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   Chapter 71 Create An Opportunity

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Squinting his blue eyes, Vito looked at Molly up and down and said with a faint smile.

"Are you sure you want to go in this way? "

Molly finally realized that she should care about her image.

Her hair was in a mess, her clothes were dirty, and even her shoes were missing.

Two blushes flew onto her cheeks. She looked at him shyly and complained.

"It's all your fault! See? Now I can't even find my shoes. The floor is so hot that it will burn my feet. "

As soon as she finished speaking, her head was tapped.

He crossed his arms over his chest and said gloomily.

"Are you blaming me? Woman, look at yourself. How many times have you been hurt in a day? I think even a beggar is better than you now. "

She was so excited that she grabbed his arm tightly just now.

"Vito, what do you mean? I'm not even as good as a beggar, huh? Indeed, as you said, I'm not as good as a beggar now. But don't you know why? You are the reason why I am like this. So you have to be responsible for me. "

He was patient and listened to her.

His face darkened, and there was a mocking smile on the corner of his mouth.

"Miss Molly, think about it. If you weren't a skittish woman who kissed and hugged others in the street, would all these things have happened later? Why should I be responsible for a skittish woman? "

She thought for a while and found that it was possible for her to achieve her goal.

She said slowly with a bright smile on her face.

"Yes! I'm a woman of easy virtue. I can easily kiss and hug a man in the street. You really have no reason to be responsible for a woman like me. I don't need you to be responsible for me. I just want you to ask Dr. Justin to perform the operation for my mother. "

There was a fire burning in his heart, making his whole heart blocked.

As he recalled the scenes in the pictures of Molly and Elliot, he unconsciously clenched his fists, and inexplicable anger was once again burning.

He had to admit that he was a possessive man.

She was his woman. He wouldn't allow any other man to touch her, even just a finger.

"Our engagement is cancelled. Naturally, I will never let Justin do the operation for your mother."

His voice was as cold as his expression, as if he were saying something very common.

Seeing that he was about to leave, she suddenly got out of the car regardless of anything. The temperature of her feet touching the ground was so hot that she couldn't help jumping.

She held his arm tightly, and her heart was full of panic and sadness. She was a very small chess piece in his hand. She had to obey his orders. Otherwise, her resistance would often result in a more hum

ustin were happily together could she give up completely and no longer have any fantasy about the fairy tale of Cinderella and the prince.

Greg turned to look at his boss. As a matter of fact, Molly had been injured for several times, even just a little bruise, it was always Mr. Justin who treated her.

Vito nodded at him to let him do as she said.

"Molly, I'll help you find the nurse."

With an "OK" gesture, she let him go quickly.

Sherry knew why her friend did it very well. Of course, she would do her best to not let her friend down.

"Come on!" said Molly by lip language.

"I will," replied Sherry by lip language.

Vito didn't have that kind of patience to watch the two women talking by eye contact. He walked to the window and quietly stared at the scenery beneath his feet.

Looking at the back of Vito, Sherry urged her again.

She whispered in her ear.

"Molly, look, what a good man! He is handsome, rich and special. Now the time is just right. Hurry up and conquer him. Let's work hard for our happiness together. "

This man was indeed very good in all aspects, but it was not easy for her to really conquer him. He had Michelle, and now Nora also appeared. It was obvious that they were not easy to deal with.

But what she wanted more was to grow old with the one she loved.

The passionate love was always short, in which someone would be like a moth darting into the fire, leaving wounds all over her body.

Why? But women were always so stupid. She knew there was a deep abyss ahead, but she still jumped down without hesitation.

Now, compared with Nora and Michelle, her biggest advantage was that she was closed to him.

"Hurry up and conquer Justin."

A touch of sadness flashed across her brown eyes, but it was faint.

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