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   Chapter 11 A Cowherd

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Vito's side face was very beautiful, real and without any illusory color.

The line of Vito's face was clean and firm, and a mysterious masculine aura was emitted from his heart.

Sometimes like a calm and calm angel, sometimes like a raging devil, and sometimes set angels and demons as a whole.

Perhaps, there were a lot of thoughts in Molly's mind, but she never thought about whether she loved him or not.

There were some men that she shouldn't fall in love with all her life, so she simply didn't want anything.

Molly never believed that love and hate could be together.

"Here we are. Get off the car."

Molly was lost in her own thoughts. Gradually, she came to her senses.

The car stopped steadily at the door of a Italian western restaurant which called Blue Sky.

Molly looked herself up and down and then looked at Vito beside her.

"Let's go to another place! I'm wearing casual clothes. They won't let me in. "

Opening the door, Vito got out of the car. Then he walked around the car, opened the door beside Molly and said slowly.

"Get off the car. Whether can you get in? I have the final say. "

Molly got out of the car obediently and quietly followed behind Vito.

When they were about to walk through the glass door of the restaurant, Vito suddenly held Molly's hand.

The usher just nodded her head and smiled to Vito, without the slightest intention of rejecting Molly from the door.


Sitting on the orange sofa, Molly breathed a sigh of relief. It was so good that she could finally fill her stomach!

Said Molly thoughtfully, sitting face to face with Vito.

"Is this restaurant also owned by you?"

Expressionless, Vito looked away, picked up the menu and said while looking at it.

"It's from my friend. What do you want to eat?"

Picking up another menu on the table, Molly said sulkily.

""It was opened by your friend. I won't stand on ceremony. Let's go."

Molly called the waiter over and said while reading the menu.

"I want a pepper steak, a sweet and sour noodles, a foie gras, a goose sausage, and a mousse cake..."

All of them were stunned. The waiter quickly remembered what Molly ordered with a suspicious attitude.

Vito raised his eyebrows. He couldn't imagine that such a petite Molly could eat so much.

After the waiter left, Molly smiled sweetly to Vito and said proudly.

"Mr. Vito, let's see if you have enough money? I don't want to be locked here. "

Shrugging and raising his eyebrows, Vito seemed to realize something.

"I seem to have forgotten to bring my wallet. Woman, you can stay here and help them wash the dishes. I guess the things you ordered just now have to be washed here for five years."

Molly picked up the plum juice and drank it elegantly. She thought that drink more and eat more later.

Seeing that the plum juice was all over, Molly reluctantly moved her little mouth away.

She looked at Vito with a cheeky smile and said with interest.

"Yeah! If you don't bring

your wallet, I really have to wash the dishes here for five years. "

Molly covered her mouth and snickered. Then she raised her voice and continued.

"Honey, look around. There are rich people everywhere? You took advantage of your special position to make a profit. I think with your face and strong body, not only is it easy to attract business, but also the price must be great. "

Looking at the mischievous smile on Molly's face, those words quickly flashed through Vito's mind.

The mommy in brothel.

Yes, exactly. Vito's face was gloomy. This woman called him like a cowherd.

The most annoying thing was that she spoke so loudly.

Then, a miraculous thing happened.

An old woman with heavy makeup and beauty walked in front of Vito. She held Vito's hand tightly and said in a coquettish voice, eager to pounce on him at once.

"Handsome boy, I don't care how much you spend for one night? I've booked it for you. Come with me now! "

Vito glared at Molly, who was laughing from ear to ear. Molly really wanted to laugh out loud, but unfortunately, in order to maintain her last little image, she had to endure it.

The expression on Vito's face has risen from gloom to terror. He said to the old woman in a low voice.

"I'm not a cowherd. Please leave me right now."

The woman looked at Vito with a pitiful look. She had meant to say something? However, when she met Vito's icy blue eyes, she was stuck in her throat. She could only look aggrieved. She turned around three times and left reluctantly.


Finally, Molly couldn't help laughing on the sofa. Before she could stop laughing.

A young beautiful lady floated in front of Vito, bowed her head and said with a smile.

"I'll give you one hundred thousand. Can you stay with me for one night?"

Looking at the poker face of Vito, which was about to storm, Molly knew that she should stop at the right time, or the consequences would be unimaginable.

Molly stopped laughing, stood up and sat down beside Vito calmly.

Then she held Vito's arm intimately, smiled sweetly and said sincerely to the young beauty.

"I'm sorry, beauty. I've already bought him with ten million. or Leave your phone number and he'll call you when he's free. "

As soon as the young lady heard the ten million, she gave up. She could only take her own business card and repeatedly told Vito to contact her before leaving.

Patting her chest, Molly laughed happily.

Vito covered Molly's mouth and forced Molly to lean against him.

"Woman, just wait and see. I won't let you get out of bed."

With a big smile on her face, Molly didn't take Vito's threat seriously at all.

"Sir, I'm sorry. This is not the place for you to do special work. Could you please restrain yourself a little?"

A strange and pleasant male voice sounded above their heads. Both Molly and Vito raised their heads at the same time and looked into each other's eyes with four eyes.

Then, except for Molly, everyone else was shocked.

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