the last three words slowly on purpose to make her understand. The nurse, who knew she was wrong, just smiled indifferently


He picked up the cotton swab and continued to apply medicine to her wound.

At this moment, he was depressed. He could only constantly comfort himself in his heart. The reason why he did so was that he pitied her or he was in a hurry.

After listening to his words, she was silent for a moment. She was thinking how to turn her oral thank into a practical thank.

Her eyes lit up and she said happily.

"Okay, then I will express my thanks to you with actions. Do you have time tomorrow night? "

Was she asking him out? It's so rare! It was the first time in almost two years.

He didn't even raise his head and just asked with interest.

"What? Do you also want to throw yourself at me?"

She squinted, patted him on the shoulder and said with a sinister smile.

"Yes! Bingo. If I throw myself at you, will you refuse me? "

She was trying to hide her nervousness with her laughter. She thought she was much inferior to the nurse just now.

As the saying goes, a man is shameless and invincible in the world! She had to continue to cultivate hard.

Finally, the wounds on her leg were applied with medicine. Her mint lips gently drew up, like a colored crescent moon.

"You can try to see if I will refuse you or not. "

She turned her head slightly and stuck out her tongue. 'What a cunning wolf.'

She turned around and saw him unbuttoning her shirt. Her hair stood up. She grabbed his hand and asked nervously.

"We are the hospital! What are you doing? Besides, we are in a hurry, aren't we? "

In the end, her voice was so low that it could only be heard clearly by herself.

He tapped on the back of her head and said with disdain.

"What are you thinking about? I just want to help you apply the medicine. "

Uh! Did she really think too much?

Two red spots flew on her cheeks, pink, nifty and cute.

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