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   Chapter 25 Ryan Had A Fever

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The two of them arrived in Paris, the romance capital of the world. The moment they got off the plane at Charles de Gaulle, Jennifer found herself already affected by the vibrant atmosphere.

After claiming their checked-in baggage, it was still Ryan who pulled the suitcases for them as they exited the airport to head to their hotel.

On their way to the hotel, Ryan received several phone calls. Seeing that he was busy, Jennifer took over his tasks when their car arrived at the hotel. She wheeled their suitcases to the hotel's concierge and mentioned their names and reservation to the staff at the front desk. After checking in, the two of them were led to their suite.

As soon as they entered the room, Ryan continued with his work, taking out his laptop while answering a phone call.

Quietly stealing a glance at the busy Ryan, Jennifer pulled the suitcases into the main bedroom. The first sight of the opulent bed left her stunned.

After spending some time lost in thought, she opened Ryan's suitcase, placed his clothes one by one in the wardrobe, and then closed the suitcase and placed it in one corner of the bedroom.

After tidying up, Jennifer went back to the living room with her own suitcase with a bemused look on her face.

She had originally thought that there would be two bedrooms in the suite, but she was surprised to find that there was only one. With her current relationship with Ryan as it was, there was no way for them to be sleeping in the same bed.

With that thought in mind, Jennifer quietly walked out of the suite and called a passing hotel staff to ask for a quilt. She carefully moved two sofas to merge them together and bent over to fix the makeshift bed.

The noise distracted Ryan, who was concentrating on his work.

When he saw what Jennifer was doing, an inscrutable expression flashed in his eyes, and then he brought his attention back to his work.

By the time Ryan was finished, Jennifer had already taken a shower and drifted off to sleep on the sofa wrapped in the quilt like a burrito.

"You can take over company matters for the next few days. You can make decisions on trivial matters," Ryan said to his assistant on the other end of the line.

After disconnecting the call, Ryan walked into the bedroom. He looked at the suitcase in the corner, opened the wardrobe, and looked at the rows of neatly arranged clothes, all of which caused a minor quake in his heart. The tremor did not disappear for some time.

After selecting a change of clothes, Ryan headed to the bathroom and took a quick shower. Wiping his hair, he walked out of the bathroom and frowned when he saw Jennifer fitfully sleeping on the sofa. It seemed like it was not the most comfortable of sleeping places. After thinking about it for some time, he stooped down and scooped the slumbering woman into his arms. He walked into the bedroom, gently deposited her onto the bed, and tucked her under the quilt. Satisfied, he turned around and walked out of the room.

He folded his tall body into the makeshift bed on which Jennifer was resting before. A faint fragrance that was uniquely Jennifer's filled his nose.

At that moment, restlessness filled Ryan, and his body felt a little hot.

Ryan ended up spending a sleepless night, drifting off only when dawn came.

Jennifer woke up disoriented when she saw herself lying in the large bed in the bedroom. She walked out and found Ryan curled up on the sofa, and her heart gave a little skip.

After brushing her teeth and applying natural-looking makeup, Jennifer put on a long white dress and slipped into a pair of flat white sandals.

Ryan was still sleeping when she stepped out after getting ready. Thinking about how busy he was the night before, she decided not to wake him up and let

him keep sleeping. She sat by the hotel window and looked at the scenery outside, staying there the whole morning.

By the time afternoon came, Jennifer couldn't bear her hunger and walked out of the bedroom. Ryan was still sleeping. She meant to wake him up so they could have lunch together. However, when she walked up to him, she found him with a horribly flushed face and sweat beading on his forehead.

"Ryan." The expression on Jennifer's face changed. She bent over and touched his forehead. His burning temperature frightened her. "Ryan, wake up."

At that moment, Jennifer castigated herself for being so careless. It seemed like Ryan got sick on their first day abroad, but she didn't even notice it.

She was wracked with guilt and self-reproach.

"Ryan, wake up. Let's go to the hospital." Jennifer worriedly shook Ryan's shoulder to wake him, but she tried not to exert too much force.

Her constant shaking resulted in Ryan, who was feeling dizzy from the fever, frowning and impatiently slurring, "You're too noisy. Hush."

The hoarseness of his voice was even more worrisome.

Not daring to do anything else, Jennifer called up the front desk and asked the staff for help. After the call, she headed to the bathroom and grabbed a face towel, rinsed and wrung it under the faucet, and gently laid it on Ryan's forehead to lower his temperature.

During her period of anxiously waiting for assistance, Jennifer asked the hotel staff for a bottle of ethyl alcohol. With her face burning in embarrassment, she stripped Ryan of his clothes while trying her hardest not to stare at his strong body.

Her face suffused with a furious blush, Jennifer wiped Ryan's body down with ethyl alcohol to attempt to lower his body temperature. By the time the doctor arrived at the hotel, Ryan's temperature had mercifully cooled down somewhat. Jennifer nearly collapsed on the floor, out of breath.

Ryan had a fever.

The doctor gave him an intravenous drip and left Jennifer with some instructions for caring for the patient.

Sitting on the sofa with her chin resting on her hands, Jennifer stared at the man in deep sleep. His expression was softer and less cold than it was when he was awake. It seemed like God took his time making this man. His sculpted features were so angular and handsome that no woman could resist him.

Unable to stop herself, she reached out and started mapping the planes and angles of Ryan's face, her fingertips following the direction that her eyes took.

Her action made the frown on Ryan's face deepen further. Seeing this, Jennifer hastily took away her hand and just watched over him quietly.

When Ryan woke up, there was no one beside him. The room still spun around him, so he dizzily pressed a hand on his forehead. That was when he noticed the needle sticking out from the back of his hand. The discovery startled him.

Looking at the needle, Ryan quietly put down his hand and propped himself up with his other hand. He leaned against the sofa and looked around only to find no sign of Jennifer. A strange sense of loss inexplicably tugged at his heart.

Ah, of course.

Was he actually counting on that heartless woman to look after him while he was sick?

"Hey, you are awake."

He was startled out of his self-mockery when Jennifer surprisingly appeared by the door.

Ryan glanced at her direction and met her eyes, and that feeling of loss vanished instantly.

With a bowl in her hand, Jennifer closed the door gently and walked quickly towards Ryan.

She placed the bowl on the table and bent over Ryan to check his temperature. Seeing that the fever was all gone, she heaved a huge sigh of relief. "Finally, your fever has broken. Thank goodness."

He had no idea how worried Jennifer was for him that day.

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