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   Chapter 3 M

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Vito squinted his blue eyes and bit Molly's ear.

"You will find out soon enough."

Molly suddenly felt afraid.

She felt like a piece of driftwood, floating on the sea. She tried to steel her nerves for what was to come.

Molly hated not being in control.

She was only twenty years old.

Why did she have to shoulder so many responsibilities?

The burdens of life on her would break her down in any moment.

For many people, home was a warm and happy place.

However, this was not the case for Molly. Not only did she have to suffer through Vito, but she was also faced with such hostility when she got home.

Since the car accident two years ago, Molly had been living in her uncle's place.

It was already seven o'clock in the evening when Molly walked out of the OY Hotel.

It was time for her to head home and face the music.

That meant that when she got home, she would have a mountain of dirty dishes to wash, six rooms she needed to clean from top to bottom, and cousins she needed to tutor.

Her aunt was a pain in her neck. She must have invited her three friends to play mahjong right now.

Molly had to wait on them hand and foot, and she needed to pray that her aunt would win. Otherwise, her aunt would be in a very bad mood.

Her uncle was no better. Once upon a time, he had treated her like family.

Now, he was cruel towards Molly. He even wanted to use her to get what he could from Vito.

However, he didn't know just how stingy Vito was. Vito had never given Molly any money.

He only gave her gifts. Molly only needed to say that something was beautiful.

She would receive it the very next day.

Colorful neon lights shone on the street. Molly was already a little late to get home, but it didn't matter to her.

She was indeed tired, wanting to take a break and focus on herself, for once.

Molly pushed open the glass door of the nightclub. Just for one night, she would be transported to another world.

Molly kept downing glass after glass of wine.

She just wanted to get drunk and lose herself in the music and the alcohol.

The strong, sweet alcohol trickled down her throat, making her feel warm all over.

Molly had made up her mind. She would marry Vito in a month, pay for her brother's tuition, pay for her mother's medical fees, and find her father's missing corpse. Then, she would get out of here.

Glancing at the glass in her hand, she poised herself to drink more. If she was drunk, she would no longer feel anything.

"Hey, baby. Are you in a bad mood? Would you like to have a drink with me?"

A bald man approached Molly and began badgering her. However, to his surprise, Molly agreed enthusiastically.

"Okay! That's exactly what I want."

The bald man put his hand on Molly's shoulder and whispered in her ear,

"You want to get out of here? I know someplace more private."

Molly nodded and left with the bald man.

It seemed that she was really drunk.

The man took her to a box. When they entered, Molly saw that there were three other men there.

Of course, they all welcomed Molly.

They all laughed and drank, and they kept giving Molly shots. Molly suddenly became very dizzy.

Seeing that the beauty was almost drunk, the bald man began to touch her.

Molly raised her head and looked at the strange, bald man in front of her. Her heart trembled. She suddenly realized that she was in a very dangerous situation.

She tried to reach for her phone, but the man held her hand tightly.

He looked at her with a

cheeky smile.

"Hey, baby. What are you doing? I can help you if you're feeling hot."

Another man with cropped hair began advancing on Molly. He began running his fingers along her arms, which made Molly even more nervous.

She slapped away the man's hand and yelled out,

"Go away, don't touch me!"

The bald man, who had been playing with Molly's hair, began to slide his hand down her back.

Molly felt so afraid. She began to panic and so, she screamed,


She got up from the sofa and tried to run away.

However, as soon as she stood up, she was dragged back to the sofa.

"Hey, baby. Why do you want to run away? Relax. I'll make you happy."

Waves of nausea rolled over Molly. She could feel bile rising up her throat. Her eyes filled with tears, but she struggled not to cry.

"I want to go home. Let go of me."

The two other men stood up and began closing in on her.

Without any warning, the tears burst out from the corners of Molly's eyes.

She tried her best to break free, but the men had her pinned down.

"Please, let go of me. Please..."

The familiar helplessness was overwhelming her once again. Molly felt suffocated.

'Vito, where are you? Help me.'

Molly felt paralyzed.

Fear gripped her heart and she had trouble breathing.

She would rather die than be defiled by any of these men.

Molly struggled to free herself. She covered her chest with her arms, crying loudly.

"Get out of my way, all of you! Don't touch me!"

Two of the men began to pin down both her arms. The bald man found a piece of cloth and stuffed it into Molly's mouth.

"Babe, I'll make you taste heaven."

Molly was on the verge of breaking down. She couldn't do anything about what was happening to her.

It was a fate worse than death.

The bald man went on top of Molly and looked at her hungrily. Molly wailed.

Hearing such a sad cry, Vito's heart broke.

He kicked open the door and knocked over the bald man who was on top of Molly.

Then, Vito immediately took off his suit jacket and wrapped it around Molly's trembling body.

The smiling killer, Greg Ji, who was behind Vito, took care of the rest of the men.

"Don't touch me. Go away..."

Molly cried out desperately, her eyes still tightly shut.

Vito quickly helped Molly put on her jeans and held her tightly in his arms.

It was lucky that Greg Ji had seen Molly leave with the bald man, or else who knew what could have happened to her?

"It's all right. Don't be afraid."

His voice was still cold, but Vito's eyes shone with tenderness.

Molly stopped crying for a moment. The voice was familiar.

"Vito, is that you?"

Seeing Molly's tears made Vito's heart crack.

Oh, what a silly girl. She pretended to be so strong, but here she was---so vulnerable and weak.

He gently wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes.

"Yes, it's me. I'll get you out of here right away," he said in a low voice.

For the first time, Molly felt so warm in Vito's arms. She curled up into his chest.

Vito held Molly up and walked her outside. When he passed by Greg Ji, he stopped.

"Cut off one arm and one leg, and send them all on the next ship to Africa."

Greg Ji smiled brightly.

"Yes, Boss."

Greg Ji took out a sharp knife from his pocket, and he smiled as he knelt down beside the unconscious men.

"Ha! How dare you touch Vito's woman? Now, you will pay!"

The men seemed to tremble at the mention of Vito's name.

They were in big trouble. Why did they touch such a woman?

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