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   Chapter 60 I Can't

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After dinner, Jennifer politely refused Derek's request to send her back and went back to the Gu Family alone.

She happened to see Ryan sitting on the sofa and working.

"Ry, you're back." Sitting opposite to Ryan, Jennifer greeted him with a smile.

Ryan looked up at Jennifer and nodded, "Yes."

Jennifer sensed Ryan's unhappy mood and asked him, "What's wrong with you? What happened?"

"Nothing." Ryan answered, "You met in Harlan today. How's the talk going?"

It suddenly occurred to Jennifer that she had sent a message to Ryan after hanging up the phone.

As for what happened today, including the decision of Harlan, Jennifer didn't hide anything from Ryan and told him the truth.

Ryan listened quietly and observed the expression on Jennifer's face. He said, "Since this is the decision of Harlan, you should respect him. If you really feel sorry for him, you can transfer a certain amount of your shares to him later and treat it as a pension you give to him."

If it weren't for Ryan's suggestion, Jennifer wouldn't have thought of it.

Now that Ryan proposed it, she thought it was feasible.

Jennifer looked at Ryan gratefully.

Staring at her, Ryan continued, "Besides, although you don't know how to do business right now, you can start to learn. Jen, you are the only child of the Lu Group. You will take over the Lu Group sooner or later. You can't always rely on the Harlan, right? He will grow old one day. You have to learn to grow by yourself."

Jennifer looked at Ryan in astonishment.

'Does he still want me to take over Lu Group by myself?'

Ryan nodded affirmatively and said, "It's not a bad thing to learn more skills. You can learn from me from tomorrow on."

After all, Ryan said this for the sake of Jennifer. He thought about it for a long time. Although he could help Jennifer manage the Lu Group, it was the Lu Family's company after all. It was not good for him to interfere mor

s lost in thought.

Seeing her in a dilemma, Ryan's eyes gradually became sharp.

So, for her, Derek was more important than him?

This finding made Ryan's face turn cold and his mood gradually dropped to the bottom.

He waited for a long time but couldn't get an answer from Jennifer. Finally, Ryan laughed at himself in his heart. What was he still expecting?

From the corner of her eyes, Jennifer saw the self-mockery on Ryan's face. Her face turned pale and she opened her mouth. She wanted to say something, but found that she had no way to explain at all.

She had said what she should and shouldn't say.

Even though she wanted to take good care of Ryan's mood, Jennifer found that she didn't know how to do.

Jennifer's heart throbbed painfully and she was really in a dilemma.

"It's okay. You don't have to make things difficult for yourself. I understand." Finally, Ryan chose to compromise.

But his face was still full of helplessness.

Looking at him, Jennifer felt very upset.

'Do you really understand?'

Jennifer didn't know why she still felt that Ryan was hurt by her attitude. Although she didn't mean to do that, her hesitation just now was really hurtful.

Thinking of this, Jennifer lowered her head and didn't dare to look into Ryan's eyes.

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