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   Chapter 5 Domineering Vito

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The hot summer sun, lazily through the curtain, fell on the face of Molly.

She was holding a pillow that she thought was incomparably comfortable and sleeping sweetly.

She didn't notice that someone's face was so dark.

When she was about to turn over and continue sleeping, Molly sadly found that she couldn't move her pillow no matter how hard she tried?

Reluctantly, she opened her sleepy eyes and looked at the black face of Vito in front of her.


Totally blank, Molly began to enter the silly state.

She was trying to recall what happened last night, but her mind was still blank.

Thinking about it again and again, it was very miserable. Molly just vaguely remembered that she had decided to indulge herself. Then she really ran to a nightclub to drink fiercely. Later, she met lechers. She struggled desperately. When she was desperate, it was Vito who saved her.

She really didn't remember what happened next.

Molly let go of her hands on Vito and said pitifully.

"Well, did I do anything to you last night?"

Molly knew that when she was drunk, she would has unusual enthusiasm. Once, she even kissed her best friend, Sherry.

Vito finally regained his freedom. He quickly picked up a wet tissue and wiped the saliva on his face.

After wiping, Vito put his hands around his chest and asked Molly with interest.

"What do you think?"

Then she lifted the quilt. Looking at Vito's performance on her body, Molly began to feel a pang of pain. It could be imagined that he was crazy last night?

Fortunately, it was weekend. It didn't matter if she couldn't get out of bed.

Anyway, Molly had been mentally prepared to go back and face her uncle. Anyway, she was doomed.

With a sly smile on her face, Molly said to Vito boldly.

"All right! Even if I really did something to you. But first of all, I have neither money nor life."

Vito said coldly and domineeringly, wrapping his arms around Molly's neck.

"Woman, you are not allowed to drink alone in the future."

Molly coughed slightly. If Vito exerted more strength, Molly was sure that she would be strangled to death.

She didn't expect that she would feel so bad about death.

Seeing that Molly's face was red and she began to cough violently, Vito finally let go of his hand.

Finally, Molly was free again. For the first time, she found that it was so wonderful to breathe freely.

"I would ask my friends to go with me next time! Why don't you just murder me? An uncle who is almost in his thirties just knows how to bully a little sister like me. "

An uncle in his thirties? Little sister?

Vito looked at Molly gloomily. He wouldn't let Molly die so easily.

He wanted to torture her and make her understand that she couldn't live or die.

"Woman, you'd better not have any idea of suicide, or I will let many people die with you. You want to drink, ok, but only I can accompany you, no one else. And don't call me uncle. Otherwise, you will pay for it. "

Molly stuck out her tongue secretly. Did the man named Vito also come to her period? His mood is so uncertain.

Molly shrugged her shoulders and said innocently.

"Don't scare me. I'm going to die. Am I afraid of scaring me? Uncle, do you know you are very domineering? It's none of your business! I'm going to drink with someone else, but I don't want to drink with you. What can you do to me? I will call you uncle, uncle, uncle, Uncle... "

Since Molly's red lips were covered peremptorily, she could only make small groans.

Vito's kiss was always domineering at the beginning, and ended ruthlessly.

Although Molly had been used to it, she still felt a little sad and a sense of loss.

Molly was completely paralyzed in the arms of Vito. Now she needed time to recover her strength and breathe smoothly.

If she kept silent, then most of the time, Vito would also keep silent.

After getting along with him for two years, she didn't talk much with him. Most of the time, Molly kept talking, while Vito listened silently.

A moment later, after regaining her strength, Molly began to display her special skills again. She was still secretly reminding herself that this time she had to try her best to persuade Vito.

She would rather die than marry him.

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