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   Chapter 2 M

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In those moments, Molly wanted to sink into the ground and die.

She still remembered his eyes looking at her hungrily, like she was a piece of meat. She could never forget.

That day, Molly knew there was nothing she could do. She was pressed up against the cold wall. He pinned her to the wall with one hand. He lifted her chin with his other hand and forced her to look into his eyes.

Molly focused on the money. She needed his money to pay for her mother's medical bills. "T-ten million dollars..." she said tentatively, biting her lip.

She did not shout, but her voice rang out loud and clear.

He licked his lips. "Ha..." Vito smiled and tightened his grip on her. He treated her like a plaything that he could toss around however he pleased. "Ten million? I never said I'd pay all in one go... I'm paying you in installments!"

Molly felt like she had been doused with cold water.

Installments! ... ... ...

How could he pay in installments! ...

Molly stared at him wide-eyed, dazed and confused. This beautiful man in front of her seemed to be playing tricks on her. He looked like a masterpiece, and she couldn't find a flaw on his face.

However, he was just a devil walking out of hell. Molly was suddenly very conscious of his body pressed so tightly against hers. It was wrong... So wrong...

"Woman, from now on, you belong to me, Vito Ouyang!" He paused, studying her reaction. Seeing her confused expression, he continued to speak, "All of you belongs to me. You cannot forget that. If you are obedient, I will pay for your mother's bills and your brother's tuition. Now, wouldn't that be nice? However, if you defy me, well... Let's just say I can make life very, very hard for you."

Molly would remember those words for the rest of her life.

This man was truly a despicable human being!

A sharp pain quickly brought Molly back to reality.

Vito was roughly burying his head on her shoulder. It was his habit.

Molly could smell his skin. He smelled like pear flowers on a summer day.

"Woman, is today your twentieth birthday? I have a special gift for you."

A special gift?

Molly slowly opened her brown eyes.

"Is that really you? You want to give me a birthday gift?"

The look on Molly's face sent a pang through Vito's heart.

He frowned and gritted his teeth.

"Woman, marry me."


This was his birthday present? If it was, she did not want any of it. She wanted nothing more than to be rid of Vito.

She just wanted to live a normal life.

It seems that God could not hear her pleas and was ignoring the deep pain in her heart.

She could never marry Vito. She would rather die than marry him.

Vito was a devil. He humiliated her and made her suffer whenever he could.

Molly clenched her jaw in defiance.

"No, I won't marry you."

Vito sneered,

"Oh, of course. You can reject me. However, what's going to hap

pen to your poor mother and brother? I'm not sure they would survive without me."

Molly gripped the sheet tightly in her fists. She knew Vito was not kidding.

She knew he wouldn't repeat himself, either.

"Vito Ouyang."

Vito didn't like to hear Molly calling him by his full name, but he liked seeing her angry. He thought it was cute.

"What can I do for you?" Vito asked, smirking.

In a flash, Molly pummeled him with her fists. She was boiling with anger.

She knew she was asking for trouble, but Vito seemed unhurt. In fact, he even seemed to enjoy it.

Vito just let her smack him as much as she wanted to.

"You devil! Go to hell! I wish you would die right now!"

After hearing Molly's words, Vito whispered into her ear,

"Will you be going to hell with me?"

Molly growled at him.

"Ha! I would rather die than marry you!"

Molly hit him even harder, and Vito relished each one of her strikes.

Yes, he was a devil. Molly was not the first woman to call him that, and she certainly would not be the last. He chuckled, seeing her so angry.

"Woman, I just want to see you suffer. There will be no more talk of this. The wedding will be held in a month. On our wedding day, I will ask Justin to do the craniotomy for your mother. I heard that the probability of success for the surgery is fifty percent."

In a month, she would be married to Vito.

Her mother would get her long awaited operation on Molly's wedding day.

Molly still could not accept that she would be marrying Vito.

Why did he have to schedule her mother's operation on their wedding day?

Molly bit her lip.

She finally understood.

Was he trying to prevent her from going back to her mother?

He was doing this on purpose.

Was her suffering not yet enough?

However, she had no other choice but to accept her fate.

She tried her best to hold back her tears, digging her fingernails into her palms to keep herself from crying.

She needed to be strong. She could not let him see her cry.

Molly's light brown eyes were filled with rage.

"Tell me, why did you marry me? You can definitely fill the whole OY Hotel with the women who actually want to get married to you. I have neither the money nor the power. Tell me, why are you forcing me to marry you?"

Compared with the manic look on Molly's face, Vito was quite rational and calm. He said a few words gently.

"I married you to make you suffer."

Molly's vision blurred. She felt like her head would explode any second. In the beginning, when Vito had made her his, she constantly asked him why. She knew that Vito hated her.

However, Vito kept his mouth shut. No matter how many times she asked, he refused to tell her the reason. As time went by, she eventually stopped asking. But today, she needed to know once and for all.

"Vito, why do you hate me so much? Why must you make my life a living hell?"

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