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   Chapter 218 Bidding

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Three days later, the bidding meeting Ryan mentioned finally came.

The Lu Group didn't participate in the bidding because Jennifer didn't want to get involved in the war between Derek and Ryan.

Even so, Jennifer still cared about the result of the bidding.

Early in the morning, Jennifer dressed in a black suit and put on a light make-up. After sending Jeyan to school, she went back to the Lu Group directly. She had planned to watch the bidding result in front of the computer, but unexpectedly, Ryan was waiting for her outside the Lu Group.

"Let's go to the bidding site." Sitting in the back seat, Ryan lowered the window and signaled for Jennifer to get in the car.

Jennifer looked at him in astonishment. "I'm going with you?"

In what capacity was she going with Ryan to the scene?

Ryan smiled gently and asked, "My wife? My family member?"

Jennifer rolled her eyes at him and thought to herself, 'Crazy man.' Then she decided to ignore Ryan and turned around to walk towards the Lu Group.


At this moment, Ryan opened the car door and looked at her back, shouting, "I know you care about the result of the bidding. Whether it is for me or Derek, you must want to know who will be the final winner in the end. Let's go. You can just wait outside. Don't take the joke just now seriously."

The playful smile on Ryan's face disappeared and his face became serious in a second.

Hearing his words, Jennifer stopped, turned around to look at him and replied, "Ryan, what will Derek think if I show up with you? There has been a rumor online that you and I chose to work together to deal with the Xiao Group. If we show up at the same time, it will only make the situation more complicated. I don't want to stimulate Derek anymore."

Jennifer had seen through everything.

She didn't think that Ryan was intentionally bringing her with him to the bidding site. He was not that kind of person and disdained to use such a shameless method. Jennifer knew that Ryan really knew her very well. He knew what she was worried about, so he came to pick her up in person.

However, all his good intentions would be failed by her in the end.

"Do you want me or Derek to win this battle?" Crossing his arms over his chest, Ryan

on his cold face. In the face of Derek's provocative gaze, Ryan was very calm, but his eyes were full of confidence and majesty.

In the last round of the bidding, as the project director, Derek and Ryan went up to the stage and explained their plan in person.

The Xiao Group was the third one to go on the stage, while the Gu Group was the last one.

With a bright smile on his face, Derek narrated his project idea. It had to be said that Derek had put a lot of effort into the field of environment protection, and the plan was also very perfect. After he finished speaking, it immediately attracted the most enthusiastic applause from the whole process.

When it came to the Gu Group, it was the first time that Jennifer had seen how Ryan was doing at work. Similarly, the Gu Group also put forward a lot of targeted plans and suggestions with the theme of protecting the environment.

Through the camera, Jennifer looked at Ryan, who was calmly explaining with a cold face, and she slowly lost in thought.

It was not until the applause that Jennifer came back to her senses.

After everyone finished explaining their plan, the next step was to bid. The five groups had marked the bottom price of the bid, and the next step was to wait for the result.

Fifteen minutes later, the organizer announced the result.

Finally, the project fell into the Gu Group.

Other defeated companies all came forward to congratulate Ryan, but Derek's face was cold and his eyes were full of disbelief.

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