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   Chapter 4 Enthusiasm

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Molly felt that her whole body was burning. Unconsciously, she wanted to take off her coat.

She reached out her hot little hand and suddenly held the arm of Vito who was driving.

With a confused look on her face, Molly pursed her red lips and said in a hoarse and somewhat obscure voice.

"Vito, I'm so hot, so hot."

Feeling the sudden heat, Vito turned his head and looked at the blushing face of Molly.

He cursed in a low voice.

"Damn it!"

Vito began to speed up suddenly.

Although the speed was fast, the person sitting in the car didn't feel the jolt at all.

This was the effect of a good car and a good driver.

Molly still held Vito's arm tightly.

Finally, the car stopped steadily at the gate of OY Hotel. Vito was helping Molly put on her coat again.

Molly raised her head and gave Vito a charming smile.

Vito's face darkened in an instant. He should be glad that he was the one who was with Molly now.

Looking at Molly's clear eyes, Vito's blue eyes shone with a cold light, and his sexy lips gently raised.

"Molly Jing, you are playing with fire. Be careful not to burn yourself."

Vito wanted to take his hand back, but he didn't know where the strength came from, and Molly still held his hands tightly.

"I'm just playing with fire. I like it. Vito, do you need me? "

Molly pouted, making her rosy lips look more and more enchanting. In her bright and clear eyes, there was an unprecedented sexual desire.

Vito didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. This woman was crazy.

He nodded slightly to the thirsty look on Molly's face and finally squeezed a word from his teeth.


With a little more strength, Vito got rid of his hand and helped Molly wrapped her coat rudely.

Perhaps, he, Vito, had no idea what tenderness was?

He got out of the car, opened the door and held Molly up.

As he walked, his face became more and more tense. This woman began to... in public.

Vito had no choi

ce but to quicken his pace.

Fortunately, he had his own private elevator in OY Hotel.

Vito swore to himself that if this woman dared to drink alone again in the future, he would definitely throw her directly to the street to feed dogs.

Arriving at his own presidential suite, Vito rudely threw Molly on the bed.

Being treated so rudely, Molly felt wronged. Her two lines of tears began to fall, and they were out of control.

"Woo...Woo All of you bullied me. I don't have father's love or mother's love now. So did Vito, uncle, aunt and cousins. I'm not a dog. Why should I let you do whatever you want to me. I'm a human being, and I have my own thoughts and dignity to defend. I hate you, all of you. Let me tell you, even a dog will jump off the wall when it's urgent. I'll jump down from the eighty-six floor tomorrow. I would like to see how you can bully me again? "

Molly began to laugh wildly. Now that she was mad, she was very welcome to the Simpson Psychiatric Hospital.

Vito frowned and listened to Molly to talk about it.

Damn it! His heart began to ache again.

Vito sat beside Molly, held her in his arms, lowered his head and kissed away the tears from the corner of her eyes.

Tears tasted bitter and salty.

Perhaps, this was the most real feeling in Molly's heart in the past two years.

All the tenderness in the world was inadvertently expressed.

Now Vito had mixed feelings. He hated Molly to the core, but why? He would be so reluctant to see Molly sad and crying.

With her watery eyes wide open, Molly stared at Vito. She was a person who would be a little more enthusiastic than usual when she was drunk, not to mention now.

She broke free from Vito's arms and flung herself on Vito.

Vito looked at Molly innocently.

With a blush on her face, Molly looked at Vito seriously.

Vito held her waist again, but this time, they went to the bathroom.


It was not until dawn that they fell asleep tiredly.

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