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   Chapter 229 Current Relationship

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After a while, Jennifer slowly came to her senses and said to Anna, "You go to the hospital to take a visit. If they need anything, try to meet the family's requirements as much as possible. Pay for the medical fees and follow other related things personally."

He was injured at work, which was a kind of work accident. Jennifer still hoped that Anna could deal with it in person. The company was in a special period now, and there could not be any mistake.

Anna understood what Jennifer meant. She nodded and replied, "I will."

The police had recorded the statements. After cleaning up the messy office with Jennifer, Anna looked at Ryan, who had been silently accompanying them, and she understood. She said with a smile, "Ms. Jennifer, there's nothing else. I'll go back first. I may be late for the company tomorrow morning. I want to go straight to the hospital to see the injured security."

"Okay, thank you for coming here. Did you drive here by yourself? How about I drive you to your destination?" Jennifer said to Anna.

Hearing this, Anna smiled and shook her head. "My boyfriend drive me here. Because he is not a member of the group, I didn't let him come up. He was waiting for me in the parking lot."

Hearing Anna say that someone would pick her up, Jennifer felt relieved and said, "I know what kind of person you are. You don't have to be so cautious next time."

With a serious look on her face, Anna replied, "Rules are rules. I can't break them first. Ms. Jennifer, I'll go back first. You should go back early and have a good rest."

"Okay." It was not until Anna left that she noticed Ryan who had been with her. Looking at him, Jennifer smiled apologetically and said, "I'm sorry. I didn't expect these things to happen. Are you hungry? Let's have a midnight snack."

She looked at her watch and found it was almost eleven o'clock.

Jennifer didn't expect after they finish their dinner at seven or eight o'clock, because of this matter, they would stay in the company until so late. Thinking that Ryan had been with her all the time, Jennifer felt somehow relaxed.

Leaning against the desk, Ryan crossed his arms over his chest and looked at her meaningfully. He opene

m the Ryan she knew before. She didn't know whether it was good or bad for him to change like this, but she had to admit that she liked the current Ryan more.

As soon as they got back to the villa, Jennifer took off her coat, turned around and walked into the kitchen. She began to be busy with the food. Seeing that she walked into the kitchen, Ryan followed her in and leaned against the wall, quietly watching her busy figure.

Feeling that someone was watching her behind her, Jennifer felt a little embarrassed. After thinking for a while, she turned to look at Ryan and said helplessly, "I don't need your help here. Why don't you go out and sit outside and wait for me? Even if you stay here and supervise me, I still can't finish cooking the noodles for you in a short time.

Or..." Jennifer paused for a moment to look at Ryan and made fun of him. "Are you worried that I will poison you and kill you?"

It was rare for Jennifer to joke with Ryan in such a relaxed state.

When the two of them got along with each other before, they were either at odds or in ordinary atmosphere. It was difficult for them to make such a joke on each other.

After everything they've been through, they seem to be getting easier along with each other.

For such a change, Jennifer was happy in her heart, but she did not know whether it was good or bad for her to change, and her heart was incomparably melancholy.

What was the relationship between Ryan and her now?

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