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   Chapter 30 It Was Justin

My Evil Husband: Love Comes After Marriage By Nuan Qiu Characters: 5446

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Clenching her fists, she held the quilt tightly. After a moment of silence, she finally squeezed a few words from her teeth foolishly.

"Then I'll go to the next room to sleep. Good night, Mr. Vito. "

She thought that as long as she didn't lie beside him, everything would be as usual.

Her face was as red as a cherry in his eyes. Normally, it was tempting.


As a man, he was very satisfied with her reaction.

If only they were just strangers without so much hatred between them, who could develop their relationship naturally?

At this moment, she still did nothing, but she still fascinated him.

As it sings in the song, "Silly girl, we are the same. We are all hurt by love, but we still believe that he will be different."

Women were all stupid. They believed that there would always be a man who would think their being stupid was a kind of cuteness, and that they deserved a man who loved her wholeheartedly.

Even Vito was confused. Was his inexplicable emotion at the moment a real feeling from the bottom of his heart, or was it just to make up for the trap he set for her tonight.

The atmosphere in the room was as romantic as the colorful night sky outside the window.

At such a critical moment, his mobile phone rang, disturbing the infinite love.

They looked at each other. Their postures were not only ambiguous, but also awkward.

He looked impatient and wanted to directly smash the phone that was ringing on the desk into pieces.

She fumbled for his phone and handed it to him considerately.

He took the phone and looked at the screen.

It was from Ricky, his cousin.

He pressed the answer key anxiously and listened to the other end of the phone. His face became darker and darker.

It was Michelle, the woman who looked as elegant as a chrysanthemum but often liked to get herself drunk.

Michelle was drunk again. Fortunately, she met Ricky, and he sent her home. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

He said coldly to the person on the other end of the phone.

"Take care of her. I'll be there right away."

Most of the time, the so-called "love" seemed simple, but in fact, it was very complicated. Love was mutual.

Although his voice was cold, she could tell that he was worried about her.

Would she ask him to stay?

The answer was definitely no.

She couldn't ask him to stay, and she didn't have the right to do so.

She could even imagine some scenes that would definitely happen after she married him.

A touch of sadness flitted across her heart.

She didn't ask too much. She just hoped that he could give her a light kiss. If he left after that, she would feel better.

But he didn't. It was not b

ecause he was stingy, but because he didn't want to give it to her, and he couldn't give it to her.

She watched him get out of bed and followed him closely until he completely disappeared in the bathroom.

But she was still unwilling to take back her sight. The feeling in her heart was very complicated. She did not want to think about it, but she was afraid to think about it. She might not be able to figure it out.

After changing his clothes, he said, "Woman, be good." Then he strode away.

The door was opened and then closed. Then a car roared away. It could be seen that the owner of the car was in a hurry.

After Vito left, she suddenly felt that the whole world was quiet and everything stopped spinning.

She could only hear her heart beating lonely.

In a trance, she got out of bed and found another nightdress. She put on a short sleeved plaid nightdress and a pair of specially-made slippers.

Then she ran outside. If she didn't see Sherry with her own eyes, the stone would still be stuck in her heart, making her feel difficult to breathe.

She came to a room in the corner of the third floor. She raised her hand and knocked on the door out of politeness.

Unexpectedly, the response was from a very pleasant male voice.

"The door is not locked. Come in, please."

Her heart began to beat faster. Could it be him?

A moment later, she plucked up her courage and pushed the door open.

The door was pushed open, and what came into view was that Sherry was lying on the bed quietly. Sitting on the sofa beside the bed, Justin was reading a book while drinking some tea.

It could be seen that he was very good at enjoying life.

She slowly walked to the bedside and saw Sherry who was safe and breathing much smoother.

A warm smile appeared on Justin's face, which swept away the loneliness in her heart and gave her a glimmer of warm hope.

He, Justin Lu, was a man who would bring warmth to others, like an angel who had accidentally fallen into the mortal world.

She smiled at him calmly and gently. With red lips and white teeth, she was clear and bright.

His hand holding the cup froze in a few seconds.

She began to be in a trance. Her smile not only made him feel its warmth, but also made him feel the unworldly spiritual energy condensed on her.

He knew and understood that it was impossible for him and her to have any follow-up story.

But he still couldn't help falling in love with her, even if he could only wait silently. He felt that he was willing to do it.

He picked up the tea set and gave a hint to her with a gentle look to let her join him.

On the cool bamboo vine chair beside the French window, they sat face to face.

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