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   Chapter 228 Something Happened In The Company

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After the meal, Ryan asked Jennifer, "Then, shall we watch a movie together?"

With a gentle smile, Jennifer answered, "OK."

She didn't refuse Ryan's proposal.

After paying the bill, the two of them left the western restaurant shoulder to shoulder. Ryan opened the car door for Jennifer like a gentleman. Jennifer smiled at him and then bent over to get in.

When Jennifer lowered her head to fasten the seat belt, her cell phone in her pocket vibrated.

"Anna, what's wrong?" Jennifer glanced at the screen, and she found that it was a call from her assistant, and then she answered it.

After Jennifer heard what Anna said, her face turned cold on the spot and said coldly, "I will be there soon."

At this time, Ryan sat on the driver's seat. He was about to start the car when he heard Jennifer. He turned to her and asked, "What's wrong?"

'Is there anything wrong?'

Looking into Ryan's worried eyes, Jennifer replied, "I'm sorry. Maybe I can't go to the cinema with you. Something happened in the company and I need to go back to deal with it."

"What happened?" Ryan asked again, concerned. "Of course. It doesn't matter if it is inconvenient for you to explain it to me."

Although there was no competition between the Lu Group and the Gu Group, everyone knew that they had internal information about each other.

It occurred to Jennifer that it was Ryan who took over the Lu Group before. After thinking for a while, she chose to tell him, "Half an hour ago, the firewall of the Lu Group was cracked and invaded. At the same time, the company's internal stuff was stolen. Anna also received a call from the security on duty and immediately informed me. Now she is also rushing to the company."

Hearing this, Ryan started the car quickly and stepped on the accelerator. He frowned and asked, "Has the Lu Group been in trouble recently?"

First, Jennifer received the threat package and letter. Now the firewall was broken, and the group's internal stuff was stolen. It was obvious that all this was not a coincidence. Someone did it on purpose.

Thinking of this, Ryan's face was extremely gloomy.

Crossing her arms over her chest, Jennifer looked out of the window and said, "Well, since I received those threa

aw her. Then she looked at Ryan who was following behind her and nodded, "Mr. Ryan."

She didn't expect that Jennifer would be with Ryan, and she didn't expect that Jennifer would bring Ryan to the company when something happened to the Lu Group. It seemed that the two of them had made a good progress.

Thinking of this, Anna breathed a sigh of relief and felt happy for Jennifer.

Ryan nodded at Anna and then silently stayed with Jennifer. He had no intention of getting involved and left everything to Jennifer to solve by herself.

After greeting the police, Jennifer looked at Anna and asked, "How is it going here?"

Anna didn't hide anything and answered truthfully, "The people on duty in the technology department said that they found the firewall as soon as it was damaged, so they quickly started the emergency plan. That hacker didn't have the time to invade the system. As for the office, they didn't know what the other party was looking for. The information and the documents was in a mess, but nothing was stolen.

Besides," Anna paused for a moment and continued, "When the security guard found something unusual, he rushed forward to stop the intruders. He was hit and passed out. Now he has been sent to the hospital and I have informed his family. The police said that they would not record his confession until he woke up."

Hearing Anna's words, Jennifer lowered her head and fell into deep thought.

In other words, the company didn't suffer any loss, did it?

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