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   Chapter 8 May Be Marry Vito Is Not A Bad Thing

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Seeing the unfathomable change on Molly's face, Eill couldn't help but ask worriedly.

"Molly, what happened last night? Did Vito make things difficult for you again? "

Eill was one of the few friends that Molly could confide in. Of course, Eill knew what had happened between Molly and Vito.

After taking a deep breath, Molly told Eill what had happened last night.

Eill was stunned and almost blurted out.

"Vito wants you to marry him?" And you have to marry him."

Said Molly in a heavy tone, nodding slightly.

"Yes, according to him, he wants to tie me up with him, so that he can torture me better. Eill, I really don't know why Vito hates me so much? I really don't remember when I offended him. "

Seeing that Molly was so painful, Eill's heart also ached. She gently held Molly's hand and forced a smile.

"Molly, have you promised to marry Vito? It doesn't matter. One day, you will know the reason. Since you don't remember, then don't think about it. Don't cause yourself trouble. "

Molly said with self mockery, her light brown eyes becoming hollow.

"Who is Vito? How dare I refuse to marry him. After all, he is now in charge of my mother's fate and my brother's future. By the way, Eill, do you find a job? "

Molly envied Eill very much. Eill had graduated from university and could work now. Molly didn't know how far away the Oscar queen of her dream is from her?

Eill looked at Molly with admiration from the bottom of her heart. Eill admired her cousin. Molly could still be so strong and optimistic in the face of so many difficulties in her life. She was facing so many things that she shouldn't face at her age.

In addition, Eill cared more about and cared about Molly than her own sister and brother.

She raised her hand, gently wiped the tears from the corner of Molly's eyes and said with a gentle smile.

"Maybe... Marrying Vito was not necessarily a bad thing for you. At least, you don't have to be beaten by my mother, and you don't have to have endless housework all day long. Coincidentally, I was assigned to OY Hospital for internship. "

Eill majored in medical science. Naturally, the working unit would be connected with the hospital. A bad feeling rose in Molly's heart.

'God likes to play tricks on people. There are so many hospitals in the A City, why do you choose OY Hospital?'

Molly hated that the person she cared about had something to do with Vito.

"I can only do it step by step. I also hope that marrying Vito is not as bad as I think. What a coincidence! In fact, Eill, I don't want you to have an internship in OY Hospital. I think with your strength, it won't be difficult for you to have an internship in other hospitals in the A City. "

Eill knew that Molly was thinking for herself, but she had another thought.

"Molly, I think it's good for me to have an internship in OY Hospital. In that case, I can take good care of your mother and avoid a lot of worry. I think I will take care of your mother for you in the hospital, so that you can feel a little relieved, Molly. "

If someone Molly trusted took care of her mother in the hospital, she would be relieved a lot. However, Molly didn't want to see Eill get hurt, let alone get into

this muddy water.

Molly opened her mouth slightly. When she was about to say something, she saw that Eill deliberately drew closer to her and whispered in her ear.

"Molly, don't say 'but' to me. I've decided to work as an intern in OY Hospital. As usual, I'll hide the food under your bed. My mother is here. I'm leaving now. "

As expected, less than five minutes after Eill left, Molly's aunt came.

She threw the dirty clothes into the water fiercely. Inevitably, water splashed all over Molly's body.

"This dress hasn't been washed clean yet. Silly girl, do you want me to feel ashamed to wear it? Do you want to rebel against me. "

A fierce slap fell on Molly's left cheek, and a burning pain arose.

Should Molly cry again?

No, Molly didn't show any weakness. She raised her head and her rosy lips drew a beautiful arc.

She smiled, as if she was driving on the most steep cliff. The arrogant and tough wild lily was so beautiful that it would burn people's eyes.

The five finger print on her left cheek had been bright red and angry. Molly said calmly.

"Aunt, I'll take good care not to let you wear it out in disgrace."

Molly sneered in her heart. It was already embarrassing enough. No matter what she wore, it was embarrassing to go out.

With a heavy snort, aunt pointed at Molly and said ferociously.

"You'd better do that, silly girl. Otherwise, don't blame me for spreading the news that you are Vito's woman. It's really useless. You are also a mistress of Vito. You can't even get a penny from him. "

The melody of Molly's heart skipped a beat unconsciously, and her light brown eyes began to be cold.

Molly raised his head and looked at the woman called Qrin Wang. Even if she had no blood relationship with Molly, she was still Molly's nominal aunt.

How could she say such heartless words.

On the spur of the moment, Molly really wanted to rush over and pick up the kitchen knife to see if her aunt's heart was black?

What the meaning of the saying that one had to yield under the eaves? This is it.

With a faint smile on her face, Molly thought, 'I will be the Oscar winner in the future. I have played such a small role well.'

Molly said calmly and gently without frowning.

"Aunt, I'll try my best to get some money from Vito and make up for your family expenses,"

Qrin Wang's eyes lit up as if she had seen the money waving at her.

The expression on her face softened in an instant. She still squatted down beside Molly, and her words were so hypocritical and intimate.

"Molly, can you borrow some money from Vito? I lost a lot last night."


Did Qrin Wang want Molly to borrow money from Vito?

Vito was so mean. Molly might as well sell what Vito gave her.

In any case, Molly wouldn't need those luxuries.

"Aunt, how much do you need?"

With a bright smile on her face, Qrin Wang stretched out a finger to Molly, and after a while, she squeezed out three words from her teeth.

"One million."

One million? It was such a big loss!

Molly shrugged and said helplessly.

"Aunt, to tell you the truth, it's impossible for Vito to lend me money. But I can sell the thing he gave me, but I am sure that it isn't worth one million."

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