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   Chapter 23 Ryan, Why Bother

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As soon as Jennifer returned to the apartment where she lived with Ryan, she received a call from Elliot.

Looking at the flickering screen on the phone, Jennifer frowned and finally chose to answer it.

"Dad." Jennifer's voice was cold and indifferent.

Since the quarrel between the two of them last time, Elliot had never taken the initiative to call Jennifer. She felt so relaxed because of that. She didn't even go back to the Lu Family.

As for this time when Elliot called her, Jennifer was not sure about his purpose of looking for her.

On the other side of the phone, Elliot's expression changed a little when he heard the cold voice of Jennifer. He said sarcastically, "Well, you become the Mrs. Jennifer of the Gu Family and you become really something now. It seems that you don't want to contact me again. Jennifer, don't forget that whether you like it or not you're my daughter."

Elliot reminded Jennifer not to forget her own identity.

Compared with Elliot's anger, Jennifer replied calmly, "If you call me today just to show off your eloquence, I'm sorry that I'm not in the mood to quarrel with you. That's it."

It took strength to quarrel. Obviously, after what had happened just now, Jennifer had no extra energy to quarrel with Elliot.

She was very tired.

"Wait." Just when Jennifer was about to hang up the phone, Elliot interrupted her, "I won't quarrel with you. You and Ryan have been married for almost a month. Even if Ryan is busy taking over the Gu Group, you two should be free now. You must take Ryan home for lunch tomorrow noon.

He has refused several times. Therefore, no matter how dissatisfied Ryan is with you, he should come back with you this time. Does Ryan realize that he is really impolite to his father-in-law? Is this how the Gu Family educate their children?"

Elliot's words were full of displeasure.

Jennifer replied instantly, "I'm afraid we don't have the right to comment on how the Gu Family educate their children. Dad, we can't go back tomorrow."

This was the truth.

Elliot was refused again and again. He was annoyed and said, "Even if he is powerful in F City, I am still his father-in-law. Jennifer, you must take Ryan back tomorrow noon!"

Hearing his words, Jennifer said expressionlessly, "Mr. Jason booked a flight for Ry and me to go abroad for honeymoon at half past ten tomorrow morning. He wants us to cultivate our relationship. I'm sorry, we really can't have this meal with you. Let's talk about it when we come back."

Originally, Jennifer didn't want to tell this to Elliot, but since things had come to this point, she could only explain the current situation to Elliot.

Sure enough, after hearing what Jennifer said, Elliot fell into silence.

After a long while, Elliot asked in a low voice, "When will you come back?"

"We don't know when we will come back. Mr. Jason asked us to develop our relationship well before we come back. But you know the situation about Ry now. We might be back in about ten days or half a month." Jennifer didn't give an exact date of return.

Elliot's face darkened again.

How could he not hear the perfunctory words of Jennifer? However, he could do nothing to her. This girl mentioned Mr. Jason all the time, and even if Elliot deliberately wanted to make difficulties for her, he could not find a breakthrough.

In the end, he had to swallow his anger.

After Elliot hung up the phone angrily, Jennifer sighed slightly. She turned around and happened to see Ryan who was standing there. She didn't know when he came back.

He stood more than ten meters away from her, staring at her.


ennifer looked into his eyes in shock.

'When did he come? Did he hear what I said to Elliot?'

Jennifer's face was burning. After waiting for a long time, she found that Ryan had no intention of talking to her. She withdrew her sight and was about to go back to her room.

When she passed by Ryan, he said in a sarcastic tone, "Jennifer, you are getting more and more capable. You not only can hook up with men successfully, but also can deal with your father "well". I always wonder why you are so arrogant in the daily time. It turns out that you are bullying others in the name of Grandpa."

All of a sudden, Jennifer stopped, turned her head and looked at him silently. She smiled slightly and said, "Ryan, I know you are dissatisfied with me. But I really want to ask that do you really want to go back with me to have a meal with my father? OK, if you want to do it, I don't care. I can call my father now and find a time to meet him. Ryan, why bother?

With your characteristic, you don't want to deal with such kind of thing at all. What you said just now is just to mock me. I accept everything you said, okay? So please don't make any unwillingness decision. I feel worse when I see you put on a long face to my father or you two quarrel with each other.

Therefore, I would rather look at my father's unfriendly expression alone than look at the unhappy expression from you and him at the same time. Understand?"

Jennifer continued, "Besides, you don't have to be so hostile to me. I know we don't have any love feelings for each other. I beg you sincerely. Even if it is just a show of us, Grandpa would still be happy to see it. How could you make Grandpa worry about you all the time?

Ryan, what you know about me is always coming from the outside world. You have never thought about understanding me personally and carefully, so I understand that you treat me with prejudice. But can you take this opportunity to get to know me again? Maybe, I am not what the outside world says?

Sometimes what you see is not necessarily true, let alone what you hear." Blinking her clear eyes, Jennifer continued, "Ryan, you know better than anyone else that we can't possibly divorce for this period of time. It's better for us to live peacefully. Even if we just pretend to live with each other peacefully, it's harmless to you. Moreover, you could also make Grandpa be happy. So, why not?"

Looking at the expression on Ryan's face carefully, Jennifer was afraid that she would make the man in front of her unhappier if she said so much.

He had a lot of opinions on her, and Jennifer really didn't want the relationship between the two to become worse and worse.

That was why she agreed to Jason's suggestion without hesitation when she was in the Gu Family.

She thought that the two of them should calm down and have a good talk.

Crossing his arms across his chest, Ryan listened to Jennifer silently with a cold face. His eyes were deep and gleaming, but he quickly calmed down.

Without saying anything, Ryan just stared at Jennifer, which made her more uneasy.

The silence spread between the two.

Finally, Jennifer broke the silence again, "I have said what I want to say. As for how to do it, you can think about it yourself. I am very tired and I need to go to have a rest."

Then Jennifer walked past Ryan and left.

When Ryan looked at Jennifer's receding figure, a strange look flashed across his eyes.

Just now, he was convinced by Jennifer for a moment.

Ryan shook his head and suppressed the strange emotions in his heart. His face was gloomy and terrible.

What was wrong with him?

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