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   Chapter 61 Cut Off Ties

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When the next morning came, Jennifer certainly felt like the atmosphere between her and Ryan changed. It was very subtle, but it was apparent.

Several times, she attempted to communicate with Ryan.

However, Ryan always happened to leave early and arrive back home late at night. Additionally, because of the Lu Group, Jennifer was particularly busy these days. For this reason, she didn't have a chance to do so yet.

Soon enough, the news that Harlan would be the acting CEO of the Lu Group spread all over F City. Jennifer even accepted a public interview, specifying that Harlan was the adopted son of the Lu Family. Jennifer faced the media's questions objectively and told them that she would be leaving the company on her uncle's hands. She stated that the arrangement relieved her.

At the same time, Jennifer even said to the public that she would learn about business management under Harlan's guidance.

Shortly after, the rumors about Harlan's existence spread all over F City.

Then, rumors started to spread that his existence was not recognized by the Lu Family, while some others claimed that he was the illegitimate child of Mr. Reid and was brought up secretly after being taken back to the Lu Family. Besides that, the relationship between Harlan and Doris was exposed to the public.

It was Elliot who released the information about that issue.

He even handed photos of Harlan and Doris lying on the same bed to the media. He did as much as he could to discredit the existence of Harlan, and tried to get Jennifer involved in it.

The moment that Jennifer saw the news report, her face became emotionless.

When Harlan returned back home from abroad, a crowd of reporters besieged him at the airport, making it impossible for him to get out. Jennifer had to go to the airport to pick him up in person and calmly resolved the crowd by answering all their questions.

Facing all the cameras, Jennifer said sternly, "Mr. Elliot, I have always been easy on you. It was never because of the father-daughter relationship between us. Do you think there is still family affection between us? The moment you plotted to get me killed to get a hold of the Lu Group shares, you had completely destroyed the relationship between the two of us.

I spent all these years pretending to be an ignorant, gullible girl and did my best to convince you that I didn't have any interest in the Lu Family's property at all. Even if I was willing to pretend to be a puppet at your command, that doesn't mean that I'm actually stupid. Listen to me carefully, during our court trial, the only reason why I chose to let you go was

cut off ties with Elliot.

But she also knew that even if she didn't make this announcement in front of the cameras, her relationship with Elliot had actually come to end.

She took a deep breath, trying to hold back all the sorrow she felt in her heart. She smiled with self-mockery and continued, "Later, I will issue an announcement to sever the relationship between the Lu Family and Elliot Mo. In addition to that, if there's anything else, the Lu Group's public relations team will take care of answering those questions. I'm sorry, but I will not be speaking publicly after this."

After that, Jennifer pulled away her gaze. She held Harlan's arm and pushed through the crowd as fast as she could.

The moment she got back into her car, Jennifer couldn't suppress her feelings anymore and burst into tears.

Looking at the miserable look on Jennifer's face, Harlan empathized completely. He stretched out and held her in his arms. He patted her gently on the back and comforted her without saying anything.

When Jennifer found that she had someone to rely on, her muffled sobs wracked against Harlan's chest.

"Uncle, I'm sorry for getting you involved," Jennifer apologized as she gasped to draw her breath.

When Harlan heard this, he sighed softly and said, "Silly girl, you never have to apologize to your family. But are you sure you've made up your mind about this?"

He was pertaining to Jennifer's decision of cutting off ties with Elliot completely.

Jennifer nodded with all her strength. As she wept, she explained, "It's all his fault, Uncle. I don't deserve a father like him."

Most importantly, she would never forgive Elliot for slandering her deceased mother.

Of course, Harlan understood what was on her mind.

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